Hey there! This is my first actual story on FP, and I'm very excited for it! I'm still working out some kinks in the story, so this is the prologue that I have decided on! Note: I have no offense or hate towards any religion, and this is purely for the sake of my story. As for the whole "Reapers" thing..My friend has informed me that the same concept goes for Bleach, or something? I have never/read or watched Bleach, so that has no relation to this. Please enjoy, give me a review?

Soul City: The Beginning

Soul City.

The place where people go when they die.

...What do you mean, Underworld, Heaven, and Hell?

Haha. Those names are so laughable, nowadays...

There is no God.

No Satan.

No Devil.

No, "Lord" and "Savior."

You humans and your ridiculous religions! So funny!

Now, I bet you're wondering...if there's no Devil, or God, what about demons and angels?

Demons and angels? They somewhat exist, in this "magical" land...

Demons are the absolute rotten souls, and some of them do possess powers, yes. Angels are the oh-so-holy souls that have only done good in their past life. Also, yes, they do have these "wings" you humans love drawing and fantasizing so much about...When their souls go over the "good" or "bad" limit, their soul spills out into a shape. Specifically, wings. They are physical, and do not feel slimy or anything silly like that. Whoever possesses them can fly, yes, it just takes a while to get used to.

Now, I bet you're wondering, who is the one, telling you this story...and, what is this "magical" land, that I have been speaking of...

Soul City is a land where religion doesn't exist.

No Buddah, Allah, Jesus, God...The Chinese, Americans, Russians- all wrong.

Of course, they don't know this. They live in their place right below us, some prancing around without a care, some of them jumping around and murdering people...

It's like that up here, also.

Except...we don't have this thing you humans call..."democracy", is it? It makes me laugh, just to hear it! Deh-moh-crah-see! Hah hah!

You think you all get a vote, who rules over the lands you walk on...

We're ruled by a monarchy.

We still follow "old" times, yes. We are ruled by Queen Herriet and King Jayden, and their ten year old daughter, Kameko. If you didn't know, her name means, "superior child".

Of course such a little brat would have a name like that.

I will talk about her later, it's not all about her, at this moment, you know!

Back to this land, where I live...What? No! I'm not going to talk about myself...well, if you insist...No, no, no! Stop distracting me! Back on track to this place, called Soul City...No, I'm not repeating myself, shut up, you! Humans sometimes, geez!

Soul City, a place of no religion (hah, so funny, still!), monarchy, and...

Soul Hunters.

Soul Hunters are those..."lovely" people that go and take peoples' souls, or bring them here. Well, most of them are..."good", per say, working under the Royals- don't get me wrong, the Royals are actually...good rulers, they just don't care for their daughter. Kameko isn't actually as much of a brat as you'd think her to be, she just wants her parents' love and afftection...she's quite negelected, which is sad. Other than that, she is not a bad child. The princess is an only child, and can use her powers, i.e magic-oh, yes, did I tell you about the "magic", here? No? Well, too bad, I'll tell you later! Yes, I'm making you wait!

Anyhoo, Soul Hunters can be either good or bad, and most work under the Royals in the different Squads. Oh, you want to know about the Squads, do you? Well, alright, I guess I'll tell you, since I've been keeping so many delicious things from you! There are three different Squads from the Royals: The Blaze Cards, the Shadow Squad, and the Diamonds.

Don't go all "Alice in Wonderland" on me! These squads have been around much longer! Actually, Mr. Carroll was walking around the other day, quite a strange fellow, when I met him...I could've eaten his soul, but nooooo, he's a loved author, and should his soul should be kept alive! Hmph!

Moving on, the Blaze Cards, well, control..Blaze.

Fire, you dimwit! The "magic"? Yes, well, this is it. They are able to control and manipulate fire in this squad, and only the ones with "fire" in their hearts are able to do it. How biased! No one with water in their hearts is able to do this? Well, apparently, no, sorry. The ages in the squad vary from 10-22, and are supposed to have mastered this "magic" by ages 21-22. The Blaze Cards are basically the fiery version of Soul Hunters, some sent to go collect souls, most just guarding the castle or training.

Then there's the Shadow Squad..They are such a group of absolute gremlins, they are. Basically, they're somewhat like you humans love claiming to be. Ninjas. This doesn't necessarily mean they're Japanese, no, but they're sneaky ragamuffins that love hearing other people's business. I mean, seriously, they're nosy little..ugh! They just want to make me strangle someone! All hiding in the shadows, spying on people...I guess you could say they were the Royals' espionage? Yes, that's the word. See, I don't understand why you humans attempt, or even claim to be these ninjas. You're quite horrid at doing it. You see, this is why I don't go to Earth too much. Your species, always trying to copy people...Now, you humans have...fee-lings, right? Well, I certainly haven't caught that rabid..disease! Don't catch it, you hear? ...Wait, why am I giving you advice?

Either way, ignore what I just told you! Feel free to catch those wretched...feelings!

The Diamonds. They "cleanse" the captured souls, then those souls will move onto becoming a part of the Shadow Squad. The Diamonds are such lazy asses, I've met most of them- Oh, how much I wanted to eat those sloths! They don't even do their job correctly most of the time, there's usually some "evil" left in their victims', I mean..patients' bodies. All they do is lay around during their work hours. Such bastards.

Did I ever tell you about those souls that go and...freelance? That's correct. Some Hunters don't very much...like the Royals, and therefore go "against" them by hunting down souls, but not under them. Of course, there are the Reapers, also, who hunt down the Hunters! Quite..ironic, isn't it? Some of them are even heads of assassin organizations, some plotting to take out our..dear Royals, some kill-for-hire. Either way, they kill people, harvest their souls, and usually sell them to demons for weapons upgrades, or wings. Maybe horns, but horns are just to look cool. For those of us who have them naturally, we're just..glorious. Have I told you about the animal spirits, up here in Soul City? There are those who were originally animals (understanding Human language or not), some were treated as gods and godessess (such as those cats and the Egyptians), or some were actually spirits watching over the land, or..people. When one of these animals dies, there get reverted into a human version of themselves, usually still with their animal appendages, so they can be put to work. Most of the species have their own languages, for example, cats having their own..cat language, to communicate with other cats worldwide, just as you see in cartoons, yes.

Some people up here are against these animal people, but I see no problems! Their souls still taste good, even with more flavor than a full human's. Their ears and tails are soft to the touch, sometimes they even make good foot rests! Or, you know, I could hang them up above my mantle piece, that's a peachy idea also..I must go do that!

This story begins with one of these animals, simply named Ghost.