Good Night

Good night, good night

Dear, sweet little brother

You don't have to worry

I'll be here

All through the night

I'll keep them away, the monsters

The ones that haunt your dreams

I'll fight them off dear, sweet little brother

No monster will touch you

Not as long as I'm here

I'll watch you as you sleep, so serene

And ponder the future

Will you always be as you are?

So sweet and innocent

I know the answer

But I'll still hope

Hope that you'll never change

A tear escapes but I still stay alert

Even if I know you'll change

I'll hold on to you as long as I can

But dawn comes and I have to go

With morning here you'll be safe

So I'll fade away

And leave you behind

Because I know you be okay

You haven't needed me for so long

But you can count on me to be there every night

Because I'll do anything I can for you dear, sweet little brother

I'll be with you until my sprit finally returns to the earth

Never forget me

For my memory is all you'll have of me

I love you dear, sweet little brother

Never ever forget that

A poem about my little brother and death. It could be considered a companion to Innocence. Hope someone likes it.