She looked better after what happened and the investigators' question's were easier one's that she answered the best she could. Honestly I was surprised and a whole lot of realized. 'She's going to be the death of me' I thought and slouched down into my chair. "Well that is all if we need anything else we'll contact you okay" Agent Bard smiled at her and she stood up and shook his hand slightly. "Please do and if I remember anything else I'll let you know" "Don't be a stranger kid" Allen smiled down at her and her warmness filling the room as she nodded. "By the way where will Melanie be staying" Dr. Michel asked and my heart sunk 'How did I forget about that' I thought and barely heard them conversing amongst themselves. "That would be a problem since we need an address just in case" Allen said as he looked like he was thinking about him. "Would I go to a home?" Melanie asked and we all knew what she met, a home as in a 'homeless shelter' or 'faster care' either way I wasn't going to let that happen even if that means lying to the law. "She's going to live with me' I spoke up standing up in protest that she was NOT going to any home besides mine. They all looked at me and I saw Melanie's face lite up "Really?" she asked a little bit of excitement in her voice. "Um.. Ye-yeah my mom won't have a problem with in" 'I think' I finished the sentence in my head and she just smiled. "Well not that is taking care of may we have your address." More of a command than a question Agent Bard pulled out his own note pad and woke down what I told him finished the two investigators said good-bye to Dr. Michel and Melanie once more. As they left I shook their hands and thanked them my heart a little calmer now that Melanie wasn't being pestered by questions but then it stopped again. 'I should probably call my mom' realizing what I just told the police. "Dr. Michel I'm using your phone again." I started to walk out the door and then stopped half way "When will she be released?" I asked. "After a few vitals and giving her some medicine to help heal and so pain medicine she'll be ready to leave" he smiled and rested his clip board over his shoulder another hand on his hip as her shifted his weight to stand on one leg. I nodded and walked over to the counter the girl their recognizing me she handed me the phone. Once again I dialed my home phone.

"Hello?" my mom answered a little bit of tiredness in her voice.

"Hey mom I have a question..." I trailed off not sure how to ask my mom if a girl who is a complete stranger can live with us.

"Yes my dear son?" she asked.

Not sure how to ask I just blurted it out hoping for the best, "Can Melanie live with us?"

"Wasn't that the plan?" she asked a hint of 'duh' in her voice.

Wait...what? The plan? We planned this? Since when? I sighed and thought for a second 'I know I want Melanie to live with us but I swear my mother is not normal I mean who lets a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old guy live together?' I wasn't sure if I was happy or stressed out either way it was okay. "So that's a yes?" I asked to double check I wasn't hearing anything wrong.

"Yes! I'm actually cleaning the guest room right now. Oh when can I come get you two?" she asked as I heard the phone fumble around like she dropped it off her shoulder.

"Dr. Michel said she'll be done soon so now is okay I guess" I said.

"Okay bye love you" Click.

'What is wrong with that women' I thought slightly to myself and rubbed a crink out of my neck as I walked back in to Melanie's room just to see Dr. Michel finish up her vitals. "Alright you're all set let me just go get the prescriptions and maybe a wheel chair..." he trailed off. "No you'll be okay we'll just wheel you down stairs but after that you got her right Dalton?" he asked me making me look up at him and I nodded "Yep you can count on me." "Good I'll be right back" as he was leaving he was almost run over by a nurse entering. "Jessica" Melanie smiled and the girl tripped over to her. "I heard you're getting released" she smiled back and sat on the bed "Yep but I just realized I don't have any other clothes" Melanie laughed and rubbed the back of her head. 'Crap I just realized I didn't ask my mom to bring any' I basically mentally hit myself in the face but on the outside I just sighed deeply. "Don't worry you can have the ones I brought today" then I realized that Jessica had a sports bag with her and she pulled out work out pink work out shorts and a black tank-top. "Dr. Michel also wanted be to bandage everything up so that it heals nicely she smiled and then looked over at me. "Can you leave cause she'll be half naked" I kind of wanted to laugh at her reasoning the way she said it so bluntly was humerus and I just nodded smiling. "You leave a lot because of that reason huh?" I heard Melanie giggle as I walked out of the room.

"Okay!" I heard Jessica call and I walked back in to see Melanie also wearing Jessica's clothes and even though her legs and arms were basically completely bandaged she looked strangely natural like I didn't pick her up off the road bloodied and half dead. Her light fire red hair was thrown back into a messy pony tail with two strains in the front. She slightly messed with her bangs not noticing me staring at her. I was happy to see her to be only nervous about her hair style and nothing else. "You look good" my voice played by itself leaving me to realize what I said after it was already out "Really?" she asked looking down a little at lost at what to do or how to save myself I just agreed "Yep it suits you" I smiled playing it off then it hit me 'I should have just called her short!' I yelled in my head a little disappointed at myself to be at a lost with this girl. "Thanks" she laughed and Jessica just stared at the two of us "Are you two dating?" she asked. "Wait no!" we both exclaimed and looked at Jessica in shock as she glanced at both of us with an expression that screamed 'I don't believe you'. "Well I have other things I need to do" she smiled and handed Melanie a piece of paper with a phone number on it above it reading 'Jessica's #' "Call me if you need anything or want someone to talk to okay" she gave Melanie a small hug and left. 'Wow those two hit it off super quick' I thought as I watched the girl go. "She's weird" I glanced over at a smiling Melanie. "Alright! Don't panic I'm back!" Dr. Michel flung open the door making me jump a little and my heart stop. Breathing heavily to regain my heart beat back I commented "That's why I'm panicking" "Aw Dalton do be like that" he hung over my shoulders lazily as I sat there a little irritated. "You do know this is a hospital right?" I asked not sure if this guy was even a doctor." "Very funny" he commented and handed me a prescription form "Here I told the people at the pharmacy that you'll be coming down and since Melanie doesn't have an idea all you'll have to do is show your's alright" I nodded as I glanced over the paper and I heard Melanie stand up behind me. "Hey" instinctively I walked over to her "Can you stand by yourself?" I asked probably a little more worried then I should be. "Yeah don't worry I'm just going out into the hall way. I stepped with her my hands ready to spring if she starts to fall but she was fine and Dr. Michel held the door open for her. "I'll go get the wheel chair" he trotted down the hall way and turned and I quickly sat Melanie down on the sofa right outside the door. I saw her shiver and realized how cold the hospital's air was and then remembered my hoodie inside the room so I quickly retrieved it.

Dalton left to go back inside the room looking like he remembered leaving something in there and just as quickly as he left he was back with a jacket in his hands. "Here you're cold right" he handed it to be and I looked at it, it's warmth calling me in and knowing that Dalton would not accept me not accepting his hoodie I just smiled and said "Thanks" slipping my arms into the already unzipped fabric. Inside that jacket it was warm and soft and a calming smell filled my body. 'It smells like him I thought' leaning back and crossing my arms over my chest to try and act normal. I could tell the jacket was big on me making me almost disappear into it. The sleeves hung off my finger tips and if I were to stand up the jacket itself would probably cover my shorts. I heard Dalton laughing and I glanced up with a questionable look on my face that said 'What?' and he answered my look. "You look like you can get lost in that thing" I blushed slightly realizing how small I am compared to him and I quickly thought of a comeback "I can't help it you wear a tent" obviously stating it is not my fault he is tall and has nothing to do with me being short. Through I knew both factors didn't help me. I then heard a rolling sound and we both look down the hall way to see a grinning Dr. Michel. "Here you go" he pulled the wheel chair in front of me and helped me into it. "Now Dalton when you get down stairs just leave the wheel chair with the clerk and tell her Dr. Michel said its fine okay" I looked up at Dalton and he nodded at the doctor. "Um..." My voice left my mouth again before I could think and I looked up at Dr. Michel "Thank you... For everything you really helped me and I couldn't repay you enough" I smiled at him a little embarrassed by my words but he put a hand on my head and spoke "Be good kid if you need anything you know where to find" "Thank you" I said once again. "Now Dalton" he took Dalton and wrapped and arm around his should speaking softly.

"You're a boy she's a girl if you're going to do anything strange make sure you use protection" he smiled at me arm still wrapped around my should "WHO WOULD!" I slipped out of his grasp leaving him chuckling and a slight blush across my cheeks and a very confused Melanie. "Good by Dr. Michel" She waved behind her as I started down the hall. In the elevator Melanie just stared at me to the point where I felt like she was searching my soul so I finally had to ask "Wh-what?" "You and Dr. Michel get along well huh?" she smiled and I was taken aback. "Who would with that guy?" I asked shocked at how she saw us. She just laughed at me like she didn't even hear I word I said. The ding of the elevator made me grab the handles to the wheel chair and down the hall we went fallowing the signs that read 'Pharmacy'. A few turns and we were there I wheeled Melanie over to a side of chairs "Don't go anywhere" I said like she good and she saluted me slightly "Yes sir". I smiled slightly but I made sure she didn't notice that I noticed her humor. No one was there which I didn't know was a good thing or a strange one either way though it made it easier on me cause I could just walk up to the counters. "May I help you?" and elderly man was at the desk I so happen to go to and I gave him the slip and pulled my ID out of my wallet. "Dr. Michel said that someone here would help us" I spoke my tone professional. "Oh yes he did call about you two please wait a moment" he gave me a smile and typed in some things into a computer and next thing I new he was getting up to go get the medicine. 'Wow fast old man' I thought as he came back. "We had them already for you guys" he spoke like her read my mind and so I smiled slightly at him "Thank you" "Be careful" he said cheerily and I went back over to Melanie who was leaning on her elbow which was leaning on the arm of the wheel chair. "Oh that was fast" she perked up out of her bored looking state. "Yeah they were prepare" I said and started to wheel her out to the front. "That's good". Being already on the first floor I wheeled Melanie out the automatic doors and moved her over to a bench as a cool twilight summer breeze touched both of our skins. She zipped up my jacket a little more then smiled up at me as a gentle one pulled my features together. I glanced up for a second and my smile grew bigger "Right on que" Melanie looked the direction I did and a silver car was turning into the hospital it was my mom. "Hi sweetie" she spoke addressing Melanie as she tensed up replying "Hello" my mom just smiled already use to kids; well people in general. "Alright you ready?" "Ready for wha-" I didn't let Melanie have time to finish as I picked her up bridal style and my mom opened the back car door. "Wait I wasn't ready" she complained as I gently sat her on the seat "Too bad" and she pouted. "I'll be right back I need to that this back inside" I told my mother pointing to the wheel car. "Well of course" something told be in her smile she had something wicked planned. "I swear if you leave me I won't ever cook for yo ever again" I looked at her stern and a look of fake shock jumped on her features. "Why would I do that?" she asked "Because you've done it before" I answered blantly. My mother laughed nervously then hanging her head low she got in the car. Wheeling the car back in the women at the desk thanked me I assumed that Dr. Michel called her so I didn't have any problems. I quickly strutted back out to the car knowing my bother and her sometimes childish nature I opened the door to the front seat before any ideas flashed into her head. "Okay everyone buckled" she asked casually and then started off. I wanted to glance back at Melanie but I had a feeling she'd noticed so I just slouched in the chair and leaned against my hand as we headed home.

"Melanie, Melanie we're here" I heard a woman's voice and woke up and rubbed my eyes slightly. "Guess I was tired" I smiled and I heard the door in front of me open knowing Dalton got out of the car. "Here you go" I unbuckled as he opened my door for me and as I swung my legs out I stopped in awe. "This is your new home" Dalton's mom's voice sounded sweet and caring like how I would picture a mother's voice. I stared at the house it was two story the bottom half made of burgundy bricks that were weathered slightly and the yard was a rich green with a rose bush on the side. I could also see a tall tree in the back filled with red apples. The top part of the house was lined with white panels and I could see, even in the dusk lightening, plants peering out of each window down at me. From the outside I could already feel the warmth but I was still taken aback even though it was only two stories the house just screamed beautiful. 'I was going to live here?' I still thought awe struck.

"Have you found her yet?" "No sir we lost her" the man at the table swatted his wine glass shattering the red liquid to the floor. Growling was easily hear at his feet as he stood up. "How long are you going to keep me waiting." his voice scratched as he lost his temper and the overly sized dog stood next to him his teeth bared and ready to attack. "I'm sorry sir I'll send out people to find her right away sir" the man bowed in respect "You better, or the next one to be missing is you" he voice sneered at the underling by the door dismissing him. The man walked over to a large monitor with a fire red headed girl on it her mug shot facing him. "Where are you Melanie" his slightly long pointed nails screeched across the glass of the monitor as he ran them across her face...