This is exactly why you never give an immortal being any sort of caffeine. Ever.

Especially if that immortal being is a hundred-year-old tween who happened to be very sensitive to caffeine and sugar.

Which pretty much perfectly described Xipil.

The fox demon ran past me in a blur of blue and silver, before abruptly running into the wall to my left. She pulled back, unfazed, and ran off in another direction, leaving me to sigh as I stared at the dent in the wall. I snapped my fingers and the dent instantly repaired itself, looking good as new.

At least I could clean up after her easily, thanks to my natural knack for magic. Then again, Xipil had it, too, but she hadn't quite gotten the hang of controlling it yet.

...And that explained why she was suddenly floating around the room, drifting higher towards the ceiling. And towards the fan, which was turned on.

Oh Gods no! I jumped and wrapped my arms around her slim waist, pulling us both down to land on the soft nebula-blue couch that rested beneath the fan.

"Aw, Izel, you ruin all the fun!" Xipil whined, squirming out of my grip to run in circles around the navy couch. I ran a tired hand through my hair. It had been nearly two hours, and she still had as much energy as she did when she first drank the Monster drink.

Note to self, I thought, Never, ever let Xipil have caffeine. Ever. Again. Under any circumstances.

"But I like Monster!" She whined, probably having read my mind as I made the mental note.

"I can tell, but you probably shouldn't have it again. You know, ever." I said, sitting down on the couch.

"Why not?" She asked, finally standing still to listen for my answer. Granted, she was standing on the ceiling, but still, it was impressive.

"Because you're hyper, even though it's been two hours and you only drank one." I replied, looking up at her. Her blue shirt had fallen lower on her body, just barely covering her bra. I was just glad she had traded her skirt for jeans before she had drank the damn energy drink. "The only reason your heart hasn't exploded is because you're a demon."

She suddenly looked horrified, dropping down and twisting to land on the couch next to me.

"My heart could explode?" She asked, disbelief in her wide silver eyes.

I nodded. "But it won't, since you're a Kitsune, but you're going to hurt yourself running into walls."

She looked thoughtful, the horror off her expression. "So, I'll just go play outside!" She said cheerily, and before I could stop her, she had run out of the apartment.

"Xipil!" I yelled, quickly running after her. Not only could she hurt someone, but her bright blue fox ears and matching tail might cause some suspicion. Then again, my black ears and tail might as well, but I had the decency to cast a quick cloaking spelling over myself before I ran after her.

Outside, the sky was cloudy and overcast, not sunny at all despite being two in the afternoon. Only a few people mulled about the sidewalk outside the apartment, and only a couple seemed to have noticed my baby sister running about the streets with her tail and ears full visible.

I sighed and went after her, pausing at each witness to apologize for Xipil, saying that she was just so excited about her new fox costume. They all bought it, ignorant humans. Sometimes I felt bad for them, but now was not one of those times.

I finally caught up with Xipil, grabbing her by the tail. She gave a loud, canine yelp of pain and whipped around, her silver eyes wide. She visibly relaxed when she saw that it was just me, though, and after glancing to make sure no one was looking, I cast a quick cloaking spelled over her. Her silver sapphire fox traits disappeared.

Silver sapphire, I thought. If only I had a title like that. But this was not the time to mull over such insignificant things.

I dropped my grip on her now unseen tail and instead grabbed her by her wrist. I pulled her across the street, back up into our apartment. Once she was inside, I locked the door and turned around, expecting the worst.

Xipil lay on the floor, out like a light. If I hadn't known better I'd think she was dead.

I shook my head with a tired smile, going over to where she lay. I gently scooped her up, carrying her bridal-style to her bedroom, where I gently set her on the bed and tucked her underneath the thick blue and grey blankets. I almost felt bad for her, having all the energy in the world one second and then fast asleep the next.

I decided it was karma, paying her back for all the stuff she had done to me over the years.