Her Laugh Broke The Silence.

By C. E. Malone.

Her laugh broke the silence. The chatter soon resumed outside the church. She sighed, it always seemed to be her who has to stop the awkward silences. It's funny because before IT happened she was always the one starting the silences.

She thought about that day, when, at the mere age of fifteen, she lost her mother, father and both her brothers, in one car crash. Even now, almost ten years later, the pain still got to her, made it hard for her to breath.

She sat down on one of those white plastic chairs, her legs suddenly wobbly.

"Miss? Are you alright?" a voice above her asked. She looked up.

She saw a brown haired youth, and yes she is allowed to use that term because she is over twenty-five. He had chocolate brown eyes that she could just eat right up. That's a strange mental image, she thought.

"Y-yes. I'm fine." she said to the youth, who walked away.