Go ahead
Hit me
Hit me with your venomous words
Destroy me
Second by second
As you leech off the sensitive cords
of my instrumental soul

Your words leave me empty and confused
If you love me,
Care for me
Why do you hurt me so?

Shut up! Just, shut up!
Your words wound me
Deeper than any physical weapon could
I cradle my face with my hands and cry
Cry in the darkest corner of my room

I hear the baby's wails
I hear your frustrated shouts...
I cry silently just wishing you all to stop
'Every blessing can be viewed as a curse'
Right now the curse is shown through
Headaches, migraines, heartache...

Why don't you stop?
I'm a good kid, right?
I'm trying to make you proud
and happy...
So you don't have to shout anymore

You love me right?
Of course you do...
I love you too,
that's why your words,
Destroy me.