I wanna be the first thing on your mind in the mornin'

One who knows it's you when you're callin'

Girls who dries your tears when they're fallin'

I wanna know you like that

I wanna be the one you run to when things get crazy

The only girl that you call your baby

One whose always got your back

I wanna know you like that

Nervously tapping my foot on the chair in front of me, I chew my lip while I wait. He isn't late or anything, honestly isn't supposed to be here for another five minutes but all of this is so nervous racking. Maybe I shouldn't have planned this; maybe I shouldn't have invited him, maybe I shouldn't be overthinking so much and just shut up.

"Charlie, quit shaking me," James grabs onto my shaking leg and I blush a little embarrassed. "What is up with you?"

"Nothing," I slide my sleeves over my hands and bite my nail.

"You sure?" he raises a brow, seeing past my lie since he is my best friend. However, I just give a completely unsure smile and glance at the door. I don't want to tell him I'm nervous, because if I do I will have to explain why and if I explain why he will probably yell at me. Or give me one of those disappointed looks he loves giving me.

"What's this guy's name again?" Chase wonders and I roll my eyes at him before turning to face him.

"Morgan," I repeat for about the millionth time and resist slugging him. His tone when he comments on Morgan always makes me so mad.

"That's a chicks name…" Hanna comments, scrunching up her nose and my eyes slant looking at her.

"Yeah and Charlie is a guys', so maybe we fit perfectly," I snip back and Chase's eyes narrow on me a moment before shaking his head and turning back to his oh so annoying girlfriend, Hanna.

This girl drives me nuts and I'm not being mean. She literally makes me want to punch myself in the face in hopes I can get knocked out and never hear her. She talks and talks and talks and between the talking she whines and between the whines and talks my ears bleed. She is stuck up and swears her life is the most difficult life in the plant.

Her parents give her everything she wants.

Poor little rich girl.

"Actually met the guy. He is pretty cool," Jason shrugs and thank you big brother for having my back. "Isn't that him, Char?" he nods his head toward the door and I huge smile starts to spread across my face when I glance up to see him coming through the double doors.

Damn I forgot how good he looks. I hadn't seen him in a week because I was slammed with work and he had gone somewhere, I don't really remember, for a few days. But we talked often and I found I really like getting texts from him. I seriously giggle each time.

Which kinda freaks me out.

"Kinda looks like a tool…" Chase mumbles under his breath and my jaw locks and head snaps looking over at him.

"Coming from you, that's hilarious," I hiss, standing up and moving down the stairs, careful not to completely face plant and toward the blonde boy on the other side of the mall. His eyes shifting around the crowded area and when they land on me he slowly smiles.

"Hey you," he flashes that smile that makes me giddy and reaches for my hand and tugs me into him. Leaning his head down and catching his lips on mine and I tense a moment before relaxing into it. "Mmm…I missed you," he hums against my lips and I nip a bit at his lip and slide my arms up around his neck.

"Morgan!" I squeal a bit when his hands slide a little low and he gives my backside a squeeze. "Hand placement sir," I tease pulling back from him some and he rolls his gorgeous blue eyes at me and smirks.

"Oh so sorry," his hand slides over my shoulders and tugs me close to him. "So, what are we doing again?"

"I think they wanted to see a movie and get something to eat maybe," I tell him not really sure all of what we are doing and the plan is. "Unless you want to do something else…"

"No, I want to do whatever you want to," he tells me and I nod as I lace my fingers through his and tug him toward my group of friends. Noticing Hanna of course running her eyes over him and I think I might punch her. She's not allowed to look at my boy like that. I mean, not that Morgan is mine. We… well I'm not really sure what we are but he isn't hers.

"Guys this is Morgan," I stop in front of them and introduce. "Morgan, this is one of my very best friends James, Chase, and Chase's girlfriend…Hanna," my tone goes a little flat. "And you know Jason."

"Yeah, hey man, good seeing you again," he nods at Jason and they share that weird guy punch knuckle thing.

"Yeah, you too."

"Nice to meet ya'll also," Morgan gives one of his sweet smiles to the group and he gets a reaction from all, different but reactions. Hanna awkwardly smirks and bites her lip and I feel my blood boil, James flashes his large smile and ever so sweetly tells Morgan I talk about him all the time and then I completely blush and Chase…well Chase is irrelevant but he looks annoyed.

"So what do you all want to do?" Jason claps his hands when things get a little awkward and silent.

"Aren't we going to a movie?" James wonders and we all just shrug not really caring. "Awesome. And the theater waits!" he holds his finger in the air and spins on his feet and toward the ticket booth. Jason laughing as he follows and Hanna and Chase following close behind.

"So…didn't know your best friend was a guy," Morgan lets out a small dry laugh and I cut my eyes up at him.

"Is that an issue?" I raise a brow and he shakes his head with a shrug.

"No…but it's easier to impress a girl best friend into me hanging with you then a dude," he slowly smiles and I laugh slapping his chest.

"Shut up," I wrap my arm around his waist as we start heading toward the group. "No one has input on my opinion on someone, but me. So as long as I like you, you're good," I tease looking up at him and he smiles.

"I think I'm doing a good job of that," he smirks and I nod pushing up on his toes and giving him a quick kiss.

"I'm going to run to the bathroom real quick. You think you'll be ok with big bad best friend and brother?" I tease and he rolls his eyes playfully pushing away from me.

"Charlie are you going to the bathroom?" I hear behind me and I cringe before slowly turning around.


"I'll come with," Hanna skips toward me and loops her arm through mine. "He is totally gorgeous Char," she giggles and I resist growling.

"Yeah, I know he is. He is pretty great," I tell her as we step inside the bathroom. Honestly, just coming in to check my makeup in that total girl way we do.

"So what are you two?" she pops her lips as she runs some gloss along them.

"Uh…we aren't rushing things," I grab my eyeliner and fix the small smudge. "We've only known each other a couple weeks."

"Well he totally is into you," she smirks over at me and I give her a tight lip smile not really going to read too much into her telling me that. I mean, yes I think Morgan is into me…kinda obvious, but I don't really trust much of what Hanna says. "You two are so damn cute," she again skips and spins out of the bathroom.

"So damn cute," I mock before slowly following her, kinda hoping she is further ahead so we don't have to talk on our way to the guys. I don't handle her well; she is a liar and a real bitch. I honestly only put up with her if the group is around other than that I avoid her like the damn plague. Which, as slutty as she is she might have.

"You ok?" I feel a hand on my shoulder and glance up to see James beside me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I promise as we start heading toward everyone in line getting some snacks.

"He seems cool Char," James tells me and though I told Morgan I don't live off others' opinions I do really trust and want James's approval. "I mean, talked to him just a few minutes but he seems really cool."

"Yeah, he is pretty cool," I agree with a little frown. "Hanna thinks he is like amazingly gorgeous," I mock and pop my gum for the extra affect.

"Hey…" he stops us and I look up at him with a frown. "Don't do that; don't let her get in your head again. I'm pretty positive he doesn't want her. He's seriously into you Charlie."

"I don't know why," I let out a dry laugh looking over at him. "He is perfect," I frown a bit and like an idiot want to giggle when Morgan looks up from talking to my brother to send me a smile and wink. God, I wonder if he is at all aware of the affect he has on me.

"Yeah, so are you," he tells me and I so love my best friend. He always makes me feel better. "Now let's go get some popcorn."

"Lets…" we walk toward them and I feel that feeling in my stomach again as I move closer. Swearing no one has ever affected me like he does.

"Got you a ticket," Morgan holds up the piece of paper and I take it before frowning.

"A scary movie?" I worry on my lip and he smirks.

"Yeah, Jason said you totally freak and cling onto anything around," his feet shuffle toward me a step and I roll my eyes looking up at him.

"Hoping that thing is you?" my brow kinks up and he gives an innocent shrug.

"Wouldn't be against it…but only for your needs of course," he holds his hand to his chest and I laugh.

"Sure it is," I pat his chest and slide my hand to grab his, moving over toward the counter and waiting for everyone to finish getting their stuff.

"You know," Morgan spins me to face him and I bite my lip looking up at him. "I really did miss you a lot this week," he tells me, his eyes drifting from my lips to my eyes before back to my lips. "Trying to figure out how I feel about that."

"Yeah, me too," I agree pushing myself close to him and lacing our fingers together. "Feels like it shouldn't be like that yet. Shouldn't think about you so much…"

"I definitely agree," he leans his forward against mine and my eyes flutter shut when he lift my chin for a sweet kiss. "Come over tonight…" he whispers pulling out of our kiss and my gaze drops down.

"Morgan…" I pull in a short breath and close my eyes a moment. "You know I'm not ready for that…"

"I didn't mean that Charlie," he growls a bit and I shake my head at him. "Why do you always assuming that is what I'm talking about? I'm not some teenage kid on the verge of puberty and wanting to stick my dick in every moving woman."

"Don't you word things so nicely," I shove him back from me and shake my head. I don't know why I'm annoyed, but I just am. Everything about him has this weird effect on me and I don't know how to handle it.

"Charlie…" he growls grabbing my hand and spinning me around to face him. "I'm sorry if I worded that inappropriately," he apologizes and I cross my arms over my chest annoyed. "I just…you drive me nuts sometimes with the way you think."

"Oh I'm so sorry," I roll my eyes and he growls at my tone.

"Charlie…" his fingers flex and I kink a brow pushing him to say something.

"Charlie!" I glance over my shoulder at the group and James waving at us. "Come on. Movie is about to start."

"Coming!" I call back before looking back at Morgan. "Movie awaits, hope me thinking you might follow doesn't drive you nuts," I hiss some before spinning on my feet and following my friends. "Morgan!" I growl when his arm comes around my waist and with ease he spins me to face him.

"You make me want to punch a wall," he growls pushing me up against the wall and latching his mouth onto mine. A slight moan passing my lips when his hips shove into mine and his knee slides up between my legs.

"Know the feeling," I agree sliding my arms up around his neck as he goes and deepens the kiss. My fingers gripping into his hair as he grips my hips and my body tingles. "Ok, you have to stop doing that," I place my hand on his chest and shove him back, swearing every time he kisses me I get so flustered I forget everything else going on. "Morgan…" I roll my head to the side and his head drops against the wall. His breath racing in and out of him and tickling my neck. "I'm sorry…" I whisper, pulling in a long breath and closing my eyes. "I don't mean to just assume things. I always do that…"

"Do you not trust me?" he pulls back and knocks my hair from my face and drags his teeth across his lip and I groan when my eyes dart down to it.

"I don't trust myself…" I admit with a slight shrug. "Every time you touch me… I… I want you," I blush and feel so embarrassed I just confessed that to him. "And I haven't known you long," I rush to tell him, trying my best to ignore his little smirk. "And no matter how much I might want too, I know I just shouldn't yet."

"So what? You just don't want to spend time around me until you hit a quota on knowing me longer?" he lets out a dry laugh and I roll my eyes.

"No…but I'm already doing things I don't normally do," I inform him and his brows crease. "Morgan, I never just make out and be so touchy with someone in public. I mean, never," I make that point clear, because that is so unlike me. "But every time I'm with you," I slide my arms around his neck and rest my head against his. "I just want to kiss you," I lean in for a sweet kiss and feel him smile. "All the time," I whisper between sweet kisses and let out a sigh. "I have a problem," I tell him and he lets out a laugh.

"Don't see that as a problem Pretty Girl," his finger slides along my jaw line and I nod. "Can't we just go watch the movie? Deal with you not being able to control yourself around me later…" he teases and I give him a shove.

"Shut up," I roll my eyes and smooth out my shirt. "Let's go find everyone," I curl my hand in his and pull him slowly behind me. Swearing this boy is going to get me in so much trouble.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Morgan questions as we stand at my car. We finished the movie a bit ago, went to lunch, had Chase be a complete ass for no reason and now we are about to head home. Everyone else has already left and here I am just standing with this gorgeous boy wish to everything I could just bring him home with me.

"Honestly, probably going to chill and sleep," I admit and he scuffs making me laugh a little. "I know, I'm so lame. I just work all the time and on my days off so exhausted."

"Well…" his fingers curl in mine and tugs me toward his body. "Why don't you just come over and sleep at my place? We can watch another movie…"

"How come I feel you aren't going to really watch the movie," I tease and he just shrugs with a little smirk. "Oh boy," I shake my head and his head rest against mine. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Whatever you want," he smirks and I shake my head and suck on my bottom lip. "Oh baby girl don't do that," he shakes his head and my brows knit confused. "That lip biting thing drives me nuts…" he brushes his lips against mine and I gasp a bit.

"I don't mean do drive you nuts…" I murmur against his lips and slide my arms up around his neck. Pushing up on my toes to deepen our kiss and he lets out a slight laugh.

"Sure you don't…."his hand knots in my hair and I shrug. Swearing I could kiss this boy all day if someone allowed me too.

"Oh…" I jerk back some when I feel his phone vibrating in his pocket. "Morgan…your phone is going off," I flip my hair back and slide my hand in his pocket to retrieve the object.

"Aren't you so sweet," he mocks, still giving me sweet kiss as he slides and answers his phone. "Hello?" he seems to half pay attention to the conversation as he kisses me. "Uh…huh…"

"Morgan…" I giggle when he starts to line kisses down my neck. "God, that feels good," I moan a bit as his tongue massages my neck. It feeling so damn good. I seriously love his mouth. It's like god's gift to the world…well to me…

"What?" his head snaps back and I frown a bit missing the feeling in my neck. "Uh…sure," he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck and my brows crease even more lost. "Look, I said I would call you and I will," he snaps and then suddenly I watch his face go pale. "What?"

"Morgan…you ok?" I look at him confused as his eyes jerk all around us. Panic flashing through them as he shuffles a step back.

"We're just friends…" he tells them and I grow even more confused. "Look, you won't do shit. I'll call you in an hour," his entire tone changes as he hangs up.

"Hey…" I touch his cheek and his gaze snaps to mine. "Are you ok?"

"Fine, I'm fine," he pushes a smile and I quickly see the lie. "But I have to go," he frowns and I quickly copy the move.

"I thought we were going to watch a movie…" I remind him and he lets out a sigh rubbing a hand through his hair.

"Can I make it up to you?" he wonders and I frown offer a shrug. "Hey," he lifts my chin and I dart my eyes around. "Charlie…" his voice is so soft and sweet that my eyes land on his gorgeous blue ones. "I have some stuff I have to do…"

"I know, I just…I have to work all weekend…"

"So I won't get to see you all weekend?" he questions and I offer a shrug. Morgan shaking his head with a low growl. "Can you call in sick?"

"Morgan, I really need the money," I tell him like it should be that obvious. "Plus, it's my job. I can't just call in sick for fun."

"I guess I get that…"

"Look…I don't go in until late tomorrow. So just…just go have fun and do whatever and maybe tonight if you're free I can come over," I suggest and a smile flashes over his perfect features.

"Ok…I won't be long. I just have some things to do. I'll call you later, ok?"


"Alright," he leans in for a sweet kiss and I feel it in my toes. "Bye babe. I'll call you in a few hours…"

"Bye…" I try to hide my frown as he sends a wink and walks off. Not wanting to admit I was kinda hoping when I said I was just going to chill at home, that he would ask to join. "Ugh!" I growl spinning on my feet and into the car. "I have a problem…" I shake my head at my stupid-ness as I start the car and head toward home. Sitting around waiting for him to call and really feeling stupid when he never does.

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