It's not enough for you
That I try
To make you happy
Tell me why?
Do I need to be perfect?
Is that what you want?
Well I'll try, and I'll try
I'll put up a good front.
But I'm never good enough
I'm just not
And so, with lies and deception
This battle is fought.
Not against you,
No, I couldn't do that
It wages in my heart,
I'm ugly, I'm fat.
At least I tell myself
I bring up every flaw
Till by nerves are shot
My heart rubbed raw.
Is this what you wanted?
Am I good enough yet?
No, I never am
Just what don't I get?
It doesn't matter
If this isn't the real me
My flaws aren't wanted
So neither is she
I can't be free
Of this personal shame
It never leaves
And I'm to blame
So I pour out my sorrows
On this blank white page
Letting out all the pain
And the bitter dark rage
So remember me when someone
Isn't quite good enough
Cause I'm already gone
And my death was quite rough
Out the fourth story window
Straight into the road
I warned you about my pain
But you kept on till it showed
It's there now
In the scarlet pattern on the ground
So much that my heart turned black
And now it can't be found

Why do people think they're so great for putting someone else down. This goes for anyone who's ever been a bully really. Maybe you'll think twice before you say something cruel to any poor nerd again. What if something like this happens in real life?