You're Beautiful

Let's go shopping
There's a new fashion flare
We'll get cute skinny jeans and skirts
And don't forget these fabulous shirts
New eye-shadow
New lipstick
Cost too much?
Don't be pessimistic!
Wait...what was that?
How I feel about being without these items?
Well to be honest,
I've never thought about it!

You say I don't need these items to be pretty?
Well, that is quite silly!
Dear friend, why ask of your appearance?
Yes, clearly you are without these
And still so gorgeous
You say I can be like that too?
I've never tried it...

To have an angel's face, but a demon's soul
My friend, you know I'm not like that at all!
You call me darling,
You call me sweet,
But do I really believe these things?

I want to believe, really I do
I guess I'll have to start believing in myself too!
So leave these clothes
Leave this makeup and store
Today I start anew

To be true to oneself is a real gift
If you're able to see past the
'Caring what people think' shit
You'll become like me and figure it out
That you can be beautiful too
Without needing designer clothes,
Makeup, or a perfect body
After all, what is a beautiful figure's true value
If it holds nothing of beauty in it's core