I really need someone
to tell me what to do,
because I honestly
have no clue.

I'm sitting here
clawing at my skin,
getting ready to let
depression win.

I'm getting scared
about what I'll do.
I really need
help from you.

My whole body is twitching,
I think I'm about to die.
I can't do anything
but sit here and cry.

My vision is blurry,
I can't breathe right.
I don't even know if I'll
make it through the night.

My whole body
is shaking,
and I think I'm
finally breaking.

I really need your help,
make it stop.
I can already feel my pulse
starting to drop.

I can't stand this
unbearable pain.
I'm begging you,
make it go down the drain.

That's all I can
stand to say.
Please, help me.
I don't think I'll last one more day.