"Cristina!" Her mother cried, delighted to see her only daughter.

"Hey Mum." Cristina answered, hugging her mother.

"You must tell me about your travels, no?" She told her daughter, "but first, you must eat, yes?"

Cristina shook her head in despair as her mother pushed her into a chair.

On the table was ravioli, pizza, spaghetti plus many other traditional Italian dishes. There was at least enough food to feed several people, but it was all for Cristina and her mother.

Cristina tucked in, starting with the ravioli. It was handmade ham and bacon with pesto.

Cristina mumbled through her mouthful, "Mum, this is gorgeous."

At her comment, her mother patted her cheek affectionately.

Cristina kept eating a bit of everything until she was full. That was when her mother brought out the homemade vanilla ice cream and apple pie. Cristina couldn't help herself, she had to have some.

The vanilla ice cream was fresh and creamy with real vanilla seeds. The apple pie was warm and made with apples picked lovingly by Cristina's mother earlier that day. The pie smelt heavenly, melting the ice cream.

"Oh my God." Cristina exclaimed as the flavours hit her taste buds.

She was finally full. They went outside to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. They sat on the bench near the pond with fish in. Cristina observed the fish, trying to find the right words; while her mother put her face up to the sun.

"Cristina?" Her mother enquired, jerking Cristina out of her daydream, "your travels? How were they?"

"They were great Mum," Cristina smiled, her green eyes lighting up , "I met this girl - she's called Naomi - in Scotland. She's beautiful. She has dark brown hair, but she dyes it so its red and her eyes are amazing - they're not one specific colour, they're all of them mixed together. Brown, blue, green, grey..." Cristina sighed.

"It sounds like you're in love." Her mother said, chuckling.

"Maybe I am." Cristina replied.

"Well, go and tell this 'Naomi', instead of talking about her wishfully." Her mother advised matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, yeah, I will," She kissed her mother on the cheek quickly, "Bye Mum."

"Bye Cristina." Her mother replied, watching in amusement as Cristina rushed off. She remembered what it was like to be young and in love.

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