The freezing December winds burned my cheeks and fingers as I sprinted toward the mob of people that were quickly gaining in size despite the fact that it was barely five in the morning. My pajama pants and a sweater that I had hastily threw over my tank top did little to stop the chill from seeping into my skin. Whose fault was it that I had to drag myself up from my much deserved sleep, ran six blocks through icy flakes that were now quickly building up on my head, and then received tons of curses for cutting the gigantic line at the train station? Let's just say that the idiot in question will soon disappeared off the surface of this planet as soon as I get my fingers on his little throat.

Groaning inwardly as I skidded across the slippery wooden platform, I could already spotted a head of pink hair bobbing around deep within the crowds of businessmen, several old ladies, and some love-struck high school girls. Pushing violently through the now very wild circle of early birds, I quickly came face-to-face to the idiot that was responsible for my disastrous morning. I had expected to see the crowd marvels at his good look and whatnot; what I did not expected to see though, was a cardboard sign hanging in front of his jacket that said very clearly in thick black markers, " Homeless man kicked out by his wife." Then a sad teary face to complete the sentence. At the sight of him kneeling down on the snow begging little old ladies for money to get back his so called wife, all my anger melted away as a wave of laughter hit, one that earned many dirty glances from the people around me and some shame-on-you-for-laughing-at-such-a-pitiful-hot-gu y looks from the swooning high-schoolers. Unfortunately, that was not all the attention I received because as soon as the pink headed homeless man noticed me, his eyes widened and suddenly charged toward me and grabbed me in a bear hug before kneeling down once again. His cologne surrounded me in a fog.

"Please take me back, honey!" he cried in his melodramatic voice, successfully gaining the attention of everyone on the platform, including some patrol officers who threw us some glances of interest.

"I know what I did was wrong," he continued as some fresh tears sprang from his entirely too innocent baby clue eyes, " but I have changed!" he exclaimed dramatically to the sky. The horror must have been clear in my eyes as he tried to hide his laughter by sobbing into my sweater. The patrols are now strolling over here as well to witness the entire ordeal. Frozen stiff by this sudden attack, I stood in fear as I waited for my sense to come back.

" B-b-b-bu-" I tried to deny this monstrous lie, but ended up stammering nonsense, " Y-y -you-" I pointed at his pink head indignantly, when he grabbed my fingers with both of his hands.

"Just give the boy a chance, honey," an old lady dress in a deep green velvet coat croaked in her little old lady voice, " it's rare for a man to show his tears." she finished, which was rewarded with some " Yeah!"s from the businessmen. Cringing inside, I forced on a smile and said calmly,

" But you don't understand ma'am, he-"

"Oh don't be so petty!" the lady cut me off with a wave of her wrinkly hand, " The man had already very courteously apologized to you if I do say so myself." earning another round agreements from the crowd. Even the patrol officers are giving me the nasty look. With my patience wearing thin, I was about to turn around and slap the lady myself, but the homeless man's hands tightened around my own, restraining me from my violent nature. Turning my attention to him, I gave him the you-are-as-good-as-dead-buddy glare, before pulling my face muscles up into what I hope resembled a loving smile.

" Honey," I cooed in the sweetest voice I could mustered, " I accept your apology, let's go home, all right?"

"Seal it with a kiss." he replied simply, dark humor danced happily in his eyes. I gave him a look of utter horror before scanning the audience that were now all staring at me with hopeful eyes. Sighing, I gave him a quick peck on the cheeks before ducking my head in pure shame.
By now, everyone began to applaud loudly, one of the patrol officer evens shed a tear at how beautiful this moment is, then confiding to his partner that if only his wife had been as forgiving as I am when she had found him trying to flush their pet fish down the toilet. Turning my attention from this piece of intriguing information, umm...I would also like to mention that by now the dude had now broke down into a hysteric sob as he recall the "painful moment" of his life.

To my husband, I whispered threateningly in his ears, "I swear, if we don't go to a secluded place where we can sort this all out right now, I will tear all the hair out of that lovely head yours, then haunt you for the remaining length of your life, no matter how short it may be." At this threat, he pulled away slightly from our "loving" embrace, and gave me a disgustingly annoying smirk, " Okay, my sweet wifey." Oh God, kill me now, please, why have you tortured me so, I exclaimed silently in my head, what have I done to deserve this, I continued my self-pity as I refrained from shaking my fist at the snowing sky like a lunatic.


"Jayden, you are one dead man." I muttered gravely as I recalled the little mental images of the ordeal that had occurred on the station. The secluded place that we chose was an empty alley nears the train station. And to think that most of the people who witnessed the earlier moment are people who I see and speak to on daily basis. What am I supposed to do now? Maybe I should rob a bank, then migrate to the deep Amazon where no one could possibly find me again and begin a piranha black market . Yeah, that seemed like a real good idea.

"Hey, hey, calm down, love. I just thought that this would be a nice surprise for you." he reasoned, his eyes twinkled with humor as he took in my pajamas. "Your horrible taste haven't changed at all, I see."

"Why are you back already, I thought your mom said you were spending three years abroad studying." I snapped, trying to hide my embarrassment, he didn't need to point out the fact that I'm walking around in my sleep wears

"Nah, studying is boring." he said with a smile, " To tell you the truth I actually graduated early and decided to pay you a visit, I was afraid you'd miss me too much. Did you lose sleep thinking of me every night?" he asked sweetly as he stroked my cheek, and chuckled when I slapped his hands away and glared him down.

" Really? Are you sure that you're not back because you got kicked out of your school for committing inappropriate behaviors, like say setting the chemistry room on fire?"

" Now what makes you think that that happened?" He asked in an innocent voice, the humor remained in his eyes, as if the entire situation was extremely amusing.

Feeling the waves of fatigue that began lapping at me, I merely sighed in resignation before turning sharply and began walking home, not really caring whether he follows me or not when I felt something warm draped over my shoulder. I turned around and saw that Jayden had took of his jacket and was now walking in an almost translucent t-shirt that- being the attention whore that he was- was the same shade as his hair.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked worriedly, I mean it is snowing pretty heavily and on top of that the wind was swirling the snow in every directions. He looked like he would freeze his pretty head off before he would even reach our house.

" I'm tougher than I look, you know." he said dismissively as if the wind doesn't bother him one bit. I bit my lips to hide my smile at his brave front. If only he's this gentlemanly everyday. I've known Jayden since he was a little angle with blond hair and bright blue eyes, only now, his hair has changed from the lovely platinum blond to a devilish pink. His eyes remained the same though, I mused as I stare at it, it's still as blue as ever, it's just that now it's a bit harder, and there seemed to be edge that hadn't been there before. I would be lying if I say that I didn't miss his pesky attitude the in last 18 months that he had stayed in England, yes I counted and before you begin to go puppy eyes at my thoughts, I would like to point out that it's not as extreme as he said. I do not dreamed of him every single night, that would be creepy, period. Although his mom and my mom are best friends and have known each other forever, I have to say that their relationship is as close as sisters, and after Jayden's mother divorced his dad, my parents had warmly welcomed Jayden and his mom, Carol, into our house. Which would explained why my mom had forced me to go pick him up when he had called earlier saying that his ears were going to fall off. And what did I get for this act of kindness? Public humiliation as the result of one of his practical joke, even though there's nothing practical about his joke. Some kind of gratitude huh?

"Umm..." he began nervously, drawing me away from my reverie, " why are you staring at me like that?" he asked, ruffling the hair at the back of head like he always does whenever he was nervous. I smiled at the gesture before turning and continue walking.

"Hey!" he yelled after me, his steps muffled by the fallen snow as he caught up with me.

"Can you hear me?"

"Hey, don't walk off without me!"

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