Peanut Butter

by Anna McDonald

Setting: In a grocery store in Concord, North Carolina

Amy Brown. A short girl, about 9 years old with dark brown eyes, pale skin and unkempt blond hair. She's extremely thin and bony. She's wearing a dark shirt and a dirty pair of shorts. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail.

AMY- Why can't we get peanut butter this time, Mom?

Emily Brown. A medium-height, young, thin woman with bright green eyes, fair skin and tousled dirty brown hair. She's wearing dark jeans with stains everywhere and a light blue shirt that's at least 3 sizes too big. Her hair frames over her small face.

EMILY- (sighs) Oh, Amy. You know jelly is cheaper.

AMY- I know, but I just thought…

EMILY- Don't give me this today. I have too much to think about.

(Amy sees a girl from school shopping with her mother and watching them)

AMY- Ok, ok. I'll be back in a second, alright?

(Emily nods)

Miranda Wright. A tall 9-year-old girl with brown eyes, tanned skin and dark brown hair. Wearing light jeans and a pink T-shirt. Her hair is in braids and she has dark-rimmed glasses.

MIRANDA- Oh, hi Amy! What's up?

AMY- Just shopping with my mom.

MIRANDA- Want to come over to my house tomorrow? We could bake brownies.

AMY- Sounds great! Let me ask my mom.

(Amy walks off)

AMY- Mom, can I bake brownies with my friend Miranda tomorrow?

EMILY- That sounds fine. I'll talk to her mother.

(Time passes and they head to checkout with their small cart of groceries. Just as they're about to leave, Miranda comes up with a small bag.)

MIRANDA- Wait, Amy! I want you to have this.

(Miranda takes out a jar of peanut butter and hands it to Amy.)

MIRANDA- Well…see you tomorrow, Amy!

The end.