If any of ya'll are dedicated followers of my fanfiction account you know all about Becca. But what goes on behind the curtains? LONG RANDOM PMS! And now you have a chance to follow. Co written by Becca. Note: All personal stuff is removed except a few of my books that don't have a long shot...

Becca: B

Me: Maria King, for short MK.

MK: :D No, I did not realize that, so cool! I like penguins do you? Mochi is awesomest don't you agree? I'd love to meet your minions! Feb 24th

B: Yups! PENGUINS RULE! Mochi is totally better than Mokey. And if you really want to meet them... well... RACCOONS ATTACK! Beware, they do have sharp teeth.

MK: Ahhhhh! I'm sorry, Ralph just killed one of your racoons, but luckily, there are ten million more. Here, a penguin for a consolation prize.

B: NO! JOEY! Yes, I know. We spend a lot when we go out to KFC. And on new tutus, which they always seem to destroy. Wonder why... Yay! The penguin shall be named... LEO! In honor of your show! And not because Leo acts like a penguin or anything... Feb 24th

MK: Thank you. Leo is very honored, and hey, Leo kinda does act like a penguin sometimes! Leo acts like a penguin, he's very addicted to Ice... Well, Ice-cream anyway! Feb 24th

B: I know, I was thinking the same thing, with the ice cream. Feb 24th

MK: Hehe, Yeah! Don't you luv Leo? I don't even mind if you Luv Luv him, cuz on my acount he'z mine! EPIC-SODE coming soon, I just don't uh, have it finished yet. Feb 25th

B: I don't Luv Luv him, but I do think he's funny. If you want to know which PJO character is my favorite, well... PERCY JACKSON HAS AWESOMENESS RUNNING THROUGH HIS VEINS! Even though that would totally never happen because Percy is, well, Percy. And I'm not Annabeth. EPIC-SODE WILL BE EPIC! Can't wait! Feb 25th

MK: Leo is almost as EPIC as the EPIC-SODE's gonna be! Feb 27th

B: Yay for epicness! BTW, are you almost done with the EPIC-SODE? Just out of curiosity. Feb 27th

MK: I'm sorry, haven't been working on it lately, I'll do it today, ET has to do a summery cuz she said she would, have no idea how that'll turn out, wanna be in a story with me? Feb 28th

B: Are you kidding? I'd love to be in the story with you! That would be awesome! Happy, sparkle feelings! : D Feb 28th

MK: I'm thinking of something where the girls start spending a lot of time with Leo, The boys get jealous and flounce new "girlfriends" in there faces, your OC would get to be Percy's new "girlfriend" Oh, and you'd end up being heart broken in the end. Got a name suggestion? Of course MK would be there. Feb 29th

MK: OH! I finished the EPIC-SODE! The summary's almost done, gotta make a few changes to it of my own. Toodles! Feb 29th

B: Awesome! Becca is fine! Yay! I get to be Percy's fake "girlfriend"! Feb 29th

MK: Becca is an epic name. Oh yeah, Fake girlfriends are awesome. What kind of name do you suggest? Your chapter's gonna be called, "PERCY JACKSON HAS AWESOMENESS RUNNING THROUGH HIS VEINS!" Because, A. It's true, and B. It's kinda like your catch phrase. I'm honored to be in a story with you and think you should totally be one of the peoples we interview (if we ever do that). Oh and seriously, all those ! that's kinda weird, but then agian, aren't we all a little weird? Toodles! Mar 01st

MK: Oh, and I'd get to be Jason's girlfriend cuz, even though Frank is a cutie patootie, Jason is, well, cuter, stronger, and well, I have plans for Frank and Lacy (aphrodite cabin). Genius plan! Octavian and Drew, great couple right? Evil meets Evil! Mar 01st

B: Oh, yay, this sounds awesome! Yay! I love my PERCY JACKSON HAS AWESOMENESS RUNNING THROUGH HIS VEINS catchphrase and that is a GREAT name for a chapter. Ha, Octavian/Drew. They are just PERFECT for each other. And Frank and Lacy are both nice. : ) Jason is awesome too, but... PERCY JACKSON HAS AWESOMENESS RUNNING THROUGH HIS VEINS! (I think we have established this). Mar 01st

MK: Hehe, I will not say *shudders* LOL, I rather dislike it. Jason isn't my favorite, thats Leo, but Jason is pretty cool. Yeah Percy is awesome, but I luv Leo. What do you think of the Epicsode (I'm to lazy to put it in caps!)? Mar 01st

B: It's up? I looked and didn't see it. I'll go check right now and tell you in a review! Mar 02nd

MK: Thanks! Owl City is epicness. Galaxies is awesome, I do like Fireflies especially though. I tried to make it as epic as possible. Oh yeah. Randomly popping my friends in there was the funnest ever. Dental care is epic. PM you later! Mar 02nd

B: yeah, I did a lyrical dance to that song last year. Awesomeness. : ) Mar 02nd

MK: I love talking with People who are almost as crazy as me. Which song did you dance to? I'm going to asume Dental care. Do you have a youtube acount? Just curious. I don't. What are a few of your fav stories? I'm interviewing you (Not for the thing, because I'm bored). Last and probably the most important question, why haven't you faved The Leo Valdez Show yet? Mar 03rd

B: Whatadya mean, almost? I danced to Fireflies. I do not have a YouTube account, but I like watching videos... sometimes. Do you mean stories like Fanfiction stories or like published book stories. I haven't faved The Leo Valdez Show yet because I keep forgetting! I'll be all like, "Oh, yeah, I need to favorite this," and then I'll start writing something crazy in a review and forget because I'm being random and laughing at myself. And then I'll leave and read other stuff and be too lazy to go back and find your story (cause I'm lazy... hee hee). But, remind me and I promise I'll do it next chapter. Your fifth chapter present! Have you gotten a lot of faves? Mar 03rd

MK: No. I have not gotten a lot of faves. I've gotten two (that I know of)and neither are for The Leo Valdez show. My current You tube obsession is: Secret Life of a Mermaid by Teenie989, it's epic, but I'm sad cuz I reached the end of videos (so far, They'll probably make more)k And Webkinzfan91's signature Island (it's a webkinz thing). As for the books, what the hay, tell me both! I'm dying for more reviews, so if you could like review per chapter, even if your my only fan, I'd be okay with that. Suggestions for fifth chapter? I'm thinking Piper and Jason, nah. I think I'll go crazy and have ET interview me ("What's with the Sharks?" "All the evil villians have them, Mwahahaha!" "Okay... How about we talk about your issues?"). Seriously. I want to write a book with you. First Chapter (it's gonna be like TLH, two chaps each) I spy on my boyfriend (my first chap). Chapter two Calling all the girls (Aka, Me, You, Lacy, my second chap). Chapter three PERCY JACKSON HAS AWESOMENESS RUNNING THROUGH HIS VEINS! Chapter four I get dumped for bird brain (Cuz, she is a bird brain, Owl brain, get it?). Chapter five I can't believe I'm doing this (Lacy's first chap) Chapter Six, The relationship I never had ends (or, green is not my color). Chapter 7 I dump Ralph. Chapter 8 Alls well that Ahhhh! Monster! Writen by yours truely, the next Rick Riordan. I don't have it done, just chapter names and Ideas, I still need a title, which you should supply. Mar 03rd

B: Ha, that sounds great! Define write with you: You just put me into the story, or I actually help write it. Cause I'm willing and able for both. The chapters sound amazing! I'm a good consistent reviewer, so if you want reviews, then okay! Hmmm, a title... how about "The Wacked-Out World of PJO Pairings"? Okay, not that good, but I'll keep thinking... hmmm... my favorite books would have to be Percy Jackson (of course!) The Mysterious Benedict Society, Peter and the Starcatchers series, and Great Expectations (yes, call me a nerd, but it's a great story!) For Fanfiction, I'll have to say... Athena Can Have Fun Too! by PeacexLovexPercabeth, Sunny's Random PJO Show by Sunny99(who hasn't updated in FOREVER, BTW), Thoughts of the Heroes by ChocoChip101, Sadistic Girlfriend Say What? by YouCrashedMyHelicopter (It's a PJO crossover, but the author doesn't really pay much attention to the other characters), No, Nico, I Don't! by Klaine Fearella, and the Leo Valdez Show, of course! : P I'll keep thinking of a title... Mar 03rd

MK: Hehe, The wacked out world of PJO Pairings sounds perfect. Heres how I define write with you: (BTW, this is kind of what I do with ET) I put you in the story, write the story, send you chapters, have you alter them to you pleasings, aprove, and if you want, we could do an insane commentary for our chapters, that would be fun. I'm totally doing a spazzy interview of myself, cuz that would be insane, and that's how I get rereaders (LIKE YOU!). I'm listening to Owl City right now, I went to Grooveshark (awesome website, try it out sometime) entered Owl City into the search bar, and made a play list out of it. I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind (Tidal wave by who else?)... I'm loving talking to you and let me rephrase what I said 1, 2, 3, 4 PMs ago. I love talking to people as insane as me (I'm sorry if I offended you by saying you weren't as crazy, now I know you are). I'm definatly gonna have to interview you for the show, cuz that would as crazy as my interview, if not crazier. Warning! Fireflies Ettub (can't spell) and trillbass remix is kinda weird, not as good as original. Okay, this is getting long and random. Oh, and is it okay if I dub you my buddy? I haven't even dubbed ET so you should feel honored. TOODLES! Mar 03rd

B: kay, just wanted to know what exactly I'm supposed to do. Yay! I be dubbed! I be dubbed! I dub you by buddy now too! : D Yay! Crazy interviews! I'm listening to Defying Gravity from Wicked, because I'm getting ready to go to Contest in April for choir, and I've got... let's see... one solo (singing, Different from Honk), a mixed group (singing, O Sifuni Mungu, a Swahili song), another mixed group (singing, Defying Gravity) an all girls group (singing, Fields of Gold) and another all girls group (singing, For Good from Wicked) AND a piano solo (The Wild Rider, Schuman). Yeah, lots of songs. AND I'm trying to get out of four subjects in school next year. So that is the reason I did not try out for the talent show. People didn't believe me when I said I was too busy. But I'm not to busy for Fanfiction! : ) Long and random is the best! Mar 03rd

MK: Hehe. Because your the first Fangirl I have dubbed You get a special prize! (Actually, I was going to tell you anyway (Hehe, I almost wrote Kill you anyway) but never go around to it (I'm Lazy!). The prize is three, no four (hopefully) funny quotes from a book I'm writing and the right to know my first name (you should be excited, I never give this out). Quotes: "Best friends, blue markers, and twinkies do a lot to cheer a person up.", "Bestfriends will drop everything and have a sour skittle war with you ("Taste the rainbow!" Isaac said as he pelted me).", "We think your insane." She said triumphantly and I burst out laughing. "You can think I'm insane all you want. My friends and I will be over here knowing it.", and, one I thought up at my church youth rally, "I am surrounded by insane people. Why am I surprised?" Because it was so crazy and hectic. Mar 03rd

B: Ha! Those are funny! And, actually, funny story, my best friend is named Isaac and we actually have had a Skittles war... long story, involving us getting in trouble because we technically weren't supposed to throw food at lunch... and I'm pretty sure he was the one who was pelting me with the Skittles and said "Taste the Rainbow!" I was laughing too hard to say anything and our other two friends, who were sitting at the lunch table with us (our group is two guys and two girls, perfect, right?) Jarod and Sky were all like, "Those two are so weird..." Yes, Jarod is the one with the "TFPTWAORB" list. Wait, I didn't tell you about that? I thought I did. Okay, Jarod has a "Top Five People To Be Worried About On A Regular Basis" list. Both Isaac and I are on it. Everyone thinks we're twins, because we look a lot alike and are always together... I have lots of random stuff we do... in fact, we have a poking war going on that has been going on since the beginning of the year... okay, enough of that... now I'm listening to Christmas Lights by Cold Play. It's really good, for a Christmas song... and it always makes me think of the Christmas when Percy is missing... random. My favorite quote was the "Best friends, blue markers, and twinkies do a lot to cheer a person up." And the whole, "You can think I'm insane all you want. My friends and I will be over here knowing it." I might have to randomly say that sometime... Mar 03rd

B: Oh, and PS. Is your book a fanfiction book or is it something you came up with? Because I've got a book I'm working on too! I'll give you some quotes from that, if I can find my notebook... Ah! I'll come up with some! Mar 03rd

B: And PPS. Have you heard the quote, "I have A.D.D. and magic markers. Oh, the fun I will have." LTQ. Love That Quote. I'm listening to Deer In The Headlights! Mar 03rd

MK: Sorry, I couldn't get on yesterday, so I couldn't answer you but thank you for PMing me! I LTQ too! Not a fanfiction book. Longest (real book) I've come up with (It's like 25 pages! Don't laugh, I'm horrible at writing long books). Hehe Isaac, and skittle wars? I'm not a stalker so that's not why I thought that up. Anyway I said Sour Skittles (which are awesome). I'd love to have quotes from your book because I love reading. Oh and my name which I couldn't give you because I had to get off (which you didn't even remember) Is Hugs6 (My brother's name is BLANK :). Mar 05th

B:Okay, I just wanted to know what type of book. The longest real book I've come up with is 130-ish pages long, but it was horrible (character issues) and so I'm re-writing it. Some quotes from that:
It looked like a garden from a horror movie; you know, the one where the zombie suddenly pops out and eats your-never mind. ~character 2, Tony, narrating story in chapter 2
"Okay, what's the plan?" "The plan," Zach paused dramatically. "Is to wing it." I kicked him. ~ the characters (Ava, Tony, and Zach) discussing plans amongst themselves.
"Wow, that's the first possible intelligent thing you've said," Ava told him. "Congratulations," I added.
~ yup, character's again. Zach is the third one.
Okay, don't know if those were funny or not. I'm not that far into the re-write process, but here is a quote from the other, horrible book.
"Who gave him access to a machine gun?" "Uh, himself?" ~Ava and Tony
So, yeah. If you could like, P.M. me the story or something, I'd love to read it! But that would probably be too long... I don't know. My name is Becca (Kinda...) and I don't have a brother. I do have four sisters, though. : P

MK: I'd totally PM you the story but, it's on my computer. The one that used to be our computer. The one my parents disabled of any internet. Yeah. That one. Once I get it on this computer (when I finish it) I'll send it to you (I'll probably send it to my cousin first though, don't be offended. If you want something to chew on until then though I can send you Chewy-bacca, the story of my cousins hamster as an evil monster, It's funny, cuz I wrote it (just kidding, Taylor did help). I'll send it to you in my next PM, which is coming right up.

This story is as true as possible, minus the monster hamster. Chewy really does have red eyes, which is odd. Good night beep is an odd tradition between my cousin and I, once you say it you can't talk unless you say: "Macaroni and Cheese." We've changed the code (aka the Macaroni and cheese part) a gazillion times but it always comes back to M&C Mar

B: Ha! This was epically hilarious! OmiBob, this is funny! I love all your weird traditions! And I can't believe you fit this into one P.M. You should make C.H.E.W.Y. show up in The Leo Valdez Show! and totally destroy the stage and mess up Drew's hair... evil laugh, evil laugh! Mar 06th

MK: Yeah that would be funny, but C.H.E.W.Y. Is copyrighted by my cousin (who is the mysterious T that reviewed my thingy yesterday) so I'll have to ask her, and of course she'll have to be on my show too, etc. Hehe BTW, I love Zach, if you tell me he doesn't have black hair I will cry because Black haired boys are hot (some of them, I do not, at all, like a certain Lincoln Bush who is evil and annoying (even more then me! Which shouldn't be possible)). Here's your assignment (Don't get mad at me for giving you one), if you have a story on microsoft word, send it to me, even if you have to do it in parts, I'm desprete kay? Good. You better do it or I will cry even harder.

B: Zach, unfortunately, is a dark brunette, but Tony has black hair, and Zach has Percy's green eyes. : ) I have multiple stories on Microsoft word. I can paste you the first two chapters of the Zach story (plus the part of chapter three I have currently, ugh, re-writes are so hard) if you want, but it might take a while. Otherwise, I have random PJO stories, and I have two more stories on my profile, if you haven't read those already. Oh, yeah, and I have a story that I wrote for NaNoWriMo that is really random, if you like? Tell me! And I will do it!

MK: *Sobs*! Now, tell me more about this tony... Isaac (of the sour skittle wars) is black haired. Please, send as many stories as possible! I'm also interested in red heads, although my only real romances are fictional. Oh, and my brother BLANK is red headed. Really. I thought about entering a NaNoWriMo Novel, but my novels are stupid and random, oh well we all have our moments. TOODLES!

MK: "Who are those guys? They seem nice." My sister Tianna asked. I looked back to see those two who we could never seem to lose waving, one of them shouted, "Ello!" "Oh yeah, those are the friendly guys who want to kill us." I said, somewhat sarcastically. "Oh. Do you think they'd come to our pool party?" My sister really was a dumb blond. "Forget about the pool party! We have more urgent matters. The world is about to end, people want to kill us, and only two of those people are friendly, and we haven't passed a McDonalds in forever!" I was getting antsy. "Is that what I think it is? I see the golden arches! I see the golden arches!" I was starved. "That dear sister is a mirage." Hehe. I hope you like it. It's the first part of my book: Saving the world and other daily duties, which is also on the other computer :(.

B: Ha! That is funny! Your sister is dumb and a blonde... : ). Sometimes my sister's act that way too. Hm... well, Tony is kind of like a back in the shadows kind of guy... he doesn't really like being noticed, but people notice him anyway, and they don't stop. He has a really dry sense of humor, you know, mostly sarcasm. He lives in New York. In the original version of the book (the bad one) he and Ava lived in the same town and were arch-enemies, but had to get past that in order to save the planet from a bunch of evil fairy tale characters. I kind of had him and Zach mashed up into one, but their personalities contradicted each other, and made Tony all messed up, so I went, "Blub, I like both of them," and Zach was born! My Isaac looks a lot like Harry Potter, actually. Or a lot like me. People think we're twins when they first meet us. My hair is redder and curlier, though, and I'm at least two inches taller. I'll start with the first chapter in a new P.M!

MK: Epic story of awesome epicness! Kind of like Rick Riordan's Kane chronicals in the telling part. But unique and funny and, and, and Beccaey I'm sending you a story as soon as possible:
Had to put it into two PMs. About a dyslexic girl named Amelia who loves to draw. I think it's good. New mission: Read and review all my other stories, give me chapter two of Epic story of awesome epicness, give me constructive critiscm while I try and think of some for yours (it's hard though, your story is so good!).

B: That was awesome! I am technically not on my computer (the one with my stories on it) so I'll try and give you more of the story later, but yeah, and yeah. So, be prepared. BTW, that was not all of chapter one (chapter one of the Epic Story is about fourteen pages long) so I shall give you the rest in a moment... or so... I'm not at home... so I have to go get on my computer and stuff and yeah! Okay.

B: Okay, here is the rest of the first chapter! Plus the second and the part of the third I have written. I'll update it when I write more! I'm kind of caught up in MoA and other stuff at the moment, but it's a great thing to do in English: )
And I, of course, forgot that I edited the rest of chapter one, but not on my computer (in my notebook that has this story in it so I can take it to school and write there), so I shall change that tomorrow and send the rest to you then! Along with chapter two and three... yeah, you know the drill. Blub. I need to be more on top of my editing.

MK: Epical. Totally epical. Here, let me thrust another story in your face.

The story's called Miracles about this pancake loving girl. It's weird. and odd. and weird. copying down James and etc. is based on a torture my awesome teacher Nor (aka. his name spelled backwards) gave us, which I hate cuz my handwriting is a mess!

Reading assignment: Go to your library (if you have one, I'd be sad for you if you didn't) and find Kate Klise books. Their awesome, I promise, the ones illustrated by Sarah Klise (her sister) are the best, Regarding the, book series is my fav, read and understand why I'm in love with Gil.

Oh and P.S. for the PM response to my Saving the world and other daily duties (thank you copy and paste) I'm blond (:), which is funny cuz I openly insulted blonds. My brother, is not blond, nor dumb, unfortunately he's smarter than me, I.E. rubbing it in my face (I just learned what I.E. means, don't get on me for using it wrong!).

Another question, do you mind if I copy and paste your story onto Word document, make some changes of my own, and send it back to you? I'd understand if you didn't want to.

B: Okay! I might not get to library today, but I'll try! We are having the greatest discussion. Yes, please send me some changes! All my friends are tired of me trying to get them to read my story and give feedback, because I do it ALL. THE. TIME! I do have a family friend who is an author and he helps me edit. Go read his book, Melequest by Miles Oxlaide. It's about the Three Wise Men if... get this... they were TEENAGERS! It's a great book, and I'm guessing you are a Christian, so you'd understand it.

MK: Sorry cut short by accidental change. I practically force my friends to go to my fan fic. I have this lengthy emails to my cousin where I include my latest stories, here's one I'm working on right now:
As the world goes round'
By Me
My kingdom for a booklight. I mean seriously, who can write the novel of a century in the dark? Unfortunately I'm to busy with my parent's music dreams for me. My brothers and sisters all have musical careers, and now me, the youngest, I have to play something. I love reading and writing but my parent's don't think I should waste time doing those things.

It's short cuz I just started it today. Yeah I'm a christian since nine (no, not bragging.). Don't you just love graphic novels? I want to do one but A. My drawing isn't that good, and B. While I'm considering getting my friend Ryan to do it, or my friend Jewell, she draws awesome dragons, I can't get the nerve. I'll try and find it (the book). Now you have two friends that are authors, one of them is me, when I grow up and get famous I'll say that I had two people who read and encouraged my writing especially, Taylor, and You. Is your name really Name that's not Becca? Cuz:
Enthusiastically, Becca runs screaming down the hall.

Enthusiastically, Becca nearly falls.

Enthusiastically, Becca sings a song.

Enthusiastically, Becca learns her math problems wrong.

Enthusiastically, Becca wears lots of socks.

Enthusiastically, Becca is jokingly mocked.

Enthusiastically, Becca writes a poem.

Enthusiastically, Becca roams...

Wanting revenge.

Kinda throws me off. Other books to read? Any thing by Erin Dionne, I love her books, and I've only read one of them (I'm reading another one write now)! Is the friend who wrote that poem Sky? Just wondering, and while I'm still not a stalker, I'd like to learn more about your life cuz it's differant and interesting. Tell me bout' your sisters and I'll tell you bout my brother BLANK.

B: Yes, my real name is Name that's not Becca, but I my crazy side is named Becca. And since I was
technically being crazy, my friend Sky called me that in the poem. I also have a
smart side, Acceb and Digerb who is my evil side. And I usually use Becca as my fanfiction name so people don't have to call
me PeaceLoveAndCheese all the time.
Hmmm... I have four sisters; Eeenie, Meenie,
Miinie, and Mo. Eeenie is Oldest, Ali is younger, Emma is one year younger, and DD is three years younger then third sister. We live with our
mom and dad, one dog, three guinea pigs, and seven chickens. Here is a little
bio thingy on each:
Eeenie: Wants to be a teacher. Technically not related to us by blood, but we still call her our sister.
Meenie: Likes to read, like me, but not as much, and she is a HORRIBLE writer. Looks like our mom. We fight ALL
the time. She wants to be a fashion designer or an architect.
Miinie: My closest sister. She is completely weird and spazzy and hyper, like me, but
doesn't like to read or write. She likes to draw and wants to be a pilot when
she grows up. She hates it when I sing, which I do a LOT!
Mo: Littlest. She likes to read, too, and she loves the Fancy Nancy series. She likes to do craft
projects and dressed up as Medusa for Halloween. She doesn't know what she wants
to be, but I think she's leaning towards following in my footsteps.
Mom: Stays at home with us. Endlessly patient and awesome! She has an intolerance
with gluten, so we don't eat a lot of bread and stuff at my house.
Dad: He is a pilot for United airlines and for the Marine core. He was deployed to
Afghanistan last year and came home at Christmas!
Here is a funny story about
Okay we just finished watching Thor (the actor had rippling muscles and
such) and afterwards, Emma said, "I'm too scared to go up alone." And the Ali
said, "Why, you think Thor is going to show up?" And then my mom said, "If he
does, you can say... you can say..." And then I screamed, "SHOW ME YOUR SMOKING
My dad looked at us like we were weird (cause we were cracking up)

Um, for books, I like the Peter and the Starcatchers series. I'll stop! I'll think of more recommendations later.

MK: Random thingy! My friend (and frenimie) Andrew (who,(it's from a book I'm writing) is a suicidal motorcycle) and i have random conversations, "Hi Andrew! *insert growl here)." "Hey. *insert, something, possibly him calling me idiot, here*." See? Totally random. I luv Fancy Nancy! Not kidding, I just don't read it anymore.
Blank: older than me by four years (I seriously had to think about it, I don't know how old My brother is!), wants to be, an engineer. Good at sports and a book worm like me, often throwing mean comments towards me, which I ignore or embrace, "Idiot." He mutters. "Thank you, thank you!". Another thing about my brother, He's awesomest! Nother random thingy! "Cupcakes are evil!" after finishing writing chapter two of Rachel Elizabeth Dare, born to be differant I started saying that all the time. Yet another random thiny! Two words: Charlie Bagel. My friend Ryan (de artist) And I went tubing with our youth group and when we were coming back from the bus (we despretly needed water) we saw a seagull and I told him the seagull joke: "What do you call a seagull that lives by the bay?" Answer: "a Bagel!" I have no idea where Charlie came from. Great Idea for being discovered! You have a friend. He is an author. You have another friend. She is a writer. The writer wants to be discovered. The writer thinks you should talk to the author about the writer. The writer thinks you should show the author the writers works. The writer thinks you should do it now (just imagine me staring at you creepily). Oh and Ryan is an Alligator of doom. He's an albino alligator with Dark brown hair. None of my Boy friends like Justin Beiber (I don't think David likes him, if he does he doesn't count anyway). One last random thingy! I have a face book, not a facebook. My face book is a book of faces that I drew, it's really random and is fun to make. About my cousins: Giant 1: Has a moustach and a beard. He's a giant! Seriously, I'm taller then some people, but I feel short compared to him. Giant 2: Giant 1's younger sister. Awesomely epic. Very pretty with curly brown hair. Oh and BTW, Giant 1 and 2 both go to Harding, Got to see them today! Taylor: and this is where it gets good. Taylor is my older by ten days and makes a big deal out of it cousin. She is awesome, and cool, and heres a prologue to her book: (edited by me, she has horrible spelling!):
(The Colored Dragons)
As he walked down the rugged and worn path his grandathers before him had walked so many years ago. Then he saw those eyes, like cat's but much bigger. He looked right into them and saw something he had never seen before in a dragon, Fear. He knew she could see it in his eyes too. He also knew that she knew that if he killed her that he would be a hero to his tribe and there would be one less dragon to threaten them. Or he could release her from the trap and probably get killed. He did the impossible and let her free. Once he got her out of the trap, she stood on her hind legs and opened her wings, she was a lot bigger than he thought. She got down on all fours again, got into his mind and said " you have let me live so I shall let you." He sighed with relief and said "Let us put the oath (I did my best to understand what you were writing Tay) behind us and end the war between the Maya (what is the Maya?) and the dragons." "If you where a normal person I would have killed you and then thought about it, but no I think you are right. Get on my back and I shall take you to the councel of elders called the colored dragons." AJ: Is my only youngest cousin on mom's side. He was born on, get this, Christmas! He was in the newspaper because of it! Really energetic and fun, but, like most younger brothers (that I know of, I don't have one:), can be horribly annoying. A good thing about AJ, is he'll fight for both sides (Mine and Tays, and Sam's(Boohoo:()). That's it for now I think.

MK: Oh and can you advertise for me on your story? I need more reviews!

B: Okay! I'll advertise! Your family sounds awesome. I have a grand total of four first cousins and they all live in Florida. Moop. : ( Hm, is Taylor a writer too? Does she want to be or is she just for fun? I'll talk to my friend, but I don't know what will happen. La, la, la... I had something else to say, but I forgot. Oh, yeah! I'll edit soon, and you'll get the rest of chapter one, plus two and three!

MK: Coolio. I don't think Taylor want's to be a writer, she just does it for fun. I'd give you more Taylor Stories but some of them she doesn't have on the computer, and one of them, The Brown dragon thingy, she hasn't giving me the first chapter to:(. My family is awesome, especially my brother, don't tell him I said that though (just kidding, how could you tell him anyway?). I feel bad for you, about the cousins. All my cousins live in another state, and Giants 1 and 2's parents are moving to Arkansas to be closer to them :(. You don't have to talk to your friend, I'd just like an actually published author to read my work, it would be thrilling. I'm gonna keep talking to you like you know what my life is like, kay? Good, I like doing that.
Yesterday we went to a thingy at my church and didn't get home untill sometime after 10. Then I wrote on my other computer untill sometime after 12. Then I worked in my room cleaning (totally optional) untill sometime around 2:30, I didn't actually go to sleep until sometime after 3:11. All in all, I had an awesome night. Then I set my alarm for 8:15, suicidal? Possibly. After I woke up i wrote on my other computer untill someitme after ten cuz I was starved!
Yet another book quote: A doctor came into my room. His name was Dr. Benjamin, I think. I was asleep, he tried not to wake me, but he did. "What do you want?" I snapped, I'm sorry but wiht them taking my sister away (into a differant room), and, and, this medeaval torture they call, "A checkup", why shouldn't I be moody? There's more, I just don't feel like writing it. Chapter one and two of dumb book I wrote!
It's called A year of changes and it's so lame. It has no point. But, it's one of the longer stories I actually finished. I hope you "enjoy" the stupidness, and I'd love for you to edit it to make it some what better.
What's your book called anyway? I'm gonna edit it to my pleasings, but can't untill I know the name! P.S. Don't you love the garden game? It's the only cool part about this book.

B: I like the title, and the overall plot of the story. I'd like it if the older girl was maybe 12, or 13, because then she could have her thoughts more in depth, you know, about her mom, and moving, and such. The title of my book is, "The Many Marvelous Misadventures of ATZ." The overall plot is basically just a bunch of random scenes I strung together, basically (hence the Misadventures) and ATZ stands for their initials (Ava, Tony, Zach) There will be sequels, once I finish this book, probably called The Many Marvelous Misadventures of CATZ, and the third will be The Many Marvelous Misadventures of CATZ and M.I.C.E. That will be the end of the series, so I better get cracking! The titles will make sense by the end of the third , the title for the second will make sense by the end of the first book and the third will make sense by the end of the second. I love the game! Is it real? I want to throw rotten tomatoes!

MK: She is. 11 for part of it and turning twelve later. No, I'm sorry, it's not real, I made it up completly. Really, this is one of the better parts of the book, later it gets all taken over by webkinz, my unfortunate obsession. It really starts to lose plot later on in the book, where whole paragraphs are devoted to webkinz. I want to throw rotten tomatoes too :)(Especially at my brothe:). I'm guessing at the end of the first book they meet a new character whose name starts with C, right? Here's a silly thing I'm sending to Fan Fic Writers: Dear Person, are you alive? Do you still have most of your fingers on at least one hand? If so, then, HELLO? WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING? AH! I'm lost, terribly lost, my Keyboard (the letter one) is acting strange! Moop. I can't wait for the next part of your booketh! And I can't wait for the next chapte Of MoA which makes no sense at all! Don't forget to advertise, I'm dying for more reviews! Mar 10th

B: Okay. Yes, they do meet someone whose name starts with C, and you kind of first meet her during a flashback in the second chapter... editing now! I'll send it soon! MoA makes no sense? It should. I explained everything. Mar 10th

Here is the rest of the story. Hope you like!
Do you think that the third chapter should end there? Or keep going? I can't decide. Please tell me! And now I have to do algebra homework. Yuck. : ( Mar 10th

MK: Good place to end the chapter. I loveth this booketh by the way. Here's another booketh for you: The Yes and No girl It was a rainy Saturday; I was doing the usual, watching Wipeout (fav show since forever! It's so inhumane, I love it!), Updating my grooveshark playlist, and repeatedly singing (in my head) my sister's theme song (written by yours truly!). "Get a life, you know it, you gotta, gotta get a life! Don't need another boyfriend, who will just dump ya the next day, here's what I say, 'You gotta, get your self outta here, Go on, one step in front of the other, go on get a life, get a job, get place, everybodies gonna know your name and your face, once you geta life!'" I know, it's not the best, but I was in a hurry. Did I mention Francisco the rat is sitting by me? No I'm not kidding, but I forgot to say Francisco is plastic. I am obsessed with collecting anything, but especially plastic animals, I have no idea. Rats are my favorite plastic pal, so I have Francisco, his wife, and his lovely children and relatives. Things you should know about me: I'm ADHD. I have an annoying sister who went to college and came home again to live with us afterwards (her name is Faye). I love reading and writing. My bestfriend is a boy (yes a boy) named Nate who is Dyslexic (I'm a magnet to, how do you say, "Troubled" kids). My name is Nikki Lancaster. I am seriously indecisive. My favorite song is Honey and the bee, especially this part: Don't remind me I'm a chickadee in love with the sky But that's clearly not a lot to crow about Cause when the stars silhouette me I'm scared they'll forget me And flicker out I think it defines me perfectly (except the chickadee part, last time I checked I'm 100% human. P.S. Don't you just love the % sign?). I am so in love with the sky, at night (when my sister is keeping me up with her fretting in the next room) I sneak out on my roof and stargaze. I have this weird tradition to have a plastic animal of the day.

B: Love this booketh. Okay, I'll end the chapter there... was your booketh based off of you. I love that part of Honey and the Bee too! I listened to that song today...

MK: Yeah, sort of, Wipeout is awesomeness, and I do have a plastic mouse, sadly not named fransisco, although I've always wanted a Fransisco the rat. I do not have any ADHD friends that I know of but Ryan is naturally hyper (it's weird but, he said, and I quote, "Soda makes me calm." Weird huh?) Grooveshark is Awesomeness (Thank you Sam for getting me hooked), I don't have an older sister, but thought it would be funny to give her a lame one. I promise most of the songs I come up with are better though. I have never gone out on the roof, but once lived in Ohio and sometimes went out on the roof with my brother (you know, those rare moments when we got along). I worked on your book! Changes so far for chap one: Okay, Let's review. So, we're pretty much going to die straight off a cliff. (Duhn, duhn, Duh!) That's all so far. I'm thinking about adding a back story for Zach, like he acts all tough, but only has one friend, and possible Parent divorce, something that makes it a shock for him that he'd be picked to be the seeker(emphasis on THE).

MK: Oh yeah! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! You favorited me and my story! You are awesome girl! I think I favorited you. And I have an awesome idea for MoA! Okay so Octavian offers to let them buy his trust, by giving them something for the camp. That thing is... THE ARGOS II! Leo's hysteric. They can't let there friend's prize possesion slip away, can they? But they need the alliance, don't they? Find out what happens next, On the Next episode of Survivor!

MK: one holding Ava dropped her and rushed at me. Big mistake.
Hehe! I'm gonna give you a cliff hanger while I tell you the story of my life! Now you'd think a handsome, smart, cool, handsome, smart, handsome, cool boy like myself would be really popular right? Wrong. I have one friend, and that one friend happens to be an idiot who'd do anything, including throwing rare magical rocks like this one, into a lake. In other words, My friend is a total Ryan. Which, in his case, is an insult. I'm not the best at school. And I tend to become impatient and lose my temper. In other words, I'm a "Troubled kid". It's not like my life at home is any easier, what with my parent's divorced and an evil half sister on the brink of destroying whatever hint of social life I had left. Or the fact I'm probably going to fail 7th grade. Wahoo. Oh yeah, did I mention I have an Evil half sister who wants me to be miserable? I do.
And we were off, to save the world... Or die trying. Fun, Fun. More changes for the book!

MK: impale me. I decided, that if I ever got out alive, following boys named Zach would be a bad Idea. I also decided I hated falling. And That I was kinda hungry… Yeseth, I Knoweth, more changes welleth, that's not alleth. Why am I talkingeth like thiseth? I knoweth! It's becauseth I'm Weirdeth! Troubled kid". I'd never been picked for anything by anyone, cept' Ryan, and a jerk like him doesn't count. Why would any weird person, or was it a person? Pick me to be THE seeker? Who'd of thought I'd be the one to lead the way? Of course no one trust me, so victory is not very sweet. Also, about this Tony, He literally made me freeze when he said Stop, He's more powerful then he looks…
That's all for now, sorry for PMing so much before you even had a chance to answer me!

B: Meh, it's okay. I like Tony's thoughts as he is falling, and I'll use those. I really haven't thought of a back story for Zach yet, but I'm not sure if I want him to be kinda troubled or just normal. I like some of your ideas, though! In the beginning, that part about straight off a cliff doesn't make sense to me, because they're sitting in a library in New York. Oh, BTW, Tony has a really interesting backstory that'll be told in flashbacks and dreams throughout the book, so when the twist comes at the end... oh, boy. You will FREAK out! Kinda like I did, when I read The Line in The Lost Hero, you know. THE LINE!

MK: Oh, it goes from the Library part to the cliff (aka ditch part). What line? I can't wait to hear when Cassie comes into the story! Yes I guessed. Oh, do you mean the one in Son of Neptune? When Hazel says it's Sammy Valdez? That Line is epicness, other wise, i have no Idea what you mean.

B: Oh, okay. I might use that for the beginning of the next Ava chapter. Aw, you guessed. Well, I guess my foreshadowing is good! But you did know the titles beforehand... the line would be this one: "Exactly," Jason said. "Percy Jackson is at the other camp, and he probably doesn't even remember who he his." FROM MEMORY! BOOSH!

MK: Oh, that line...

MK: Oh and another chapter of the Leo Valdez show is out! And your in it! Sorta...

B: Oh, yay! I'll go read it now! I love that line...

MK: Me too, not as much as the Sammy/Leo Valdez drama though.


MK: You are too weird. If I wanted to insult you about your weirdness (which I don't) I'd call you a (*Gasp!*) Ryan. Definatly an insult. I seriously doubt Hazel's gonna dump Frank for Leo, don't you?

B: Heh, heh, I know I'm weird. Leo's awesome and all, but Frank and Hazel just have... charisma.

MK: I don't want Hazel to dump Frank for Leo anyway, you catch my drift? Frazel is the next Tratie! Seriously, it's so cute!

MK: I should actually work on the book I said you'd get to be in... You understand right? Hehe, don't you just love, Um, I don't know but you have to love something right? It doesn't have to be a boy. Mar 15th

B: IKR? And it actually exists! I understand and I love cheese! To prove that point, it is hat day tomorrow and I spent the last hour creating a giant piece of cheese hat... I'm going to ROCK! THEIR! SOCKS! XP

MK: OOOOHHHHKAY! I am so jealous of you and your hate (This is seriously what I wrote, I mean't hat, took me a while to figure that out the fourth time...). Moop. Oh, and you can rock my world and blow my mind, but please leave my socks where they are. Gonna have to put that in my book (fanfiction, or real, or both, doesn't matter:).

B: Yeah, it was pretty epic. Everyone is used to my weirdness, so they didn't really comment... but everyone did want to wear it... except for Isaac and Jarred. I don't know why... that is an awesome quote! I shall use that! Or, actually, I will go say that to someone on Monday... preferably one of my friends, so I can creep them out. : P

MK: You crack me up. I love your friends and your randomness, it's so funny. About Conner and Andrew's names (sorta:): Andrew prefers the name Linc (it is epical, wrote a story kinda about a guy named Linc, gonna have to send you the character personalitie thing, it's great). Conner's real name is Matthew but because he's dad's named Matthew (People call him Matt) he prefers Conner, I call him Mathew some times to tick him off. Epicalness! Oh and what exists? Frazel, do you mean Tratie is cute but Frazel actually exists? Yeah, but Tratie is cuter. Who thought Tratie up anyway? It's an awesome quote if I do say so myself. Creeping people out is fun, I like to growl at people I know, I even scared Ryan once. My cousin is going to Florida and will say hello to your cousins! I never scare Andrew though, :(. Your name (thank you little yellow book) says: A strong will and fierce spirit is your blessing and curse. You will create obstacles for yourself if you don't allow for varying opinions. Weird huh? Oh and read Wendy Mass's books, If you want to read Finally though, read 11 birthdays first. My name says: Good Luck will favor you throughout you life. Long and random is epical!

B: Actually, that name thing sounds about right. Here is a quote my friend says about me all the time: "She doesn't see the obvious unless it becomes complicated." I have all of Wendy Mass's books and love them! Okay! Where in Florida? Yes, I meant Frazel actually exists... I don't know who came up with Tratie, but it is cute! G2G, have to write paper for English that is due tomorrow that I haven't started... : P

MK: I don't know! I was kidding... Poor you... I'm so happy! I found a illustrator! I told you sorta about Jewell right? Well she's now officially my illustrator! Yay! Wendy Mass is the bestest, we have so much in common! Oh, I totally forgot to tell you I have glasses, do I still sound like one of your friends? Quotes are fun...

MK: Yay! I'm alive! I wasn't sure I would be today. You alive? Cuz I like to know these things. Just wondering and Peace out!

B: I is alive... maybe... idk, we'll have to see... checking vital life signs... okay, i is alive. Whew, I was scared for a moment there...

MK: Yays!

B: Yays squared! It's always good to be alive...

MK: Of course! I hate being dead, I tried it once and didn't like it so I blackmailed Hades. Children of Hermes are good at blackmailing... New story soon!

B: Being dead really takes the fun out of life... New Story? YAYS!

MK: Yeah, I think I told you about it in Zombie thing... Poor Hades, he must get a lot of mean comment cards saying you should make dying more fun! Then maybe you'd get more people to come to the underworld. In Summer with dad my other OC spends her entire summer in the underworld, I'm gonna need help with that.

B: That story sounds epic... ha! That'll be funny! Okay, I have to go do homework now, before I get in trouble!

MK: It's already up there. Awww. Poor you, Write me later so I have something to look at in the morning.

B: Done! Wait until you see my intro to Dragon Nascar...

MK: I'm going to write now (Pun totally intended, PUN ATTACK!)

B:Yays! Love puns! Very punny...

MK: I'd say something witty like you, but I'm out. Have you read Summer with dad yet?


B: No... why did you scream... I'll read it now if that's why you screamed...

MK: If that works for you, then yeah. I was bored actually, but read it now anyway!

B: Okay... you just screamed because of RANDOMNESS? Works for me!

MK: Huzzah! I love screaming because I'm random. I do it all the time. Oh and on the bottom of my profile is the thingy, you posted it as the show goes on, mine is, well you'll see! Porkchops! I'm eating one right now. .

B: Okay! I shall go read that bit of your profile now! I am eating Macaroni & Cheese and have screamed at least five times today... mostly because people were taking my stuff and trying to kill me with books... but that's another story...

MK: Death by books. How Ironic. Huzzah! Hopefully it's funny.

B: IKR? It is kind of funny... okay, so I was in the locker bay after school with Isaac and Sky (Jarred isn't in our locker bay, but we stalk him sometimes...). Oh, cute story, a really annoying guy named Hunter who has asked me out before (I said NO and I don't want to talk about it) was wearing a chicken costume and came over and tried to peck me. I was telling Sky about it after school and Isaac said, "You should tell him to back off!" I said, "No, I don't want to talk to him. You do it." Isaac said, "Fine!" And then he went over and told Hunter that. Isaac is really protective of me... I'll tell you another story about that, if you want. And then, anyway, I was getting me stuff from me locker and suddenly this other guy named Riley (who always flirts with me during Home Economics, don't ask. And now he sits at my lunch tableO.o) came behind me, grabbed me around the waist, put a book to my neck like a dagger and said, "If you hold still, this won't hurt..." Then Isaac showed back up and started fighting him with a pencil...
The moral of the story: I have weird friends.
Wow, this was incredibly random!

MK: Cracking up right now. This is totally something I'd put in my book (Skittle wars one), if you'll let me. Will ya? Huh? How bout now? Huzzahs!

Cracking up right now. This is totally something I'd put in my book (Skittle wars one), if you'll let me. Will ya? Huh? How bout now? Huzzahs!

B: Sure, you can use that. Just don't use names... other than Isaac, who already is in your book... kind of. Which story? The one about Isaac, or the one about Riley trying to murder me with a book?

MK: Um Both? Don't worry, I won't use names, I promise.

B: Okay!

MK: La de da, Huzzah!

B: He, he, PM me that part when you write it.

MK: Still on the other computer, we have a new flashdrive now, have no idea when were gonna get it off though, sorry! Still working on it, I'd PM it to you, but really, that would be kinda hard since it's around 30 pages now, so why don't we get a docx connection thingy? Everything else will be sent by PM though.

B: How do we do that? Cause that would be cool and very useful.

MK: Here, I'll try and do it, possibly fail, hang on.

MK: Did it! Go to Docx, it's on the thingy thing, I have no idea what'll happen.

B: Yays! I did it... I don't know what to do now, though.

MK: Ah, the power of not knowing anything.

B: Ugh, I hate that power... Mar 24th

MK: I've gotten used to it. Mar 24th

B: ... (So many of our PMs end up that way...)

MK: ... to you too! I mean I'm often terribly stupid so have gotten used to it.



MK: By Katy Perry...

B: Maybe...

MK: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right, have a playlist with that song on it, I could check if you want? Mar 24th

B: I don't! I have Teenage Dream and TGIF. I know that Katy Perry is the singer of Firework, I wasn't talking about that, though. In response to other PMs, I'll give you roll ups, do the forum Moo club thing today or tomorrow and right now I have to write my English paper. Other than that, go look up the Heroes of Olympus Tribute to the song This Is War on YouTube and tell me what you think! It's awesome, trust me... I found it by accident and love it!

MK: By RunningScissors? I did, it was epic! If that's not the one you mean i could check something else out. Okay! Tommorow!

B: ok, i did tell u 2 check it out. I wasn't sure. Good! IKR, it is like completely epic!

MK: Yeah, in a review, remember? Epicalness! MOO!

B: Oh, yeah... well, I have to do my English homework right now... get ready for a rant... I HATE ENGLISH HOMEWORK! I have to write a soliloquy, draw a picture depicting a them from the Diary of Anne Frank, write a 350-400 word summary/reaction of a 14 page story, write a 3-4 page research paper and do three projects on the Odyssey... by Monday! You are soooooooooo lucky... wish Annabeth was here to help me... Blub. Mar 24th

MK: I am. Lucky that is. As for the homework. Moop. I wish I could help you, but there are a thousand reasons why I can't including me not having read Odyssey, sorry! If you ever have any possible homework, maybe I could help you, maybe not, PM ya Tommorow or Monday! Mar 24th

MK: New Chapter! Huzzah! Annabeth says she hopes you were able to finish your homework, she'd hate to see a friend fail (although Percy does it all the time)... Mar 26th

MK: Help! I think my buddy Becca might be dead! She hasn't answered my PMs in 2 days! Wait, is this the police station? No? Bring em out bring em out (Song, Hawk Nelson) Mar 27th

B: Tell Annabeth that I finished my homework. And I'm so sorry! I didn't have time for anything else but homework and yesterday I wasn't home until ten... so, yeah. But hopefully all that craziness is gone now! : P I am not dead. I promise. Oh, also tell Annabeth that Percy is a special case... New Chapter? YAYS!

MK: I know right? Mar 27th

B: It is always yays for new chapter... and Percy is always a special case...

MK: Forever and ever that will be the case. And Maria king will never be a Mary-Sue, that would be just plain wrong, Right?

MK: Season Finale is up! You'll love it! And I have a genius idea at the end that will be made possible by reviewers like you!

B: FOREVERNESS! I love the season finale! Great idea, and yes, Maria must NEVER EVER NEVER turn into a Mary Sue! They are just plain wrong in general, but fun to read bashing fics about. : P I HAVE SUBWAY! AND I'M EATING MY SUB FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Mar 31st

MK: Girl, that is wrong. Subs are made to be eaten outside in! We can walk to a subway from my house, that doesn't however mean we do...

B: Aw, but it was so good to be eating it from the inside out! And it's fun! There is a Subway a mile and a half from my house that we walk too... it also has a pizza stand that used to be ice cream...

MK: NOO! ICECREAM DIED! :( Can we adopt another co-host? TheGreekGoddessofBooks wants too be one and is born one day apart from me, same year too! Please? Puppy dog eyes! Quote: "Got to go, Minecraft is calling." I've become obsessed thanks to Andrew being a cool fort(s) builder.


B: Yes, the ice cream has been deceased for some time now... R.I.P... sure you can never have too many co-hosts! Or RANDOMNESS! Is she as weird as we are?

B: And I totally agree... CHEESE IS AWESOME!

MK: Yes, she is. Agreed.

B: Wait, what? I said cheese is awesome... didn't she say that... I'm confused...

MK: She is weird, Cheese is awesome. I am so sorry. Shoulda PMed earlier, Forgot. Huzzahs! Sent you Leo Valdez show!

MK: Horrible thing! READ completely! THIS IS SERIOUS! IF YOU DON'T READ THIS, THEN YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT : The US Congress (the idiots of America) have made an organization called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). SOPA targets all sites containing a single bit of copyrighted material such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, Reddit, Roadrunner, AOL, MegaUpload, and even Blogger, Wikipedia, and Google. If your go to , you can see a federal warning notice thing. SOPA can ban the websites they want to be taken down. is in danger of being banned and is a serious target SOPA. So if I were you and I care about this website, I would take down ANYTHING with copyrighted material. If you don't, the site could be shut down. If you care, you would act and join me in my own online protest organization against SOPA: TOSPOF (The Online SOPA Protesting Organization for FanFiction). JOIN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH SOPA AND WANT TO PUT AN END TO IT OR YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO GO DOWN LIKE THE OTHERS. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO STOP US! (They say it's a free country!) If the Congress has nothing else better to do, they need to worry about the economy. PM me or tell in a review if you want to be a part of this protest. Anonymous reviewers can join. Members of TOSPOF: I am Reyna daughter of Bellona, Hugs6, Empty thoughts (hopefully...), You! I am NOT afraid to PROTEST! (I mean, look at the Occupy Wall Street people out there). Fanfiction is my life.

MK: Nevermind. Sopa's done. It didn't pass! Yay we still have fanfiction!

B: Oh okay. I got freaked out their for a moment... YAYS! Where would we be without FF?

MK: Me too. I blame Reyna. Wanna join Albert The Rubber Chicken Club? It's based on a story Empty Thoughst wrote, called a day at camp.

B: Yeah... ALBERT THE RUBBER CHICKEN! I would love to join! I'll go read the story...

MK: Yay! I'll add your name and PM Reyna...

B: KO!

MK: KO is a person doing the splits! KQ is a ninja doing the splits! I love ninjas... and pirates...

B: Yups! I love that stuff. BTW, I finished chapter four of TMMMoATZ. I'm going to connect it to you! Very soon... as soon as I get it typed up... I AM A NINJA!





MK: No, HI (No GH) Five, your basically saying hi to five. ah the randomness

B: ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh... that makes sense. No it doesn't but oh well. RANDOMNESS!

MK: My thoughts exactly. Wait... You haven't greeted a number? Why am I even PMing you?

B: I've said hi to seven once... and you're pming me because 1) I am random. 2) I am epic 3) I am humble (Yeah, right) and 4) because we are buddies!

B: Love the chapter! Heh! Update it!

MK: Of course you do! Read and review it on the thingy... I added some things... Oh, Hi seven. It would be rude to leave him out... I will update it! I always update it! What kind of nutcase are you to not think I'll update it? Nevermind... I know the answer... BBFAaFDAT! Apr 12th

B: Okays! Um... does that mean Becca Because For All a Fat Date And Too! IDK... tell me! Yes, I am a nutCAKE! Say nutCAKE! Apr 12th

MK: nutCAKE. No, Best Buddies Forever And a Few Days After That. Apr 13th

B: Oh, okay. I should have guessed that... I think you've said it before. : P Sorry, I guess I'm not good with acronyms. : P

MK: Me either. Oh and from now on call me TJ Slogan, I have a really good reason for it... Wanna know? Okay: The Secret Life Of A Girl Named Jimmy. It's a book title I'm using, the first letter of each word forms TJ Slogan. Likey?

B: Okay, TJ Slogan. Heh. That's good.

MK: Thanks! You should make a pen name...

B: Good pen name. PS. Okay, so, here is what I did today: 1) Went to an all-you-can-eat pancakes, eggs, and sausage buffet. 2) Shaved my dog (that took over two hours!) 3) Did homework 4) Watched, "A Dolphin Tale" (It was awesome) 5) CREATED AN EPIC MOCK PERCY JACKSON BATTLE! Seriously! I set up a bunch of Playmobile people and made them look like the PJO characters. I had Percy, Jason, Piper, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, and Leo! Leo even had fire that he could hold in his hand! Then I took a bunch of other people and placed them on top of my piano (aka Mt. Olympus) to be the Olympians. And then I made and Octavian and Gaea and had an EPIC BATTLE! Of course, Leo and Percy kicked butt and the demigods won. XP I'm random.

MK: You are. Lucky on everything... I drew a random Leo like creature in my math book... It looked horrible but I tried my best so... Okay probably not my best but I stink a drawing... You have a dog? Lucky! Dolphin tale is awesome, I've seen it one and a half times (the half was at a sleepover right before bed... You can guess what happened...). I want to have an epic mock PJO battle with you. When we're older but still totally kids and have written at least one best seller we'll do it, but at my mansion or yours?

MK: When are the edits for my story coming? I'm dying here!

B: Yes, mock epic PJO battles are awesome. Hmmm... we can do one at your mansion and one at mine... or at Area 51. My dog is a poodle!
There is an actual Camp Half Blood! In Austin, TX! It is awesome! Technically called Camp Half-Blood: A BookPeoples Literary Camp! Go Google it! Now!

B: About the edits... AH! I'M SORRY! I'M WORKING ON IT! BUT... YEAH! SOB! DON'T HURT ME!
PS. I came up with another awesome quoted today: "Come on, guys," Zach said. "Where's your sense of adventure?" "Please tell me you aren't talking about the hunting," Tony said. "WE WILL SUCCEED!" Zach shouted. "WE WILL PREVAIL! WE WILL FIND A STARBUCKS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WILDERNESS!" "..."

MK: I love that... I'm fine with you taking eternity, as long as you finish them by friday... ah! must google now! Seriously, i'm going! must email taylor...

B: Okay, okay, I'll try. I KNOW RIGHT? *Squeals and does happy dance!*

MK: *Ditto*

B: *Does the happy dance more*

MK: *Is so glad she doesn't have to watch* *Ditto* *Eats Spongebob's pineapple home* PINEAPPLE! You have no idea how hard it was to spell that right...


MK: Hopefully your dancing skills aren't as bad as my dad's or Ralphs... Uggh I hate Spoingbob. Yes, I spelled it spoingbob too. A spoingbob is a very interesting creature that tried to copy spongebob but couldn't spell, then his friend Larry the playtipus (another imposter!) came and squashed him... Guud biy spoingbob, wi wunt muss yu.

B: RIP (Rest in Pieces) Spoingbob. We will miss you... LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! *Party Rock Anthem playing* Oh no... NOT THE DANCING! THE HORROR!

MK: Rest in pieces. Party Rock anthem. You like to use the fates' ideas alot... LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! *Racoon minions go around serving punch and refreshments while Ralph, James (His brother) and donovan (His other brother, belongs to daughterofares) play acordians* This is funApr 20th

B: Yups! This would be more fun, though... IF WE HAD A BABY POOL FILLED WITH OOBLECK! OH YEAH! OOBLECK ROCKS! Go make some. Seriously, it's awesome.


MK: I wanna join T.W.A.N.G.O.E.S and the moo club! YAY!

B: I LOVE THE BOUNCY CASTLES WITH SLIDES! OMIBOB, THEY ARE AWESOME! And, of course, if RR was there, it would be THE MOST EPIC PARTY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE! You are already part of the Moo! Club, but I will PM Phineas McCheeser to let you join T.W.A.N.G.O.E.S!

MK: Ah good. MOO CLUB MOO CLUB MOO CULB! (Pay attention to the last spelling)

B: Okay!

MK: So di I joing? how bout now? Am I on yet? Huh? Huh? Huh?

B: I don't know. The thing about Phineas McCheeser is she doesn't reply to me very often... none of the Twangoedians do... but I'll let you know as soon as I know!

MK: Why don't we just say I'm a TWANGO? I wanna be a twango! And if I become a twango I'll still reply to you whenever possible. That's a lot.

B: Me too. Twangoedians... IDK. We reply an awful lot and still don't run out of things to talk about!

MK: Signs we are great buddies! Or insane... I was worried the scientists kidnapped you.

B: Probably both... THE SCIENTISTS WILL NEVER GET ME ALIVE! Unless they bribe me with chocolate, of course.

MK: Then it will happen sooner then you think. (Remeber, aim for school days...)

B: Yeah, although there are only about 16 school days left, and most of them are just fun randomness with friends... and the eighth grade dance... and graduation... : P

MK: Uggh I'm so mad at you for having an awesome school based life! Oh well.

B: I'm sorry! And I'm kind of jealous of you for actually liking homeschooling! There are certain perks... but it's not for me!

MK: I actually kind of do, I usually (in italic) have lots of time on my hand, but school is school at home or at, well school. Even though i get to wear pajamas for the most part of the day...

B: Yeah, me too... sigh. Well, we can't have everything...

MK: Uggh yeah...

B: Sigh...

MK: But I can have school out in nine days! Woot woot!

MK: Hello? You haven't been answering and i sent you a docx I want you to edit, it won't take long i promise...

B: YAYS! SCHOOL'S OUT, SCHOOL'S OUT, TEACHER'S LET THE MONKEYS OUT! i'll edit, unless it's for FF and you already posted...
SORRY! I'm done with school and tests and stuff and ready to enjoy SUMMER!

MK GREAT! Yeah, next chapter I expect you to write half of it, you know randomly pick a character if you want...

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Something about Becca and I. We've never met each other but we are like tight. We are good friends. I know a lot about her and she knows a lot about me. She helps me with most of my stories and theres this one that I do for her. I literally didn't think my first stories would end up like this. Random and then this. But it is awesome and totally funny.