A/N: This is a story dedicated to one of my best friends, Danica. It's inspired by herself and her favorite ex-boyfriend who was once her enemy, but they ended up in love. You asked for a story, Danica. Here you go :)

Chapter One: Hatred

Ever since he moved from Italy to our city of Reno, Nevada, I've hated him. That arrogant jackass, Nathan Christiano. He appeared first day of freshman year, where he instantly made friends. Apparently, his mother was a native here; her father once owned the big fancy department store chain Stewart's. She married a rich Italian man, and moved to Italy, but once her father died, she brought her family back to the U.S. to run the company.

Instantly, despite being a freshman, Nathan became a hot run of the school. Who wouldn't like a hot, single, half-Italian hottie? Well, that would be me, Natalie Parker. Honestly, to this day, I couldn't care less. And it all started with 'the Incident'.

It was a fresh Friday afternoon. The perfect 'wind in your hair' kind. Spring break was nearing, and I couldn't wait until freshman year was over; I wouldn't have to be the youngest anymore. I hated being the youngest in my batch at Hillsbury High School. It sucked. Last period was P.E., and as per usual, I was tripping over while attempting to play soccer. Unfortunately for me, they put me as a striker, and, being in the freshman class, we had to play with the boys. Even back then, Nathan was a soccer legend, and obviously, he was seriously kicking my ass. Bad. He was unstoppable.

When the game ended, it was no surprise that we lost. And Christiano, being the dumb jackass that he was, made fun of me. Really.

"Ha." He said, pointing to me; in front of the whole class. "She couldn't win if the trophy bit her on her nonexistent butt!" Everyone laughed, and me being young, stupid, and having a sprained ankle, ran to the girl's bathroom, crying. I still hate myself for not doing anything that day, but II definitely made a good comeback first day of school.

Sophomore year was the time I was able to really change; my braces were gone, and my glasses were replaced by contacts. My hazel eyes were no longer obscured by those pesky frames. I walked into the school, with my head held high.

"Well, well. Isn't it Little Miss Natalie Parker. She dared to show her face!" Nathan told the whole sophomore hallway as he leaned on his locker. By then, Nathan was already 5"10, and he was captain of the junior varsity for both soccer and football. By some cruel twist of fate, the school organizes our lockers alphabetically by peoples' first names, so mine was next to Nathan's.

"Well, I'm not going to sit around and mope, am I Christiano?" I retorted.

"Feisty, are we Parker?" I grabbed my first period English books out of my locker and angrily shut it. I faced his stupid smirking face.

"Yes, yes we are." I walked away from him then, happy that I was able to stand up for myself at last. That wasn't the first time; oh no. That was the beginning of a bitter, bitter rivalry.