Review if you want to :D this is one of my many attempts at poetry. :3

decoding your lips & translating

how do i figure you out?

you're like a maze

with unwinding roads

that lead somewhere different every time

i try to follow them, then i get lost

you tell me i've found my way to your heart, though

and that's all I need to hear

but still, i insist and persist in deciphering you

decoding your lips & translating them back to me

what do your arms mean?

i question myself every second

to see if I can get to you

i think i've made my way to your heart, though

and that's all i need to know

where do i begin to unravel you?

you're like a story of many beginnings

so many, and i do dare to count them

maybe if i close my eyes i can hear them better—

a never-ending whirlwind of mystic tales…

if i've decoded my way to your heart, then

then that's all i need