Hey guys!

I'm delighted to know that I have fans on here, on FictionPress. However, I also write on another website, and it's starting to get tiring, juggling two things at once.

I've decided that I'm going to be leaving FP. I'm so sorry, guys, I really am. It's just that, I've been plagiarized here before, because people can copy and paste stories, and on the other website, you can't. And there's also Copyright there. I'm not going to be deleting my uncompleted stories here, just so you can see them, but I will be deleting Double Identity (Franchesca, Frank) soon. The fixed up version can be seen on the other site.

Please, please support me on the other website, too. It's called Wattpad, and as usual, my username is GreysonDrew. The more support I get, the better, and another reason for me to write more.

Tell me what books you want me to continue, and I will, on the other website. And don't forget that you can also contact me via here, and if you do get a Wattpad account, and you write, be sure to message me, so I can vote for your story!

Thank you for reading this, guys. I love you. Don't forget that.

For the final time,

Greyson Drew.