Prologue: How It Begins

Two worlds. Magia(may-jee-ah), and Earth. Five beings. The saviours. One prophecy.

The beginning of Magia was a sad one. When humans gained hatred for the mythical beings that "plauged" their lands, the many pantheons of gods became worried with the behaviour of the humans, fearing a war. So they created Magia, in hopes that the mythical beings would be safe.

The creation of Magia was a success. Nearly all the mythical beings went to Magia, wanting to start new lives. Magia was peaceful and prosperous, the gods split control of the world, and gods with the same domain worked out ways to split everything up.

The few that stayed on Earth discovered the new power to travel from Earth to Magia, and soon, natives from Magia were spending vacations on Earth. The people who went to Earth became very happy once they discovered that their powers still worked on Earth, but they kept the powers hidden, knowing that humans would still probably hate them.

For hundreds of years, there was happiness.

Then there came the prophecy. A witch, blessed with the gift of prophetic visions, gave the most deadly one he ever could have.

Five born with the Mark,

Shall stop the worlds from turning dark,

The god of lightning will stand in the way,

Only death can stop the decay,

Two of light and power,

One of the nightly hour,

One that holds a curse of pain,

One that will never truly be sane.

No one knew what it meant. No gods could tell which of the three gods of lightning would betray them. The witch died some years later, at the age of fifty three. He was on a vacation to Earth, and was killed in a car accident. He had drawn what the symbol would look like, and told the gods it could appear anywhere on the chosen five.

The symbol was simple. A curved line with swirls on either end, going different directions. (A/N: The cover is the Mark that they have.)

60 years later, it all began.

And that is where our story begins.

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