A/N: Decided to go the "no caps" route with this one. Hope it worked.

This used to be posted on another site but I took it down there and placed it here.

hopeless romantics

pity me with schizophrenic smiles
and trace your fingers over the
areas where the veins still show
purple threads spreading like tree
roots beneath my skin

put your ear to my chest and tell me
my heart sounds like a lullaby—
the kind your mama used to sing when
she rocked you to sleep

pretend you're a long lost lover and
tell me white lies about how much
you missed me and can't live without
me and need me and want to hold me
tell me how unattainable i am and
pathetic you are and let's play
out a scene from a cheap romance
the part where you show up at my
doorstep and happily ever after is
on the horizon

gift me with slow breaths and
fantasies of moonlit nights and
whisper in my ear so i can have something
to hear other than the voice in my head

and let's live out our lie—
hold each other like we mean it,
say we love each other like we feel it

or let's be honest—
cut a little deeper tonight,
swallow the pistol's cold barrel