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Tyler's snoring acted as an alarm clock, waking me from my satisfied state of slumber. 'This is going to be happening a lot, isn't it?' I asked myself before grudgingly getting out of the seats I was laying on. There was a crisp feel to the air, as though it could be cut in half, though there was no sound other than the regular washing of the tide. I stood up and stretched, yawning as I did so, and looked around. Everyone was still asleep except for Emily, her vacated row lying before me. Must have gone to get an early breakfast, maybe gone out to think. Either way, I stumbled outside the plane cabin as well.

A misty haze hung about, blocking sight of anything that wasn't within an arm's reach. The sand, a strange darker grey than the sand we usually see on the coast, made the scene that much more eerie. A chill ran down my spine. I shook it off, convincing myself it was nothing. I saw a log nearby, and decided to sit down. I must have dozed off, because I remember awakening with a jolt to see Michaela stepping out of the plane cabin.

I waved half heartedly, and she started towards me. But stopped, her eyes growing wide with fear. She dropped to her knees.

"Wha... what's wrong?" I asked, my voice cracking. I slowly turned around.

Emily was hanging peacefully, almost serene. Her face pale cold, veins blue and her lips red. Her usual vibrant red hair was out of place, almost glowing now against her face. I didn't react at all, I just stared. After a while I stumbled past a bawling Michaela, toward the plane cabin. I shook Jacob awake.

"You need to come see this," I spoke in a soft voice, weak and high pitched. I stayed inside and heard him wail. He woke everyone else up, and I sat at the back of the cabin, holding my head in my hands. So this island has taken it's first toll. And Emily is left hanging under a palm tree.

Her funeral lasted a day, we were collecting flowers and digging a grave for the whole time as Jacob... we left him to his self. I remember when I was rejected by Michaela, I went numb, I didn't want to do anything. But to see your love die, in front of you...

Everyone paid their respects, and she was buried. I don't think a single person ate or drank today, no one thought about it. By the time Emily was buried it was night, and we had to sleep, even though no one really did. No one could. The last thing I remember before finally dozing off was Jacob still sitting in the chilling cold, bent over Emily's grave.