Chapter One

The slam was intended to make me jump. Make me startle. Embarrass me. I woke up. But I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. So I didn't move, open my eyes, or alter my breathing.

"Yes?" I asked conversationally.

"Sorry to disturb you Mr. Stone, but if you want to sleep you should go back to your dorm." I straightened up and opened my eyes.

"Well I'm sorry but when you feel like teaching I'll be sure to stay awake." Everyone murmured and giggled.

I never meant to be the one who made the others laugh at the professors, but that's how it worked out. The professor stood a little taller, and I was glad I wasn't standing. My 6'2 made most people feel short and resentful; professors' were no exception to that.

True 6'2 isn't extremely tall but it seemed the entire population of the college was about 5'4. So I was in fact pretty tall.

I also knew my eyes were hard to look at being as amber-green as they were. I'd been told they looked un-human.

I looked down.

"I'm... sorry. That was rude, but really I haven't learned anything this year." I attempted to apologize

He narrowed his eyes, "You can go back to your dorm and drop the class. Or you can shut up Mr. Stone."

I thought a moment then packed up my things and swept out of the hall. I wouldn't need math in the field of music anyway.

I was the only one in the dorm that didn't have to share a room. No one wants to share a room with the psycho-creepy-music-major guy. Not that I wanted to share a room with anyone, but I didn't like being treated like a disease.

I dropped my stuff on the desk and pulled out my wallet, coffee time. Not the crappy college coffee, a good caribou coffee. I opened my door and found someone poised to knock.

"Oh! Ah... H-Hello." He had to be about 5'10; I let myself slouch a bit to make him more comfortable.

"Hi. Do you need something?" I sighed wondering if this guy was a pledge sent to see if he could survive me.

He nodded, slowly. "Y-Yes!" He swallowed, "I-I was told this was my room..."

I frowned. "And who told you that?"

He gestured to the Living Room, "The dorm president and friends. Is..." He looked toward the Living Room then back to me.

"I-Is the room already filled?" His look of desperation helped me decide he was telling the truth.

"No, no. It's all good. You can room here. I just haven't had a roomie since the first week I was here." I attempted a smile but it felt forced so I opened the door a bit more.

On the floor by his feet I could see a large rich-looking suitcase and an overflowing cardboard box of odds and ends.

"Is this all your stuff?" I asked awkwardly.

He shot me a grateful grin, "Y-Yeah. But be careful it's kinda-" I picked up the box and smiled. Knowing what he had been about to say.

"Heavy." He finished lamely and I laughed.

"Hey I might look like a noodle, but I do have muscles."

I could see my previous roomie, Antony Shwinn, watching us and shot him a death glare so intense he almost winced. Almost.

I turned my back on him closed the door behind me.

I set the box on his desk and turned to him with a semi-smile.

"I'm Jaden Michael Stone." I said holding out a long fingered hand to him. I hate my hands, they're so girly and delicate looking.

He dropped his suit case on his bed and took my hand.

"I'm Kai Leroy Ashton." He stretched up like a cat and sighed.

"When you answered the door I-I was afraid they were pulling some kind of prank, to see what I would do." He laughed nervously.

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes, "In a way they were. I'm not anyone's favorite here. They probably thought I'd kill you."

'Or something.' I thought darkly and put my glasses back on and caught him watching me.

"What?" I asked nervously. Had I said that last bit out loud?

He blushed and looked at the book in his hands, one of the harry potter books.

"W-Would you?" He looked up with his shocking purple eyes, "K-Kill me I mean." I covered a smile with a cough.

"Only if you deserved it." He smiled adorably, "Ok. W-Well where were you going?"

I blinked, and smartly said, "Huh?"

He shook his head laughing and started to relax, "Unless you have ESP I don't t-think you knew I was at the door. So you were obviously going s-somewhere. So w-where were you going?"

I laughed, "Oh. Well I was going to Caribou Coffee. But I could help you unpack..." He nodded slowly and gestured to the boxes on his bed.

"I-If you would I'd g-greatly appreciate it. Maybe I c-could go with you. J-Just to get to know you."

He sounded so unsure I simply had to tease him.

I grinned and decided to mess with him, "If you would I'd greatly appreciate it." I mocked, he threw a pillow at me and I caught it, laughing.

"Alright let's get you settled so we can get some cooooooooffee!" I sung cheerfully. I wasn't sure where the sunny attitude came from, but it made him laugh.

So I didn't mind all that much

He got a white hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint. I would have laughed if I hadn't gotten a light white berry with a shot of raspberry, not so hot- which was equally chick-ish.

I watched him attempt to drink the scalding beverage, and smiled. He was odd, that was true but not as odd as me.

I started noticing the differences between us.

His hair was longer than mine and black. His eyes were a strange shade of ash gray that looked almost purple in the lights. His features were sharp but not too sharp. His skin was paler than mine, and clear of freckles.

Very unlike my messy beetles style auburn hair, amber-green eyes, tan skin, and freckles. He didn't need glasses and I did. He was 5'10, and I was 6'2.

He was sleek and sophisticated while I was messy and well-worn.

When he said something I blinked, "What was that?"

He sighed, "I s-said 'your s-staring at me.'" I felt my face get hot and looked down. 'Not again! Stop freaking people out!'

"Sorry." He laughed quietly and I smiled ashamedly. He looked me over for about the millionth time and leaned over the table.

"J-Just stop it." He muttered and I cleared my throat.

"Sorry..." I sighed, messing up my already mussed hair.

He looked down at his hands and said, "A-Are you like... gay or s-something?"

I felt the blood leave my face as well as any expression I'd had before he spoke. Fear and uncertainty swirled in my gut.

"I'm not gay." I whispered fiercely trying not to run. I stood carefully and turned to leave but he caught my wrist, making me wince.

"W-Wait! I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't m-mean to offend you... I-I j-just-" I pulled my wrist free of his grasp and responded in a low hollow voice.

"You didn't offend me." I was glad my glasses reflected light so he couldn't see the almost tears in my eyes. And hopefully he wouldn't see the nervous tremors racing along my nerves.

'Jeez you're messed up!' I thought as I laughed mirthlessly. Without bothering to explain my laughter I growled out, "You're just too slow to realize what you did."

He winced and I faked a shark-ish smile. "Get lost kid. You don't know what you're getting yourself into."

Then I saw his face and left before I could take it back.

It had been cruel but how else could I keep the wolves at bay? How else could I protect myself from those who hated people like me more than anything else?

He was going down a road no one should. Not with me.

The last guy that went down that road with me had ended up with three cracked ribs a broken arm and too many bruises. He'd asked me to go out and get a drink with him.

I'd been more than happy to agree as dates were no far and few between. But he wasn't gay, so when I flirted a bit he publicly called me a piece of shit and tried to hit me.

After the living with the wrong crowd for too long I reacted quickly and harshly.

I shuddered at the memory and started to run.

If I didn't clear my mind I'd do something that I'd regret. Again.

I ran for the woods behind the dorms, no one went there in the winter because people said it was dangerous. Stories of wild dogs and wolves had most too frightened to so much as walk up to the edge.

'Well they're smart to avoid it. We're dangerous.' Then I was in the dark safety of the trees and I forgot everything for a while.

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