In the beginning...

Tonight should have been like any other night. She should've just been another demon. But she wasn't. Oh no, she was something special.

He stood there in the alleyway, while the mortals made their way into the bar to his left. Had it been a normal night maybe he would've joined them. He disliked the feelings of a hangover but the before part was usually more interesting. Tonight however, he couldn't afford to be caught off guard. Tonight he was meeting someone. Someone under then name of Alex and nothing more. When he'd been first given the assignment he hadn't thought he'd be showing up. The name itself sounded like a dud and he wasn't in the mood to star in the pranks of the Nephilim children. He had better things to do. He was certain he'd have a free night till Warren called that was.

Now, Warren didn't call you. Ever. And if he did then there was a problem. After half listening to the old man's cursing and orders, Logan hung up before heading to the address he was given. Now that he was here, the more his doubt on his job grew. He had been in the exact same spot for nearly over and hour now but nada. The closest demon action he had seen tonight was a cat fight outside the bar. Something about some guy or another and he had found it entertaining till a few other girls joined in. Soon after it turned into nothing more then your everyday name-calling spat and he tuned out. There hadn't been a drop of blood and he wondered if it were wrong to see a little blood. After a night of cleanliness the Angel had thought he had enough to last him a lifetime. There was a reason he wasn't one of the messengers or Guardians. He enjoyed being up front and in battle, being an Angel didn't change that fact. In fact there were more soldiers then he could count and fewer messengers.

There was a good number of Guardians but Logan didn't see the point in it. Especially when you couldn't get the kid's attention without coming so close to breaking one of the 3 sacred laws. Or at least he couldn't.

He's tried that line of work before and knew firsthand it wasn't for him. Seeing as he had almost ended up with his arms wrapped tightly around the brat's neck, he had been transferred to the more action side of the court. He patience was a short one and an hour with nothing more to stare at then a brick wall was quite the challenge.

With a sharp sigh, Logan glanced at his wrist, watching as the time literally flew. To mortal eyes it would seem as nothing more then their average watch. To other beings it was everything. It held the time, the date, and the news of everything that went on upstairs and so much more. It was a faster method to use then summoning a messenger and useful didn't cover its purpose. Timing saved lives and his own many times, which is why the boy never took off the golden cuff. Above the 4 silver feathers that represented the time, floated the things he wanted to know. Or to be exact, things he could entertain himself with. It wasn't the world news but close enough. His world…

He chuckled quietly as he watched the headlines skim past his eyes. To any one else, he'd be seen as a madman, chuckling at his watch but Logan preferred that. If he were labelled the madman then others would naturally stay away from him. From what he could gather, there was another meeting being held in the courts and Warren would also be attending. That was it. No details, no information but that and the date it was taking place. They left out things for a reason and though a part of him was saying to step down, he couldn't. He was curious and so he made a mental note to check into that later. He gave his right hand a shake, causing the numbers and other features of the watch to disappear. This time he narrowed his eyes to the small plate of glass and began to calculate the actual time in the mortal realm. It was a trickier task to jump back and forth seeing as it was hard to keep track of time in one realm alone, but after years of practise you understood the meaning of each hand as well as mortal time. Their system and days were counted differently but in the end it was all the same.

"What time is it?"

"Ten to eleven." The Angel replied, not missing a beat. A question was asked and answered without having to know whom he was speaking to. In fact, he continued to stare at his watch a few more seconds before slowly lifting his gaze. The only sign to his shock the girl managed to sneak up on him, was after he glanced up at her and realized she was none more then your average human being. What he had been expecting he wasn't sure. Something that was able to move silently upon Earth and had the skill to sneak up on an angel but a human had him suspicious. He felt that familiar tinge of anger but a lot more suspicion.

The odd glint in his eye showed the faint amusement that she had managed to catch him even the faintest bit off guard but now he was aware. Though she was nothing more then a mortal, Logan was still on alert. She was still a girl after all, and he had enough experience with them to know the situation was already a bad one.

Little light was offered from the club and street lamps as they were in the alleyway but it was enough for him. He could make out her fiery red curls that cascaded down her back and pooled around her shoulders but if he were to say that was the only thing he noticed, it would've been a lie. It was her outfit that attracted the majority of his attention. He didn't think in all his years he'd ever seen such an outfit…If you'd call it that. Her arms where bare to the naked eye but as she sway slowly from left to right, he noticed the slight glitter upon her skin but also resting upon her neck and ran down the left side of her face. But oh, was there more.

Her dress itself was an odd one that he wondered what it was made of. Tin foil or feathers, he couldn't decided. He may not know but about fashion but knew this was a bit out there. Yet, the girl looked perfectly comfortable in her ridiculous rainbow getup. He brought his eyes back to her ivy greens and smiled softly. "Little late to be out on a school night, isn't it?" He asked before casually shoving his hands into his coat pockets. His fingers curled around the cool hilt of the blade and handle the small object with care.

He wouldn't dare open it now before her but it begged to be unsheathed. There were times Logan believe that the ol' girl was whispering to him and even tempting him to do her bidding. He grew weary of the wait but to have his fun with a mortal was against angelic behaviour. Yet, he found it amusing that ripping apart demons was. "You're out." The girl pointed in what almost felt as though an accusation and Logan chuckled in response. To become so defensive so suddenly was odd but nothing knew. He knew her type, the stubborn ones. The problem with those one, he found were they were usually the most troublesome.

"So what're you doing here? In an alleyway of all places?" She asked before coming just short of him. He found himself looked down at her and it was clear despite the high boots she wore that she was a short one. 5'4 at the most, he thought quietly to himself. He found himself instantly sizing her up the closer she came and leaned back ever so slightly. Had she not heard of personal space? He cleared his throat and looked over her shoulder towards the area he was supposed to be monitoring. Nothing, absolutely nothing and it was as though the wind was now mocking him for it fell silent. Detecting no new movement he dropped his eyes back down to the figure before him.

The answer to her question was oddly the truth on the tip of his tongue. It'd be amusing to react in that way for once. To tell the truth and watch how a mundane would behave to such things. Would she think him to be foolish or mad? Or would she dance to his tune?

"I…needed some fresh air. The club can get a bit heated sometimes." He lied smoothly, deciding he didn't need another trip to the courts. He had been their enough times in the past decade and he didn't think they'd take well to seeing his face up there once more. "Does it? Because I don't think I've seen you enter the place yet." She commented as a smirk slowly curved Logan's features.

"You were watching me then?" He asked somewhat flattered that she had been but also curious to how he had missed her if she had been. Shouldn't he have felt her gaze or at least sense her presence?

Or perhaps he was growing old…

"Abnormal things happen to catch my eye." She smirked as Logan raised an eyebrow in turn. "And how am I abnormal?" He asked with a slightly irritated tone. For amusing as the girl was being insulted wasn't exactly a exact in the direction to get on his good side. Not that he had any thoughts of harming her but he knew that his patience had already begun to grow thin. She had been entertaining but her comment had him reminding himself of what he was and what he was here to do. She was right when she had said he was abnormal but he didn't think it was in the same reason she thought.

He hadn't been paying attention. Maybe that was his mistake. After all, the girl was already too close for comfort. His eyes had drifted back to the street behind her but the movement caught his attention. He didn't think about his actions and simply acted out of reflex. His hand flew up, preventing the girl from doing whatever she was attempting to do and holding her hand back by the wrist. He glared down at her eyes and was somewhat surprised to find the smirk still intact. "Excuse me?" He asked not even thinking of loosening his grip on the girl. Besides, it wasn't as though it was painfully tight.

"I was saying, how your hair is what's abnormal. The platinum blonde colour is…heavenly, wouldn't you say?" She whispered back. Logan could've sworn his eyes darken and had it not been for her gender that wrist of hers would probably be twisted in a different direction. The word choice hadn't been a coincidence as things slowly clicked in his head. The watch, the encounter and the unholy silence had all been things he had been careless to disregard.

Her smile was what completed it all. The way her eyes shone through the dark with an odd pleasure told him that she was simply waiting for him to finish what his mind already knew, to catch up. It was as though he knew and yet he wasn't ready to accept it for it he accepted it there was no going back. There was no doubt in his mind now that she wasn't of this world but he found himself still denying the truth. "What. Are. You?" The question came out in more of a growl then anything but Logan was too bothered to care for manners about now. The thought that this supposed demon could have got the best of him was something he refused to believe. Demons, didn't catch him off guard. Pixes? Perhaps. Succubus? That was more like it, but demons? No. Demons were what he thought of level 1 of the underworld creatures. He'd admit there were some tricky ones every one and then that managed to put on a good show for him but this wasn't one of them.

Not this …girl.

She leant forward, her soft breath bouncing off his face and the second he inhaled he knew he should have went with his gut…As always. Instead he found himself paining for the mistake as a sharp pain shot up his abdomen and racked his lower area, causing him to falling down to his knees. Luckily his hand shot forward to keep from completely making a fool of his family name and clutched his hand into a fist. He could feel the tiny stones and pebbles, digging into his knuckles as he put entire weight upon that hand to pull himself back up but he didn't get far. He smelt the temptress way before he heard her words as his silver eyes flashed with both anger and excitement.

"What am I?"

A laugh.

"I'm Alex."