Tyler shuffled away from her, she was curious about him and he thought, no, knew that was bad. He pulled nervously at his shirt sleeve, making sure his wounds were covered. If she saw them she would make him report them. But they were his parents, he couldn't grass on them.

He laughed silently, so he didn't attract the attention of Ai. She didn't know half of it. She didn't know that, because of them, he was forced to do horrific things before school. And then once he had done those things, he walked the three and half miles from his home in the very outskirts of the village to school.

The girl who was trying to get to know him was Ai Ying-Xiaolian. Ai was just doing this to have the honour of being the one who opened up the tough exterior of Tyler. He snorted in disdain.

"Tyler?" Ai said. She was clearly alarmed at his sudden snort.

Tyler just stared at her, no-one was going to get through to him, not even Ai.

"Are you going to talk?" she asked.

Tyler just walked away, without answering as usual.

No-one was going to get through to him.