A Wanderer.

By C. E. Malone.

The fox sniffed the wind, searching for its mate. It had gone hunting for the newly-born cubs. It found its mate's smell and followed it. The fox with a fat partridge in its mouth made its way to the den. The den was under a large pine tree, ideal.

The fox's mate climbed out of the den and growled at her mate. The male dropped the partridge and backed away. A female with cubs was dangerous; it would do anything to protect her cubs.

After taking the food the blind cubs, the female appeared above ground again. The male was flat against the cold ground. The female sniffed him; the male stayed still, there was still a chance that she would decide that he was a threat to her cubs.

Suddenly the female pounced on him, he fought playfully back. They played for a while before the female bit him and he slinked away into the dark forest. The male was a loner, wandering away when he felt like it. He might come back in a week or a month.