Vander came back to New Jersey with me. I moved in with him, we got a decently sized house. We were happy now. Penelope was happy too, her parents were back home and it stayed that way. She's growing a very strong bond with them now. She was excited to be an aunt.

Today…Vander and I are going to the pregnancy clinic. We get to see the baby on a screen for the first time. He held my hand as we drove. We pulled up to the clinic, Vander helped me out of the car. I had somewhat of a bump, I wasn't heavily pregnant yet. We can't tell the sex of the baby yet. When we got into the office we were greeted by a very cheery woman. She had us sign our papers and such. We sat in the waiting room. I glanced over at the door. A VERY pregnant woman walked in. I looked at Vander, he smiled at me.

"Oh god, I'm going to be that big?" I questioned

Vander laughed. I leaned on him.

"This place makes my stomach feel sick" I said

"All hospitals do that" Vander said. I smiled up at him and he kissed me tenderly.

"I can't wait until I'm far enough along…then we will know what sex the baby is" I said

Vander smiled.

"What do you want the baby to be?" I asked

He thought for a moment "Either" he smiled slightly

"Ray Ann?" I heard my name being called

I got up and Vander did too, we walked to the woman waiting for us. She took us into a back room and laid me down on bed. Vander stood next to me holding my hand.

"Well Ray Ann, it looks like you've come here today to get a look at your baby" the woman smiled

She eyed Vander.

"You must be the father?" she questioned him

"Yup" he nodded his head with a smile

I smiled

"Let's not make you wait any longer" she said and scooted her chair over to me. She had a tray on a stand in front of her. She put gloves on and picked up the tube on the table. She lifted my shirt. Vander helped. I looked up at Vander, he seemed more nervous than I was. The woman rubbed my stomach with a type of gel. She took off her gloves and got up walking to a machine next to us. She flipped a switch and picked up a thing attached to a cord. She held it to my stomach.

"Do you want to hear the baby's heart beat before we pull up a picture?" she asked

I nodded my head eagerly. She flipped a switch on the remote. A fast beat emanated in the room. My heart was slow. I smiled up at Vander as he listened. The baby's heart beat was REALLY REALLY fast. The thing was, Vander could hear the baby's heartbeat without the machine. This was my first time ever hearing it. The doctor made a peculiar face.

"What is it?" I asked

"That's odd" she said to herself "There's three heartbeats" she said

"THREE?" I questioned

She nodded her head "Yes, yours…..and two others" she said

I looked to Vander. His face was as surprised as ever.

"Is that why the heartbeat sounds so fast? It's two one right after the other?" I asked

The woman nodded her head "Well, congratulations" she smiled "You're having twins" she said

It took me a moment to fully think. Vander's face was grave.

"Shall we have a look at them now?" she asked

I nodded my head. She ran the remote over my stomach. Vander held my hand as we both stared at the screen waiting for the picture to appear. It slowly came up. I COULD SEE THEM! The woman pointed to the screen.

"See? There's one" she happily smiled pointing at a roundish mound

"And there's the other" she pointed just too the right

"They're so tiny" Vander said

We watched them. They barely moved. I had the brightest smile on my face.

"Do you know if we could have a blood test done after they're born?" I asked. I need to know. I need to know if the babies are Vander's.

The woman looked at me oddly.

"….Yes?" she said

"Ok thank you" I said

I know she was judging me. I don't care, she can think I'm a whore. Vander and I both know what really happened. That's all that matters.

After the appointment, I sat in the car looking through the folder of pictures we've gotten. I smiled at each one.

"Two baby's Vander" I said

"I know" he looked at me, smiling a bit.

"Vander?" I asked

"Yes?" he asked

"I know this sounds stupid…but…if the babies are demons…will it be a harder pregnancy…will they hurt me?" I asked

"No" he shook his head "They are stronger than an average human baby, but they won't hurt you" he said

"A demon's strength and what not comes when they're growing out of the womb" he said

"So….if one happens to be human…and the other demon…." I started

"The babies will be perfectly fine" Vander assured me

I trust him, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help but to worry.