He stood at the arch, with sweating palms and shaking knees, so nervous he was sure everyone could hear his heart pounding. Here it was, finally time. They had planned this for months, and yet he was so terrified of doing something wrong. He knew this was her big day, and he wanted everything to be perfect for her. He glanced up nervously. The sky, so blue this morning, was growing dark with an approaching storm. The weather was forecast to be clear and beautiful, and yet the clouds were churning with tension.

The air was hot and heavy, adding to his uncomfortable state. All he could think was, "Please don't rain... Please don't rain..." As if on cue, a single drop fell on his cheek and slid down, much like a tear. He brushed it away quickly. Trying to get things moving along before mother nature intervened, he motioned to the musicians to play. They began the traditional "here comes the bride" tune, and the doors to the church opened. Despite all his worry, he had to remember to breathe as his soon-to-be wife stepped into the darkening light of the afternoon. She was beautiful in a white silk gown, its simplicity only adding to her grace. She was gorgeous, so much that he could barely remember his own name at that moment.

After a few moments of gaping at her, he finally remembered his part and took a half step back, giving her space next to him as her father unhooked his arm from hers and returned to his seat. The priest beckoned them forward and they stepped up together. They said their vows, all of it passing in a hearbeat to him, and finally those words came.

"You may now kiss the bride." He moved forward and pulled her to him. Before he could press his lips to hers however, the clouds opened up and poured down on all the gathered. The guests left in a shrieking mass, fleeing to the church as a chaotic herd. The bride looked toward them, tears in her eyes as the rain soaked into her dress. She sighed, her breath shuddery as she fought back sobs. She looked up into his eyes as he pulled her closer and whispered, "You look beautiful." He kissed her then, in a way she had never felt before, as if he was trying to put all of his emotions into just that one touch. He pulled back and pressed his forehead to hers. "I love you. I always have and I always will." He kisses her again before she could reply. With another short pause, he whispered, "I'm sorry today wasn't everything you wanted it to be." He looked nearly as hurt as she felt. He kissed her once more, as if seeing the tears streaking her face even against the rain.

When he finally pulled back, she whispered haltingly, "It wasn't everything I thought it should be... But it was perfect just like this."