-Covered In-

Running through the dark

Fear pumping through my viens.

Vision blurring and speech slurring

Heart breaking, soul fading.

I'm dying and I dont know why.

Looking back, seeing the light.

The entryway from the beginning

Where just moments before

Everything was perfect

And now I'm fighting for my life.

Wishing things could go back to normal

I dont like this dark, this black.

Fucking 'ay its back.

The demons. Here to haunt.

Here to destroy. Here to steal,

Everything left of me.

"Go Away,

I Don't Fucking Need You Here Right Now.

Theres Nothing Left To Take.."

Standing there, Mocking me

I give in.

I go with

I gave up.

Theres no such thing as love.

They lead me down corridors

Of black shadows and lurking doors.

I hear voices, of my past.

Everything I locked away

Attacking my mind at once

Nightmares becoming reality

I stop walking.

Not having the will to go on any further.

I curl into a ball and scream my throat raw

Every muscle in my body tense

Eyes glued shut

Trying to make them go away

My mind splitting

Heart shattering

I open my eyes

And see sunshine.

Crying harder

Wishing this curse was lifted

This is what you made me.

Thats my story

Thank you for helping me right it.