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It was a beautiful night.

The air was clean and crisp, the cloudless sky speckled with gold and twinkling silver. Sweet scents of decaying leaves and wilting flowers swirled in the soft breeze.

Lucian Russo stepped onto the sparsely populated street, stretching his arms and shedding his tailored Armani suit-coat. He checked his diamond watch. It was half-past 10.

"Lucian, please call me if you ever want to discuss the company further over wine...or maybe something more?" The gorgeous blonde purred, batting her eyelashes at him.

Lucian sighed. The investor meeting had gone on longer than he had planned, and now all he wanted to do was return to his suite and drink some of that expensive wine that had just arrived from Italy. He was not in the mood to deal with conniving females.

"Maybe later. Good night." Lucian said cordially, dismissing the woman.

He considered calling his Limo, but the night was clear and warm. It would be a waste not to walk. Making his decision, Lucian left the female investor in the dust and set off down the dark street, humming softly to himself as he walked. Lucian thought about his stocks, and how business had doubled in the past year. All he needed now was a wife...or at the very least a girlfriend.
It was just so hard to find a girl that liked him...and not his money.

A piercing scream interrupted his thoughts, and Lucian paused, scanning the area. The scream sounded again, and Lucian peered down an alley where the scream had originated and watched in morbid fascination as a woman was thrown onto the pavement. Her hair was matted and dirty, and she screamed warbled Spanish at a man in a dimly lit doorway.

Lucian, disinterested, had begun to turn away when the sound of slap resounded through the cold night air. The woman gasped, and then sobbed quietly.

Without truly registering his actions, Lucian took several long strides towards the crying woman. If there was one thing his father had ingrained in him, it was to never, ever, under any circumstances hit a woman. Ever.

Lucian caught the man's pudgy arm in midair, which was poised to strike the woman again.

He looked the fat, tattooed Latino man in the eye. Lucian cringed at the smell of his breath, which was putrid from alcohol and cigarettes.

"What the hell man, get outta here gringo!" the man spat at Lucian in broken English.

Lucian squared his broad shoulders, making full use of his tall 6'4 stature, handsome face, blond hair and dark blue eyes.

"You will not hit this woman again!" Lucian bellowed.

He towered over the small man, feeling a great deal of satisfaction as he watched the man cower in fear and eventually step back into his doorway, averting his eyes and shuffling his feet nervously.

"Take the stupid puta, I don' want her!" He hissed. With that he shut the door in Lucian's face.

Lucian turned and sighed, looking down at the dirty, sobbing woman at his feet. He had an overwhelming urge to just leave her, but he knew he couldn't do that.

"Sweetheart, what's your name?" he asked, kneeling down to face her. At the very least he could file a police report.

Lucain held back a gasp when she looked up at him. Her face was mottled with blue and black bruises, and her cheeks was cut and crusted with blood.

But beneath the bruises, she was easily the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her cheekbones were defined, her features delicate and exotic. Long eyelashes framed wide hazel eyes, which complimented her smooth, coffee colored skin..and her lips were just...

"Please, Señor...my baby!" she cried out softly, jolting Lucian out of his reverie. Then, holding her stomach, she collapsed into his arms.

Lucian spent the night with her in the hospital. Why, he couldn't say. But she had no known relatives, no money, no ID, and had almost died from a miscarriage her piece-of-shit boyfriend had caused by practically beating her half to death.

It would be wrong to just leave her.

When she woke up the next morning, Lucian was still there, dozing off in a chair.

"Señor..." she said softly. Lucian awoke with a start.

"Ah...you're awake." He mumbled, running a hand through his disheveled hair.


Lucian shook his head, and the woman quickly burst into tears. Flustered, Lucian quickly strode to her side, brushing the tears off her cheek with the back of his hand.

"Shhh..don't cry. It's okay..." he cradled her head in his arms, running his thumb across her temple as she wept. Why? He didn't know. But nothing in the last 24 hours had really made sense to him anyway.

"I...no...no hay lugar a donde ir..." she cried. Lucian gave her a confused look, and she repeated in fragmented English, "I...no place..."

Lucian bit his lip. Again, he couldn't just leave her.

"Uh...job? I mean...I have a maid position open...you can stay at my place..."

Her eyes widened, and she pointed to herself in a questioning manner. Lucian nodded.

"I'll...I need a maid anyway."


"Ah...yeah sure."

Lucian frowned. "I never got your name?" She gave him a confused look.

Lucian pointed at himself. "Lucian."

Her eyes lit up in understanding. "Esmeralda..."

Lucian felt his heart seize up a little. "That's...beautiful." Esmeralda gave him another puzzled look and Lucian sighed. It was going to be a long day.

Lucian tried not to smirk as he watched Esmeralda's eyes widen as they stepped into his expansive entry hallway. She gaped at the crystal chandelier, polished marble columns, and spiraling marble staircase, somehow renewing the hallways splendor for Lucian, who, after several long years, considered his home to be somewhat unremarkable.

"Master Lucian, I see you've finally come to your senses and gotten yourself a pretty girl. Tired of being New York's most eligible bachelor?

Lucian grimaced at Nigel, his old "butler" of sorts (he was more like a family member or an old nagging grandpa), who was smiling sardonically at him and Esmeralda. Usually Italian's didn't have butlers, but Lucian's family had pulled Nigel out of debt, and after Lucian's father's death, Nigel had practically raised him.

"And might I ask who this lovely lady is?" Nigel said, giving Esmeralda a wrinkly smile.

Esmeralda blushed a very becoming red. Lucian wondered how she managed to blush so prettily.

"She doesn't speak English, Nigel. Spanish."

Nigel laughed. "You should have said so earlier!" he lilted in his British accent. Then, without a pause he launched into conversation with Esmeralda...in Spanish.

"Espero que él haya sido agradable, senorita." He said quickly. Lucian blanched. Since when could Nigel speak Spanish?

Seeing Lucian's incredulous look, Nigel smiled and winked at him. "Don't think you know all my secrets just yet, Master Lucian" he chuckled.

"Ah... salvó mi vida." Esmeralda said quietly, flitting her eyes up to meet Lucians and then back down to the floor.

"Estoy eternamente en deuda con él" she continued, blushing a bright red. Lucian wanted to throw a temper tantrum. Why could his butler make her blush, and he couldn't!

"Well then," said Nigel, clearing his throat, "I am going to get her cleaned up, and we will see you at supper time."

Before Lucian could protest, Nigel swept Esmeralda away, winking at Lucian again. Lucian heaved a sigh. The old bat was definitely up to something.

Lucian practically spit out his wine when Esmeralda entered the dining room. Coughing, he felt his eyes water as he forced the liquid down his throat.

"Now now, you can't ravish the maid at dinner."

Lucian shot a scorching look at Nigel, whose eyes were twinkling mischievously. "Oh don't be so discombobulated, she can't understand us anyway!" Nigel gave Esmeralda a good-natured pat on the shoulder as she stood listening to the conversation with a baffled look upon her face.

"She will serve your dinner tonight Master Lucian. I will retire to my chambers...goodnight!" And with another laugh, Nigel walked away with a spring in old wobbly gait.

Silence descended upon the room. Lucian forced himself to look at Esmeralda again. She was wearing a skirt that stopped 2 inches before her knees, showing off her long legs (damn that Nigel). Her blouse accentuated her curves, and her bruises had faded significantly, leaving her face in all its former beauty save for the cut on her cheek. Long, wavy black hair cascaded down her back, still damp from her bath.

Lucian swallowed; reminding himself that Esmeralda was a stranger he knew nothing about. Yet, she made his pulse race like nothing else. Lucian felt like he was a teenage boy again.

Esmeralda gave him a small smile, and Lucian smiled back hesitantly. She walked towards him with a tray, and sat it down.

"Din..dinner.." she said softly, her voice heavy with a rich Spanish accent.

Lucian so badly wanted to talk to her, to know her story, to understand her. But they couldn't communicate using words. Maybe...

"I...I know you can't understand me but.." Lucian was suddenly struck by an idea. Rising from his chair, he hurried out of the dining room to his office. "Wait one second!" he called to Esmeralda, holding palm out. She nodded in understanding.

He returned with a ballpoint pen and a ream of paper.

Sitting down, he began to draw. He crudely sketched a house, and drew an Esmeralda stick figure next to it, writing a big question mark over the drawing.

Esmeralda's eyes lit up in understanding, and she eagerly grabbed the pen and a blank piece of paper and began to sketch.

Lucian was more than surprised when she was finished. He made a little sound of awe as his eyes beheld rolling hills, a small hut, detailed chickens running about a dirty looking yard and the shaded figures of a grandmother and a young girl, standing in the doorway smiling.

"This is your family." He stated in wonder. Esmeralda nodded, and then grabbed another sheet of paper.

She drew a fat man and a pile of money next to him, a speech bubble with a picture of a big city surrounded by jewels and diamonds.

She drew herself in the back of a truck as it crossed a dry desert, the hot sun hanging overhead.

She drew herself and a fat Latino man in a rundown apartment, looking gloomy and depressed.

She drew herself holding her stomach, a look of happiness upon her ink face, shaded with black and white.

Lucian looked at Esmeralda and saw the sadness in her eyes. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn't know how.

Flicking the paper aside, she grabbed another and drew a ridiculously, devilishly handsome man (or so Lucian thought), with broad shoulders, defined cheekbones and short hair, standing before her crumpled figure and staring down at a fat Latino man.

Lucian laughed, pointed to the picture. "Is that me?"

Esmeralda nodded. "Muy guapo.."

Lucian made a mental note to ask Nigel what that meant later. "Gracias" he said, proudly displaying just about the only Spanish he knew.

Esmeralda threw back her head and laughed, a beautiful bell like tone. Then she took the pen and drew a mustache on the macho Lucian sketch.

"Hey!" Lucian cried in mock horror. He then proceeded to draw thick eyebrows on the Esmeralda sketch.

The pair laughed, and the rest of the evening continued in this fashion. By the time they had finished, it was 1 AM, and sheets of paper were strewn all over the dining room, filled with pictures of animals, silly scenes, people, and them.

Dinner sat cold upon the table, the expensive pork chop untouched. Lucian sat cross-legged on the ground, Esmeralda's head resting in his lap. Her breath tickled his hands, which were softly stroking his hair.

She licked her lips and Lucian groaned. She really wasn't healthy for him.

Esmeralda did these things. These small, subtle little things that were hardly noticeable, yet had become the best parts of Lucian's days, the things he looked foreword to when he woke up in the morning.

Well, when Esmeralda woke him up in the morning. That was the first thing. Seeing her face everyday, basked in the glow of the morning sun, was even better than his dreams (and he did dream of her...constantly).

She would gently open the blinds, and then sing softly "patito patito color de cafe si tu no quieres to ya se porque."

Lucian had no clue what it meant, but having a beautiful woman sing him awake in the morning was definitely a great way to start of a day.

Every afternoon she would bring him tea, and a sketch. The sketch was his favorite part. It was always of him, sitting and reading, working, looking out a window. She made him look beautiful, and Lucian could only hope that she found him as attractive as he found her.

Every evening she would dust his office. He would usually go out for a lunchtime meeting with investors, and come back home to Esmeralda, singing and dusting his office.

Lucian would always pretend to work when she dusted his office. He would act busy at his computer and pretend to type. Then he would just sit there and watch her. Lucian was sure she noticed, because their eyes would always meet, and tension would instantly build in the air. Or at least, Lucian thought there was tension. He was a guy, and frankly not interested in over-analyzing the romantic aspect of their relationship.

All he could really think about was how good it would feel to kiss her...just once.

And every night, every night before she went to sleep, she would knock on his door and say "goodnight Lucian" in soft English, touch his cheek with the pads of her fingers, and then walk away. Every night. It was the only time she called him by his name. It was the only time she touched him.

Lucian wished it were nighttime more often.

Lucian sat at a table on his garden rooftop, watching the flowers sway in the breeze, replaying Esmeralda's "goodnight" in his head when he really should have been thinking about the investor meeting he had today. Yesterday, Esmeralda had whispered "eres guapo" after she had touched his cheek, and then had blushed. Lucian sighed. He really needed to learn Spanish. Tapping his pen against his temple, he closed his eyes and tried to focus.

Wasn't working.

"Nigel!" he called. Nigel, who was watering the flowers, turned to look at him.

"What does eres guapo mean?"

Nigel gave Lucian a knowing smirk. "It means...very handsome."


Nigel stood there expectantly. "Well..?"

"Nothing...go back to watering."

Nigel rolled his eyes. "I'll call Esmeralda, don't worry."

"That's not..!" Lucian protested, but Nigel had already walked away. Sometimes, Lucian really hated how Nigel could read practically read his mind.

"Buenos Días" Esmeralda stepped onto the roof, a large bag of flour in one hand.

"Uhh...well...do you need help with that?" Lucian gestured towards the bag of flour, not really sure why he had wanted to see her in the first place. Esmeralda gave him a confused look, and then turned towards the door.

Forgetting that she couldn't understand him, he grabbed her wrist as she walked towards the exit. Shrieking, Esmeralda jumped in surprise and thrust the flour bag into his face.

There was a poof of white and a dull thud as the bag hit the floor. With a woosh, the flour descended over Lucian, leaving him covered in a thin sheen of white.

Esmeralda stood there horrified.

"Ay dios mio!" she shrieked.

Lucian knew he should have been mad, but standing there covered in flour looking at a flourless Esmeralda just made him frustrated. So he grabbed a fistful of the stuff and hurled it at her face.

Her mouth opened in shock, and Lucian grinned. "Now we're even." He said.

Something mischievous flitted through Esmeralda's eyes, and she grabbed some flour and threw it back at him.

"Oh no you don't!" He yelled. Picking up the whole bag of flour, he dumped the remaining contents on her head.

Esmeralda shrieked again, plucked a tomato from a nearby branch and smashed it into his face.

Lucian threw a cucumber. Esmeralda threw more tomatoes.

From there, Lucian grabbed the fertilizer. Esmeralda grabbed the water hose.

20 minutes later on a rooftop covered with wet flour, smashed tomatoes, cucumbers and two laughing people covered head to toe in fertilizer and flour, Nigel decided to come back up to water his flowers again.

"Oh my goodness have you people gone insane!" Nigel gasped, surveying the damage

"Now Master Lucian I have to clean that all up! I don't know what is wrong with you recently!" Lucian hung his head, winking at Esmeralda. Esmeralda quickly said,"Voy a limpiarlo.."

"No hay problema!" Nigel replied, laughing. Nigel glanced at Lucian, still grinning. Lucian paled at the evil glint in the old man's eye. This couldn't be good. "él está enamorado de usted"Nigel said softly, staring at Esmeralda. Esmeralda blushed a bright scarlet. Lucian stood there, puzzled. What on earth was Nigel saying?

¡Eso es imposible! She cried.

"I'll prove it." Nigel said, switching back to English. He grabbed Esmeralda and Lucian by the arm, his grip surprisingly strong for his old age.

He dragged the two atrociously dirty people into a large bathroom. "Wash up children! Lucian you have some investor coming in an hour, hurry!"

Lucian paled. "But...Nigel this is just one bathroom! I'll go to the.."

Nigel shot Lucian a look of pure evil. "Oh no you don't. I am not going to clean two dung and flour covered bathtubs, just one. Close your eyes or something!" And with that he shoved Lucian into the bathroom and locked the door.

Lucian and Esmeralda stood in the large bathroom quietly, an awkward silence hanging over the pair.

Lucian cleared his throat. "Well...I'll go first. Just stand over there..." He began to pull off his shirt, revealing his toned, muscular chest. Esmeralda's eyes widened.

"...Este hombre será mi muerte" she muttered, closing her eyes.

"What was that?" Lucian asked, stepping closer to her, momentarily forgetting he was half naked.

Lucian watched her eyes as they raked up an down, settling on his chest only to move further...

He grabbed her hand, unable to bear her staring. "Let's just go in with our clothes on, we need to wash them off anyway."

He dragged a wide-eyed Esmeralda under the large shower and turned it on, letting jets of water rush over both their bodies. The fertilizer and flour washed off their clothes and gathered at the drain. Lucian noted how Esmeralda's white T-shirt stuck to her skin...how the water droplets caught at her bottom lip and how soft her skin looked through the steam.

Being wet in the shower with clothes on was suddenly worse than Lucian had expected. He turned the temperature down, and cold water poured mercilessly over both of them.

Unable to control himself, he trailed his hands over her stomach, resting them on the hem of her shirt, which was see-through and dripping with water.


His uncertainty disappeared when he felt Esmeralda's hands on his chest, moving up and down, mirroring the patterns the water was making. He bent over, breathing on her mouth. She remained unmoving as Lucian slowly backed her up against the tile wall, the sound of the shower masking her gasp of surprise as he cradled her face with his hand. He pressed his body into hers, wanting more, losing self-control. He could see the water droplets on her skin, and moved his mouth to her neck to taste them.

The sound of the doorbell knocked Lucian out of his lustful state. Quickly Lucian broke apart from Esmeralda and together they just stood in the shower, staring at each other. The water hissed softly as it hit the tile floor, rolling in droplets off their skin.

Esmeralda kept her eyes trained on the floor, but Lucian could see that she was shaking. He felt like the worst person in the world. How could he do that? How could he make her afraid...of him?

Esmeralda backed out of the shower. Lucian heard the bathroom door click shut. Nigel must have unlocked it during...

Lucian groaned and collapsed to the bottom of the shower, banging his head against the wall. He. Was. An. Idiot.

Concentrating during the investor meeting was the most difficult task in the world, considering all Lucian could think about was a certain, sopping wet Mexican girl.

Even worse, was that the investor was Mrs. Blonde, the lady he had met at the earlier investor meeting...the night he had met Esmeralda.

"And I saw a sopping wet girl running about...Lucian I thought you had better tastes than that."

Lucian's mind snapped to attention at her comment. "She's...just a maid." He replied lamely, mentally chastising himself.

"Oh, well that's good. If she's just a maid. You have to be careful with that type, always out to get your money you know."

Lucian realized it had never dawned upon him that Esmeralda could be working here...meeting him...for money?

"Please leave this meeting is over." He said shortly to the blonde, and then got up and walked to his office.

"Nigel, where is Esmeralda. I need to talk to her."

Nigel gave him a sad look, a somber expression on his face. Lucian felt his insides go cold.

"She left about an hour ago. Said she needed to help her sister, and she had something to accomplish. She thanks you for all of your help and everything you've done."

Lucian stood, frozen with disbelief. Roaring in anger, he slammed his fist onto his desk.

"And you didn't THINK of telling me earlier that she was leaving? Why!"

Nigel remained unfazed, and threw Lucian's own words right back at him.

"She's just a maid."

Lucian groaned and sunk onto his chair, gripping his head in his hands.

"As for the money Master Lucian, she refused to accept pay."

Lucian snapped his head up. "What?"

"She said she was indebted to you for saving her life. Every paycheck I gave her, she gave right back."

Lucian punched the wall. "God dammit Nigel. I need to find her. I need to find her now."

Lucian got up, and looked around for his coat. Nigel was looking at him with a bemused expression.

"And say what? The two of you can't even communicate, it really is rather tragic."

Lucian stopped, and sat back down. Nigel was right. What would he say? What could he say?

"Nigel...teach...teach me Spanish? Please?"

Nigel flashed him a relived smile. "My goodness I thought you would never ask! And don't worry about locating her, I have her address right here whenever you are ready." He flashed a small card at Lucian.

Lucian scowled. "And you didn't think of mentioning that earlier, when I was freaking out? You really are an old bat."

Nigel grinned. "I suppose I am."

Lucian grabbed his coat, and stood at the door to his apartment building, his hand on the doorknob. He mentally prepared himself.

It had been two month since he had seen Esmeralda. Two long months without a Spanish lullaby to wake him up, and a sketch with his afternoon tea. Although he wasn't fluent, Nigel was a good teacher and Lucian was a quick learner. He could speak enough Spanish to carry on a conversation.

He could speak enough to say what he needed to say.

Just as he was prepared to open the door, his doorbell rang. Surprised, he opened the door,

Only to see Esmeralda standing there, a blush upon her cheeks, looking as pretty as he remembered her.

Esmeralda opened her mouth to speak, but Lucian decided he would say it first. Whatever she had to say couldn't have been good, since she came all the way here to say it. This wasn't how he had planned it, but life is unpredictable.

"Te amo" He declared, just as Esmeralda uttered ", I love you."

They stared at one another.

¿Cuando aprendiste inglés? Lucian asked, shocked.

"When did you learn Spanish?" she asked, equally stunned, in English.

"When you left. I wanted to..tell you...but I didn't know Spanish. When did you learn English?"

Esmeralda blushed again, sending shivers down Lucian's spine. "I left to learn English. In...shower...that day...I wanted to say I love you but I didn't know how."

Lucian gaped. "You love me?"

Esmeralda smiled. "Sí."

Lucian felt all his walls come down. He grabbed Esmeralda under her arms and lifted her up, spinning her around. "Yo también te amo!" he cried joyously as Esmeralda laughed.

He put her down gently.

"Casaté conmigo querida?"

Esmeralda threw her arms around Lucian's neck and pulled him closer.

"Only if you kiss me." And then he kissed her, hard.

Nigel closed the curtain in satisfaction, not interested in watching the young couple make out on a public street. He had already witnessed the good stuff.

Grinning to himself, Nigel hummed in Spanish. He knew locking them in the bathroom was a good thing.

Ten minutes later, he looked out the window again. Lucian and Esmeralda were still kissing like the love-struck couple they were. Nigel sighed.


The End.

Translations: ok someone awesome commented that my Spanish wasn't correct, so I changed it in the story but was to lazy to change it down here. My translations were pretty close to the correct ones, so you can at least get the English meaning down here, even if the Spanish is incorrect.

In order of appearance.

"Espero que haya sido agradable, senorita." – I hope he has been nice, Miss.

"Ah... slavó mi vida." – He saved my life

"Soy para siempre en su deuda" – I am forever in his debt.

Ay dios mio- Oh my god!

"Voy a limpiar.." – I will clean it.

"él está en amor con usted." – He's in love with you

¡este es imposible! – that's impossible!

Este hombre será la muerte de mí – this man will be the death of me

"Te amo" – I love you

¿Cuando aprendiste inglés? – When did you learn english?

"Yo también te amo!"- I love you too!

"Casaté conmigo querida?" – marry me darling?

Okay yeah the ending is SUPER CHEESE but I mean, come on guys it's the maid cliche. Besides, my day was a bit depressing. I really needed some fluff and this-is-not-real-life crap.

I didn't translate the lullaby because... I have no idea what it means. None. Apparently it's some Spanish lullaby, who knows. Again I'm Indian haha!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. PLEASE rate and review! :)