I sit alone
Curled up in the dark
Nightmares and regrets
Encircling my heart
I don't like it this way
I don't like the fear
That when I awake
I'll still be here
Surrounded by shadows
In this horrid place
And I can't stop the tears
That stream my face
I want the light
I want the peace
Of life in the sun
Where my terrors cease
This is my story
This is my song
My tribute to allThat I have done wrong
I don't mean to be bad
I just want you to see
That I am this
It's all I can be
So listen to my sorrow
And my shrieks, my cries
And with each sound
Some of my heart dies
I wasn't born this way
I didn't choose this
Was there something I did
That I seemed to miss?
And yet I cry
For days, nights all
Forced to relive my nightmare
And into the blackness, fall.

Just a dark little poem... Strangely enough I meant it to be a lovey one but it turned into this... Curious...