So sweetly blooms the young girl's cheek

As fresh and pink as a perfect blossom,

Who could ever fathom, indeed,

That this pure child was no maiden?

Lost in the arms of a dream

Found again on a cloud of illusion and ecstasy

Giving so willingly and trustfully

What she will never have again.

Seasons change, and the woman gazes

Out to a dawn no longer promising sweet nothings

That caress the heart and soul

Like a careless lover's fingers

Gazing out, dreaming now of shattered illusions

Where once there was love, now is sorrow

Where once there were flowers, now is dust 

Where once there was hope, now is pain. 

"Return" she weeps, entreats Fate to be kind 

But he, the one of her dreams, is gone

And Fate turns deafly away 

Embraced by a velvet darkness.  

"Rest, rest, my love," she softly calls.

Will she rush to join him and 

Her childhood innocence as well? 

Or face the woman's life 

Where great joy and great misery 


Smiling, with no hint of bitterness now, 

She casts into the open embrace of the zephyr, 

That stirs from its silent rest, 

A rainbow of petals 

Bidding the wind and the sea 

To give them, as a goodbye kiss, 

To one who watches from afar.