So, I have had this idea running in my head for awhile now. So I'm going to post it and see what you all think. I'm aware of how short this is, but its just a preview to see if you all want more!

"Nothing is going to happen to you…"

I reply that in my head over and over hoping it's true. Praying that for once he is being honest with me, completely honest.

Yet with the blasting music in the background, the arguing from the group of people beside us and the pain ripping through my face, I'm find that thought really difficult. Something has already happened to me, it happened the moment I carelessly slid that piece of paper across the counter. However, how was I supposed to know? I just wanted a damn coffee.

"Charlie…" his fingers feel like ice against my skin and I suddenly don't like it anymore, I don't want him touching me. "You trust me don't you?" he lifts my chin up and I feel the hot tear slip down my cheek, it burning the cut along my lip and I swallowing the large lump. How do I do that? How do I tell him yes when I'm really not sure anymore. There was a time I didn't question it. It was the easiest thing for me to admit, I told everyone. I told my friend, my family, I put up this facade of this perfect relationship with this perfect guy and kept everything else just a big lie. But it wasn't all a lie, there were just some real big parts I left out.

"Say it…say you trust me…" his voice turns ridged and feel my body tense up as I yank in the quick breath.

In a way I can't describe it.

I wish I could, if I could really pin point it, then all of this would be so much simpler. Cutting it off and ending it would be so simple. However, he makes everything anything but simple.

He pulls me in, his charm, his smirk, his eyes and his smile. When he holds me I feel the safest I've ever felt in my life. However that is petrifying to me, because when he is close to me it's also the scariest.

"No one will hurt you," he whispers and I just nod as I suck on my sore lip. Tasting the bitterness of the warm blood as it passes onto my tongue. "Just trust me…" he gives me a kiss and just like always this feeling erupts inside of me and has me.

"I trust you…" I blurt out without a second thought as his lips curve into a smirk.

"Good…" his right hand slides down my back and I feel when the cold metal grazes over my skin as he pushes it in the back of my pants. "Someone comes at you…close your eyes and pull…" he orders and my eyes snap open to look into his and jaw drops.

"Morgan…" my heart starts to race and just like he always does he kisses me and my body turns numb.

"Close your eyes Charlie…" he makes that point clear. "Don't look at them…don't look them in the eye…close and pull…" he repeats and I take my trembling hand to touch the black object in my pants. "I love you," he gives me a final kiss and before I can even utter a single word he moves out of my sight and I release a sob.

I can't do this; I don't want to do this.

Fuck coffee.