Vice Versa

Adorable and modest you

Treading through the world

Placing yourself in others' shoes

You're careful around others

and easily read people's emotions

Helping people is one of

your many devotions

You're a brave soul

Always standing up for what's right

Although sometimes

it makes you seem un-bright

We know that's not true

You've had your share of experiences

and grown from them too

But you have to admit

You have great potential for evil

You posses some special traits

That seem medieval

You're amazing at knowing people

Which is great for manipulation

All you need is a little push

To reach that destination

You're a natural born leader

You find yourself easily moving crowds

Why, if you become evil

You'll be worthy of some crowns

I'm not trying to convince you

I'm just stating what's there

You know, if you take the chance

To become my heir

Yes, I see the panic

On your face

You're starting to realize

Just how much is at stake

It's okay little one

Think things over

Maybe you'll realize, I might

Just be your lucky clover