Rose stared at the house, and she almost fell to her knees.

"you okay rose?" I asked her as I helped her up.

"Yeah…it's just, bringing back some memories…"

"Well, we have to save your dad, and I smell blane in there. do you know any secret ways to get to your house without disturbing them?"

"Well, Zack and I would usually go through the back door, but if that's impossible, we have to go through my window. Can you jump?"


"Good, cause you'll need that skill." We walked behind her house, and she pointed to her window. It was so high off the ground. "Meet me in that room, I'll open the window for you." She disappeared, and I waited for the window to open.

But about 2 minutes has passed, and the window didn't open.

"For god sakes!" I exclaimed as I jumped to reach for the window. I grabbed onto the window pain, and banged on the window. "Rose! Open up!" I tried to look for an opening of the window, but it was shut tightly. I forced it open with all of my strength, and it cracked open a little bit. "Come on!" It finally opened, and I jumped in.

Rose was standing right on front of her closet.

"What the hell were you doing?!" I asked her.

"Huh?" She responded. "I'm sorry, what?" She looked so confused. I didn't know what was with her. We both heard a yell from downstairs that sounded like Xavier. She looked at me, as if she snapped out of it. "Eden!"

"Welcome back! Now lets go!"

"We can't, the stairs leads to downstairs immediately, if we get caught, then we're screwed, can you hear what they're saying?" I put my head against the door and tried to listen.

"Felise is out of her mind!" Xavier exclaimed. "All the troubles she caused, there's no way I'll let her off that list!"

"But, Sir," Zenya said. "Do you have any proof that she's been doing anything wrong for the past 20 years?"


"Has she or has she not have been doing her job? It's the children of hers that did the crime, not she."

"You are correct, but,"

"Then get her off the execution list." I looked at rose.

"They're trying to get her off the list, and I think it's working," I said to Rose. Rose looked down.

"My father can't see or hear me," Rose whispered.

"I'm afraid that I can't do that," Xavier added. "There's no way, I'll let that lady off the list, welcome to the real world of Valland." I began to turn the door knob. Xavier refused, and they were going to act.

"Let's go rose," I mumbled, but she didn't respond. I turned around, and she wasn't there. "Rose?"

"YOU AGAIN!" Zenya exclaimed from downstairs. I ran downstairs to see what's going on, and rose was trying to paralyze Blane. Blane had this knife to Xavier's throat. Xavier was pale. I could tell her was terrified. Blane looked at me, and laughed.

"If You think you guys are slick," Blane began. "then you're an idiot."

"Sir Gullivan!" I exclaimed. "They're gonna kill you! Felise planned all of this!" Xavier elbowed Blane in the face and tried to run, But Zenya paralyzed him before he can go anywhere. Blane threw fire at me again. I ran and dodged him, and threw a pillow at him, but he burnt my leg.

I fell on the floor in pain.

Rose left Zenya to try to paralyze Blane, but it didn't work. Blane threw a fireball at Rose, but she disappeared before it hit her.

"Who the hell are you?!" Blane asked her.

"Someone you should've meet a LONG time ago!" Blane laughed.

"So you're a spirit right? Well guess what. I know how to deal with those." Blane ran towards her at the speed of light, even I couldn't catch up with my own eyes. Rose was too slow to dodged. He put his hand right through her chest, and she screamed. "Do you know how it feels for a soul to be crushed?"

Rose put her hand through blane's chest.

"Two can play this game!" She exclaimed. She looked like she was struggling, and blane acted like it was nothing. She coughed, and then slowly looked up to the sealing.

"You're messing with the wrong vampire, Rose. It's sad, a beautiful girl like you named after my favorite flower has to go." I looked above me and there was a light switch. I tried to reach for it to cut the lights off.

"Not so fast!" Zeyna exclaimed, stopping my arm. I tried to fight it, but it didn't work, then I realized there was an outlet behind me.

Rose was gasping for air, and this mysterious object emitted from her mouth. Her eyes was glowing a bright color. Blane was laughing. I broke the zipper off my jacket, and placed it into the outlet. I electrocuted myself, but at least the lights turned off. I tried to stay quiet as much as I could. Zenya's power stopped on me. I slowly stood up,

But I didn't hear rose anymore.

I was terrified that she...that she lost.

"I HAD ENOUGH!" Blane exclaimed as he lit he couch of fire, which soon spread to the other couches.

Rose was gone. She really lost.


"That's my job, you dumbass. " He jumped over the couch and pounced on me with his sharp fangs. He scratched my face, and I punched him. We rolled over, and knocked down a lamp. The fire spread around us. We both stood up. Without hesitation, I punched him, and pushed him against the wall, breaking it. He grabbed another lamp, and smashed it against my head.

I felt dizzy for a second, but I got myself together.

"You know what makes us different, Eden?" Blane began. "I'm stronger!" I backed away in the total darkness, full of nothing but flames of hell. I felt that I hit a table, and then a kitchen knife. "I'm faster and greater, that's why Nessa would of chosen me then you!" I felt so angry when he said that. My instincts were coming back to me. I smelled blood, and I felt my teeth growing again.

Also, I gained the sight to see, then I realized, that he wasn't looking at me directly. He couldn't see me even with the fumes around.

"You're probably right, Blane!" His head turned to me directly. I grabbed the kitchen knife. "We are differen't! Nessa would of probably chosen you instead of me!" I looked at his forehead. "You have great qualities of a vampire, But the difference is, I really do like her." Double check my aim, I thought. "But don't ever compare me to a disgusting monster like you!" I threw the knife towards Blane's head, and he didn't see it coming. It when right into his head. He touched the knife.

He collapsed on his knees and then on the floor. I looked at him, I won, right?

I walked away from him.

"EDEN!" A voice exclaimed. I turn around towards the exit.

"Rose?!" I asked confused.

"Yes! I've been in here for awhile!" I thought she was gone. "Zenya's gone! And my dad passed out! I don't know what to do!"

"Are you stupid?! Protect him from the fumes!"

"I can't! It's against my will!"

"Forget about the damn will! It's your father!" I tried to dodged the fumes, and I saw rose, hovering over her dad's body. I lifted him up, and placed him on my back. I kicked the door, until it actually broke open. Rose and I ran out of the house, and I layed Xavier on the floor.

I was gasping for air.

"Oh no, oh no oh no no!" Rose exclaimed, as she put hand over Xaviers forehead. "I'm sorry god, I'm so sorry…please, don't kill him. I'm sorry."

"He's fine," I said to rose. Rose looked at me with tears in her eye's.

"No he's not! I protected him, and it's against my will to do that! If you die, you can't protect the ones you love! It's a punishment! Now god is taking it out on my dad..." She was so sad.

"God wouldn't do that, not after the right things you done. If he really wanted to punish you, you'd be in hell by now. It's more like, he gave you a 2nd chance." Rose looks at her dad, and small smile appeared on her face. I took off my jacket, and I was in so much pain.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I took care of Blane." I touched my head, and looked at the blood that was rushing. I laughed. "How is it that I'm still alive?"

"Because you outsmarted Blane." The house was still on fire, and rose watched it as it burned, because in Valland, no one cared about a fire.

It soon began to pour on us, and it felt good. I felt my wounds healing.

"And by the way, don't ever electrocute yourself to turn off the lights."

"Why? I helped to do your little trick."

"What trick?"

"To disappear from everyone's sight."

"I didn't try that though!" I looked at her. "I seriously didn't! I really thought Blane destroyed my soul…next thing I knew, I was back into the coldspace."

"Did you see nessa?"

"No, in the blink of an eye, I came back, maybe that'll help us to go get her back!" I looked at the sky.

"Maybe, we still have a lot of unfinished business though." Nessa, how many years has it been for you in the coldspace? I knew it's been long, I just wanted you to wait a little longer. I stood up. "One down, two more to go."

After that fight, I visited Xavier in Valland's hospital, Rose was by my side also. She was so nervous, she could hardly spoke.

"It's gonna be fine!" I told her. "Just relax, he can't even see you, can't he?"

"I know, but what if he does? All I wanted was for my dad to understand me. I just wanted for him to understand my actions. I definitely want him to know that I'm thankful for what he raised me for… maybe that's why I haven't moved on for all these years."

"If you were still to be alive, how old would you be?" Rose looked at her fingers, and counted.

"Maybe in my early 30's or late 20's…I hardly remember the dates."

"That's pretty old…what if your age in the coldspace counted?"

"Then god knows how old I'll be. Time goes by way faster in the coldspace." A doctor came out of the room, and looked at me. I stood up.

"Let's go." I walked into the bedroom, and Xavier was lying there, with his eye's wide open. He looked at me for a small second and looked away. "Why are you avoiding eye contact with me?"

"Because the son of the woman I hate, saved my life," He said. "Why did you do it?"

"I didn't want my mother to get her way."

"But you're a Nurell, created by sin. Don't you have the same destiny of the others? Once you're triggered by something, you lose control and attack the innocent." I thought of the girl in the alley.

"I would never do that by will, neither would Soya. My mother's behind all of this. I don't know what she's trying to do but it's not gonna work on me." Xavier looked at me.

"I looked down on you, and I apologized on that, but I'll never fully trust a vampire, but that day when I got attacked, I thought it was over, until I saw this light, telling me it's going to be okay." I looked at rose, and she smiled with tears in her eyes.

"It was me," She said, but Xavier couldn't hear her. "I protected you daddy…" She whipped her tears.

"I don't know, it was so calm, and beautiful. As if a spirit was upon me. The fires couldn't touch me…perhaps, this may sound silly, maybe it was Rose who was there with you?" I smiled with joy.

"It's not silly at all, sir!" I exclaimed. "I believe you 100% percent!"

"Why is that?"

"Because she's with me right now, sir." Xavier's eyes widen. Then he smiled so hard. I grew so much respect for him. He went through so much, and just one smile, amazed me. I saw where Rose got it from. I looked at her, and her face was red, and her eye's were still watery.

"Is that so? Is she really there?"

"I'm here!" Rose exclaimed, but still he couldn't hear her.

"She wants you to understand why she did what she did in the past…she's thankful for what you raised her for." I told Xavier. He smiled.

"Rose, honey?" He lifted his hand in the air, and rose slowly touched it. "I love you, my beautiful flower. You don't know how much I regret letting you go through that pain." I saw the tears roll down her face. "And I'll won't be one day, that I won't trade my power, for you." Rose nearly fell on her knees, in tears.

"I love you too, daddy…" I felt so touched at the moment, I wanted to cry, but I wasn't like that.

"I think I heard her voice, for the first time in years…" The doctor came in and told us, we had to leave so they can Run tests on Xavier. Rose and I left the hospital soon.

She stopped crying, and laughed about what happened.

"I told you it wasn't bad!" I said.

"You're right, Eden…He heard my voice! Isn't awesome!?"

"I think it's amazing." Rose was such a great person. She's been through alot in her life also. The girl, who fell in love with a vampire. I looked down. My brother would have been the luckiest guy in the world…

Rose raised her hands in the air in joy. It was too bad, she didn't belong in this world, soon she'd have to go back to trade spaces with Nessa. She knew that too.

"If only Zack was here to experience this with me…I wonder if we could start all over…and laugh like we used too." She hugged herself. She started trembling. "If only…I…could go back in time and reverse that day I found him, and I should've listened…maybe…we would be alive together now…and…" She looked at me, and it was so painful to watch her go through so much.

She was so emotional, and timid, just like Nessa. I went up to her and hugged, and she cried right there.

"You're not the only one that went through so much, you're not alone, after all, you and nessa has been communicating for a very long time." I let go of her and she smiled.

"You're right, from this day and forward, no looking back. We're gonna defeat Felise, and get Nessa back!"

"Yeah, after a big dinner though, I'm hungry."

"To think about it, when was the last time you've eaten?" I froze.

"I haven't seen Nessa's mom in a while! SHOOT! And I promised her to eat!" I ran back home, and rose followed me with laughter.