"Damn that was great!" a guy with soft shaggy blonde hair yelled as he stretched his arms out.

"Leo, why in hell are you so loud?" a girl with long black hair and crystal light green eyes asked as she tripped over her own two feet.

"You guys are so fucking gone," another girl giggled as she hung onto a guy next to her, trying to keep her balance.

"Tori, you're one to talk," he sighed as his girl friend hung onto him. He was about 5'10, and his hazel eyes were full of color; an intense yet pale jade green as the base color and amber brown around the pupil, yet they had a hint of a crystal blue around the edge. He seemed to be the only one of his group of 5 that was sober enough to walk.

"Oh, Dalton is going to get lucky tonight!"

"Mark, shut up," Dalton said, and punched his friend in the back, causing his brown hair to flip into his face.

"Ow, my eye!" Mark exclaimed, covering his now teared up eye with one hand, as his friends broke into laughter.

"That's what happens when you have long hair," Tori said as she whipped a tear from the corner of her eye away.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you damned wanna-be red head," he muttered, still rubbing his eye.

They all stopped in a street light as they decided on what to do, "We can go back to my house?" Megan said as she flipped her long black hair over her shoulder.

"That sounds good…" Dalton's voice trailed off as his eyes were drawn to something at the end of the road. A girl of about 5'1, with medium length hair that was stained a soft red was walking toward the group.

"Dalton…" Tori grabbed his arm tighter and hid behind him. Dalton just stood there and stared at the girl. He knew he wasn't scared, just curious... Okay, maybe he was a little scared, but he could feel that something was wrong.

As the girl got closer, Dalton could see that she was wearing ripped denim shorts and a white tank-top that had a strap hanging over her left shoulder. It was also ripped, revealing a blue bra with black stripes. Most alarmingly, everything was covered in blood.

"Dalton, she's..."

"Yeah, I see Leo, she's covered in blood."

"Ha. It's probably some crazy chick trying to scare us…" Tori tried for confidence, but her voice shook a little too much to be believable; and she resumed cowering behind her boyfriend.

The girl merely kept walking, her bare feet dragged along the concrete, leaving blood behind. She was almost next to the group by now; and although her bangs covered her eyes slightly, Dalton could mange to see the blackend color in them. They were glazed over and had no emotion, no sadness, fear, or anger, nothing.

Her feet kept moving past them scrapping across the rough surface of the side walk. Dalton's heart skipped a beat as she passed the group, as if they didn't exist.

"See, I told you she was just some weirdo," Tori said.

"No, something's up, we should go help her," Dalton started walking to her but was stopped by Mark.

"Come on dude, Tori is right. Last time I checked, girls that beat-up looking just don't walk by."

"And last time I checked, girls that beat up need help." Dalton broke free from Mark and turned back just in time to see the girl fall to the ground. "Hey!" he called out, starting toward her.

She just laid there, her medium tan skin looked fragile against the cold side walk.

"Hey! Girl! Hey you! Are you okay?" Dalton knelt down next to her and shook her "Hey!" she wasn't waking up but she was still breathing. "Tori call 911!"

"But we've been drinking…"

"Tori!" She quickly dialed the number, and when she spoke, her voice was shaking in a mixture of alcohal fear. After about 20 minutes, the ambulance showed up.

"She's still breathing, but it's more shallow and slower from before," Dalton told the paramedic as he climbed into the back of the ambulance with the girl.

"Do you know her?"

"No, sir, but she was with us when she fell. There was no one else around," he looked at Leo, and said, "Take the girls home. I'm going with her to make sure she's okay."

"But, Dalton..." Tori started.

"Tori, right now she doesn't have anyone…" The doors slammed shut and the siren wailed as the ambulance took off, leaving the other four behind.

Voices rang throughout the emergency room; saying 'do this' or 'go here.' I never realized how much movies under exaggerate things sometimes. People rushed the girl to a room and tied up with IV's for water and blood; They also put an oxygen mask over her, and, based on the little that I know, it was because her breathing was too slow. The echoing sound of the heart rate monitor rang in my ears as the line quickly moved up and down in an unnatural manner. Her breathing was still slow, shallow, and raspy.

Next thing I knew everything was moving at lightning speed, and a screech rang out in the room, suddenly I was pushed out of the way and I almost fell on my ass. "Get the panels!" I heard someone shout.

It felt like my heart stopped as I watched the doctors work. I honestly didn't think she was going to make it; she was still losing blood and now her heart had stopped. Then … Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…

"Everything's stable doctor."

I sighed in relief as I watched the doctors and nurses take care of the girl in front of me. I leaned back against the wall, I didn't trust my legs after all the excitement. I realized that I didn't even know this girl, and yet she was already making me worry.

"Young man, why don't you come sit down outside the room with me? You look as tired the doctors." I glanced at the man before me; even though he was just running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I could tell he was the doctor in charge of taking care of the girl.

"Sure…" my voice was low and I realized my hands were shaking. Did this girl, this odd ball of a girl; really scare me that much when she almost died? We stepped out of the room as the nurses took care of the rest.

"Please sit," he motioned for the padded couch next to the door. I slumped into it, taking a deep breath as I stared up at the ceiling. The doctor followed suit. "My name is Doctor Michel Simon, but you can call me Michel, I'm not old yet," he chuckled. I just looked at him; and it was true, he was at most 35.

"Dalton… Dalton Hastings."

"So she's you're sister?" I just shook my head no, "Girl friend?" he asked in a best friend kind of tone, his voice so childish I just couldn't help but to smile. "No… I've never met her."

We both sat up straight and looked at each other. "She was walking towards my friends and I, covered in blood. Honestly, I thought I was about to live out a zombie movie, but then as she got closer, it was like we didn't even exist to her and she just walked on by. I said something to my friend real quick and the next thing I know she's falling on the ground." I leaned forward, rested my arms on my knees and laced my hands together. After she walked past it seemed like everything flowed in slow motion and chills ran up and down my spine. I suppose you could say I was a little scared.

"Well, if you want to, you can call your parents, but since you rode with her, I'll tell you first." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair before continuing, "She lost a lot of blood. Quite frankly, I'm surprised she's even alive, the amount she's lost should have killed. From what we can tell, she's dehydrated, covered in small cuts and a few gashes; she's bruised head to toe and she's unresponsive right now."

"Like a coma?"

"Sort of… think of it as a really deep sleep. Judging from the lack of shoes and how her legs look she's been walking for days. And…" he paused. I felt as if I were holding my breath. "We're going to do a rape kit on her"

"Do you think…?"

"It's a possibility. Some of the marks on her arms and legs look like defensive wounds; plus she's covered in scars, so where ever she came from wasn't a fun place…"

The thought of it turned my stomach, how long could she have been in that sort of place? The more I thought, the sicker I got, so I tried to shake the thought away, then I asked the doctor if I could borrow a phone.

"A teenager without a cell phone, I have lived to see the day," the doctor smiled and pointed to the front desk. I dialed the number and waited for an answer.


"Hey mom."

"Dalton Bluejay Hastings! Where are you? Tori and your friends are here, basically drunk off their asses and saying something about a bloody girl, and that you left for the hospital in an ambulence. What in the world are you doing?"

'Geez, thanks guys… I swear if my mom kills me, I'm haunting all of their asses,' I thought.

"Sorry mom, but could you come down to Winter hospital? I promise I'll explain the whole story when you get here."

The doors opened as Dalton's mom and Tori walked in.

"Hi mom" he waved slightly with one hand.

"Dalton, are you okay?" her blonde hair was pulled up into a messy pony tail and she grabbed her son by his shoulders as he stood up.

"Yeah I'm fine it's just…" he glanced over into the girls room. She was now in a hospital gown, and her breathing was more normal. "...I was being a super hero?"

His mom just hit him over the head, "Super hero or not you gave me a heart attack!"

He laughed, saying, "Sorry, but I didn't want her here by herself."

"Damn son of mine…" she smiled slightly.

"So, are you going home Dalton?"

"Huh?" He looked over at Tori

"'Cause if not, I was wondering if you wanted to come back to my place and watch movies? Everyone is there, trying to calm down."

"Sorry, Tori," he said. She looked confused. "I'm gonna stay here tonight. Well, at least until she wakes up, 'sides there are some tests that were done, and I'm waiting for the results."

"Oh I see…" Tori looked a little upset but didn't say anything more.

"So is she okay?" his mom asked putting a hand to her face, her fingers touching her lips slightly.

"Ah… Oh, hey look, the doctor is here now."

Doctor Michel walked over to the three and shook Dalton's mom's hand. "Mrs. Hastings, I presume?"

"Ah, yes."

"You have a great son, though his taste in clothing is horrible," Michel smiled and so did Dalton's mom. Dalton glanced down at his slightly baggy jeans and his Tapout shirt, wondering what was horrible about it. "Anyway, the young lady you see in there is the one he brought in. To bring you up to speed, she came in with blood lost, dehydration, and hasn't been conscious since she got here. She's covered in cuts, bumps and bruises we actually just got done with some stitches and some tests."

"What were the tests?"

"A blood test to see if she's on any medicines or drugs, and a rape kit. We are still waiting for the results of the blood test, but the rape kit came back negative." Dalton sat back down and sighed, the world stopping for a moment.

"Well that's good," his mom sighed too; even Tori visiblly relaxed at the news.

"So she still hasn't woke up?" Jenna; Dalton's mom asked.

"No. Throughout everything, she hasn't even twitched". Dalton glanced through the window into the room, watching her breathing, slow and relaxed.

"Dalton?" Tori sat next to him and wrapped her arms around one of his.

"Sorry, I'm okay" he tried to smile, knowing he was making his girl friend worry.

"Doctor," Dalton perked up at the sound of one of the nurses and the nurse gave Doctor Michel a clip-board full of papers. "Here are the results of the blood test." Doctors Michel's eyes widened as he stared at the list.

"Doctor…?" Dalton's voice was almost a whisper. The man flipped to the other page, glanced at the girl in the room, then back at the clip-board in his hands.

"Doctor? What is it?" Jenna asked, concerned.

"This girl is on... Well, let's just say, a lot of drugs. There are sleeping pills in here, steroids, blood thinners, pain medication, and high powered one's at that... I'm surprised this girl is even breathing; With all the different types of medication in her system, she should be dead, never mind the blood loss. To mix these medications together is the equivalent of jumping out of an air plane without a parachute; its insane."

Everyone just looked into the room and Doctor Michel continued "Honestly though… I don't think half of this medicine is even working on her anymore."

"Is that why she's in a coma?" Tori asked.

"Yes and no… It looks like she's in a coma but her state of being seems more like she's just sleeping; and sleeping hard. Basically, her body has grown used to all the medication, making her unresposive." Beep, beep. Jenna pulled out her cell phone and looked at the time

"Oh goodness Tori, I have to get you home."


"Tori, it's almost 11 o'clock at night, go home."

"Dalton…" Dalton just gave her a stern look, causing her to jump slightly as she slid off the couch. "I'll talk to you later then… Love ya, bye."

"Love you too," he waved goodbye as Tori started out the doors. "Bye mom!"

"Be good," she mouthed back to him, then followed his girlfriend out the door.

He nodded, then leaned back into the couch. He ran his hand over his scalp and sighed heavily.

"Do you want to go into the room with her?" Michel asked. Dalton just glanced over at him, then looked away. He finally nodded and slowly stood up as Michel smiled and opened the door to the girl's room for him.

I felt like my feet were dragging as I walked over to a chair next to the girl. As I sat down, I realized how short she was and how small she seemed, laced with the IV cords and the oxygen mask that covered her face.

"Doc…" I saw him give me a questionable look from the corner of my eye. "Does she really need this now?" I lightly poked the mask and he sighed.

"I suppose she doesn't," he said, a slight smile playing across his features. He walked over to the other side of the bed and gently pulled off the mask. The girl took a deep breath and started to breath normally again. I felt myself smile as I watched her sleeping figure. Although she wasn't responsive, she seemed more lively sleeping there than she did when she walked past us earlier in the night. Her hair was a firey red but… It was different. It wasn't exactly dyed, but it wasn't her natural hair color either. It was hard to explain, even to myself as I sat there and stared at her. Her skin was a light creamy tan and her lips a light natural rose pink. I found myself observing her; watching her slightest features.

"She's pretty, isn't she?"

I jumped and looked at Michel. He smiled as he realized I forgot he was in the room. "Ah…" he chuckled at my reaction and put a hand on my head and attempted to ruffle my slightly shaved hair.

"Now you're just making fun of me…" I said softly blushing slightly to my embarrassment;

"Yes, I am," he chimed.

I shook him off and glanced at the wall, "Go do your job," I said.

He chuckled more. "Yes sir… Keep her safe for me while I'm gone," he walked out the door. I just turned and looked as he went and did his work, the door shutting behind him. I watched the girl for some time, just trying to figure her out. Maybe I could see something that would help piece her story together? But soon after, I realized I wasn't thinking about her story, I was thinking about her.

How does she feel right now? Was she scared? Did it hurt? Is she upset or angry? The more and more I thought the faster my heart raced. She took a deep breath and the sound immediatly stopped my thinking. I smiled, she looked like she was sleeping peacefully. I put my hood from my jacket over my head and started dozing off.

"Dalton, move!" I awoke with a start, quickly raising my head up off the bed, then leaping into the corner of the room. The girl shook violently and the heart rate monitor was jumping crazily.

'Is she having a seizure?' I thought as I stood in shock. Next thing we all knew, her eyes flung open, revealing dark brown, almost black eyes. She was thrashing around like some cornered animal; two nurses tried to hold her down, but she easily flung them off. Doctors then came in and started to try to hold her down. She started screaming and she wasn't listening to what anyone was saying; she was scared. I flung off my jacket and jumped onto the hospital bed as Michel hurried to put some medicine into a shot.

I grabbed her shoulders and held her down. Next thing I knew, she broke free from the other doctors and dug her nails into my upper arms, and then I felt sharp pain through my neck and around my body. She bit me; I felt my blood trail down my neck as I winced in pain. She grabbed tighter onto my neck and my arms, causing her teeth and nails to go in slightly deeper. I just stood there trying to hold her down and not scare her anymore.

Suddenly, she loosened up and I could feel her shaking. She let go of my neck and pulled away, her hands merely rested on my arms. Her face was in front of mine, her eyes were now a deep soft amber brown with a dark almond brown iris.

"I'm sorry…" Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry…" her voice was sweet and shaky. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she cried and sat up, letting go of my arms. She looked down at the white blankets as her tears darkened them to a wet gray. As she cried, her body trembled and she whimpered "I'm sorry" over and over and even though my blood stained her lips and her nails pierced my skin, I wasn't mad or scared. All I saw in front of me was a girl who was still trying to fight to survive.