If any of ya'll are dedicated followers of my fanfiction account you know all about Becca. But what goes on behind the curtains? LONG RANDOM PMS! And now you have a chance to follow. Co written by Becca. Note: All personal stuff is removed except a few of my books that don't have a long shot...

Becca: B

Me: Maria King, for short MK.

MK: Cool! I have (please hold while I google word:) telekinesis ability to move things with my mind. Epic powers!

B: My other friend and I have the uncanny ability to communicate with our minds... Epical powers are epical!

MK: Totally.

B: Yups. Lets continue this with the other P.M, the long one, because having 3 convos with you at one time is confusing me...

MK: Yeah. Kinda confusing, I like the other P.M. better, vuz it's funnier. 3/08

B: Ja, ja. 3/08

MK: Wha? Your confusing. I'm getting the idea we could be twins, although totally differant in looks (Yep, I look like the dog in the picture because I am!), we're both on the same level of craziness, both insane and crazy, and confusing. 3/08

B: Wait, you're the dog? Now I'm confused... Describe your actual looks. I also am chatting with IntelligentGoddess371 and we are like twins too! And I have an actual "twin" aka my best guy friend, who looks and acts so much like me that when people first meet us they think we're twins, because we're always together. Boy, do I have some funny stories about us... 3/08

MK: Hehe, I'd love to hear your funny stories, I put some random moments into my other PM (the big one). No, I'm not a dog, That's laddie in my profile pic, our old dog. My looks: I am blond, have blue eyes, got pimples I don't care about, got freckles, am chubby (don't say I'm not, I really am), don't care about my weight and would prefer if you didn't bring it up, My hair is a color I call: Imperfect blond. My brother has red hair because the firstborn of every (in our family) family has it, which is why i do not. Friends (that are boys) would describe me as, an Idiot (Thanks And(rew)y!) Annoying, thats both my "friend" Andrew and my brother. Funny (I'm writing this story they (Andy and Ryan) and my teddy bear Ted E. Bere are in, it's hilariously random.) Cool and Pretty (Psyche!). Do you have red hair? I'm jealous.

B: You sound like you look a lot like one of my good friends! Like exactly. My friend (Zach, kind of like Zach in my story) calls me evil. I call myself purposefully difficult. I do have red hair! My dad has it, plus, I'm firstborn in my family. : P 3/09

MK: Funny, now that I think about it, my dad was the firstborn, and he doesn't have red hair. Aren't you relieved I'm not a dog? 3/10

B: Yes, if you were a dog, that would be kind of creepy... 3/10

MK: I am one hundred present human, maybe... 3/10

B: Yeah, me too... hopefully. It would just be too awkward if I wasn't. 3/11

MK: I do think I have a little alien in me, just a little... 3/11



B: Oh. Well, that kind of puts a damper on things... 3/12

MK: Huh? 3/12

B: I meant that the PLANET OF RANDOMNESS! cannot possibly come close to AWESOMENESS!, unfortunately. 3/12

MK: Yeah. I meant my brother came from plannet awesomeness! actually, I didn't but, I'll be on the same planet with you if you want! 3/12


MK: Of course! We rule the earth togethereth forever! My brother is definatly from Planet Awesomeness, My friends (the boy ones) are from planet boys are weirdness. Random quotes! Person yesterday: (We were out at the arboretum) "Because it's raining flowers!" From Erin Dionne book!: I didn't always tell them about my Chilly Spoon trips because I went much more often then Mom would like. She's not into sweets. Dad's more relaxed, but even so, he feels that ice cream should be for special occcasions, while I believe it's a way of life. The book's called The total tragedy of a girl named Hamlet. I have now read all Erin Dionne books and dying for more! 3/15

B: My sister keeps trying to get me to read that book... I don't want to, really... maybe I will now! 3/15

MK: It's fantabolous! Like all her books (for me) it kind of starts out slow, it's intresting, but unapealing, then you hit a randomly intresting part and BAM! You can't get enough. 3/15

B: Okay, I'll read it...once I finish the last two Harry Potter books. I started the series last week and can't put them down! They don't beat PJO, though... 3/15

MK: No, they don't. I find the Harry Potter first book rather dull (at least the beginning) and can't bring myself to read more, the movie is okay though... I guess I'm full of opinions 3/16

B: Yeah, my favorite so far is The Goblet of Fire. It's different from the other books, and kind of forms a series of the last three. I went to watch the movies, but are they really scary? 3/16

MK: I didn't say scary... The first movie is the only one I watched, I really don't see how people can become obsessed with those books. I just finished reading SoN for the second time today, Oh My Bob Frank is hilarious: "Does you sword to grenade form?" He mouthed, "No shut up" Percy mouthed back. A lot of other great quotes, don't have time to put them all though. 3/16

B: Okay. I don't see how they become obsessed with them either. I like them, but I won't read them fifty bajillion times, like PJO! 3/16

MK: Good. I loveth Frank, he's my favorite character in SoN, I mean seeing Percy's good too, oh nevermind. I have this one book, it's a boxcar children book (Yes, I kind of like them) and I read it like 500,000,000,000 yes! It came out 11 zeroes! 3/17

B: I love those books! I used to read them all the time when I was younger! I don't really anymore, but now that you've mentioned it... I still have some... 3/17

MK: Yays! I just got a bunch of books from my aunt becky and some from my cousin (hers are to borrow only though:(). Life is good! I luv, or at least luved that series, I still read them sometimes. I'm so happy my math turned out right (the 11 zeroes thing). I borrowed one from Tay. 3/17

B: heh. 3/18

MK: HI! I'm so random I don't even know what I'm talking about. 3/18

B: Me too! One of my favorite quotes from one of my stories is, "I don't know! I don't listen to what I'm saying!" 3/18

MK: epical. Totally epical. 3/19

B: MWA HA HA HA! I know... 3/20

MK: As said in Leo Valdez show, "My brother's evil laugh is better then yours." 3/21

B: Ha! Funny! And I still haven't read the new chapter... I'll go do it right now! 3/21

MK: Yays! 3/21

B: Done! Awesomeness! 3/21

MK: IKR? Stop it! I can't keep up with your uber fast typing! (Please don't actually stop!) 3/21

B: Okay, I won't stop ? hmmmm? 3/21

MK: Eh. I'm a super fast typist too, but maybe not as fast as you. 3/22

B: Super fast epicalness! I can type faster than anyone in my grade... but I get a lot of practice, with all my writing. 3/22

MK: Me too, I started young for typing anyway, possibly first grade... Typing is fun! I'm the fastest typist at my school (Hehe, I'm homeschooled!) 3/22

B: I started about third grade, but when I learned, they put a piece of thick, heavy paper over your hands so you couldn't look. I memorized the keys after doing that for a year, and now I don't have to look at my hands at all! 3/23

MK: Eh, I still make a lot of mistakes. So, I'm getting better. 3/23

B: Good! It is good to be a fast typist... 3/23

MK: Yeah, especially for us writers. Just wondering, do you have anymore of TMMMoATZ? I think I got it right. 3/23

B: I've got some... I'm working on another one of Tony's flashbacks, which is taking a while. I'll PM you as soon as I finish. PS Summer With Dad is really interesting! I'm surprised to see where it goes... did I say surprised? I meant curious. Was her half brother Nico? 3/23

MK: Yeah, her dad is hades, Nico is Hades son, half brother, get it? Not Bianca if that's what you mean. 3/23

B: Okay! 3/23

MK: Okay, This is getting slow, Okay, say something intresting! Like about Isaac and Jarred whom you stalk. 3/23

B: Okay, here is my other cute Isaac-being-protective story: He and I were walking to the bus one day. We ride different buses, so he got on his and I was waiting for mine, which hadn't arrived yet. My neighbor (who is also a guy) named Mason came over and asked me why I hadn't been on the bus that morning. All of a sudden Isaac flew out of nowhere and said, "Is he bothering you?" And then he asked Mason, "How do you know her?" And Mason said, "She's my neighbor." And then Isaac started interrogating him... I was just like, "I'm standing right here!" And then my bus came and I was all like, "Forget it." Here is a Jarred stalking story: Jarred had said he was going to sing an angles song with the Mathletes group, but then he bailed, and made Isaac bail too. So Sky and I went over to his locker bay and gave him death glares until people kicked us out cause we were creeping them out. 3/23

MK: Awesome, Quote from my book (Random Thoughts of Random Girl) that's kinda like last one: "Singing, 'somebody's gonna kill you, somebody's gonna kill you, And that will be me!' over and over again until you creep someone out does not (as sad as it may be) look good on your report card." Inspired by what I do to Andrew, sometimes Ryan, hardly ever Conner though, even though (Have you read the hunger games all of them yet, I haven't if not don't read next part) He told me Catnis is Imortal, and I hate him for ruining it, all I read is most of the first one, I'm not dying to read the rest really. Oh and He (Connor) also said he read MoA, so he's also a liar. 3/24

B: Quotes of awesomeness! I have read all the Hunger Games, but a guy named Connor lied to me about the second book. Someone did a book report on it for English, and I was curious, since I read the first one. I asked, "Can they go back to the Hunger Games a second time?" And Connor told me that they couldn't. I read the books, figured out he lied and then went back and got mad at him. He actually thought it was funny. Connors are annoying. We have three in our grade, and they are all extremely irritating! 3/24

MK: Exactly. Connor's okay though, sometimes. Actually Matthews are annoying, cuz that's his real name, and Matthew is the name of the brother of the girl my brother is kinda dating. Not the same one though. 3/24

B: Oh, okay. If they were the same, then that would be awkward... 3/24

MK: Totally. We like to tease behind their backs, Matthew A. (he's older, Matthew the one whose middle name isn't connor) can tease Her (Rachel) openly, but my brother would kill me so... You get the picture. 3/24

B: Ha, that sounds funny. Yes, the picture has been gotten... 3/24

MK: Hehe. 3/24

B: Moo 3/24

MK: What tha? MOO! 3/24

B: MOO 3/24

MK: Okay, this is getting random... Song to look up, Last train to awesome town, it's epical. 3/24

B: OK, will do. MOO! 3/24

MK: I'm not saying it. It was fun, but I'm not gonna say it. Okay, okay. MOO! Wow, that is enlightening. 3/24

B: Ha, got you to say MOO! Moo's are always good for the mind. 3/24

MK: Great idea! Moo club! That would totally become popular! 3/24

B: HECK YEAH! 3/24

MK: Huzzah! So when are we gonna do it? 3/24

B: IDK, do you want to create it or should I? 3/24

MK: Um, You? And then I can advertise on my thing, and well, one word describes how brilliant this idea is, Moo. 3/24

MK: MOO! The club should be like a story, just a thought, Get on it! I review MoA! Sorry I wasn't able to PM you yesterday, I did get to watch Mr. Poppers Penguins though... Huzzah! 3/26

B: Okay, I'll make the Moo! Club a story. I love Mr. Poppers Penguins. 3/27

MK: The movie or the book? I like both. MOO! 3/28

B: BOTH! The movie and the book were totally different, but epic. MOO! 3/28

MK: Indeed they were. Very differant. Fascinating though. 3/29

B: Yups. I liked the characters (humans) better in the movie, but the penguins and what they did in the book. 3/31

MK: Confusing, but I kinda agree, but you have to love Nimrod. 3/31

B: Yeah, Nimrod is awesome. 4/01

MK: Yes. Yes you do. It's like a rule. 4/01

B: Or a law of nature. 4/01

MK: That too... 4/01

B: FOTHL! 4/01

MK: Weird... 4/01

MK: Weird... 4/01

B: Yeah, that means fact, opinion, theory, hypothesis, or law. Science... ugh. : P And I'm weird! 4/02

MK: Yes, you are! Sending you skittle wars book! Haven't put your scene in it yet... Soon. 4/03

B: YAYS! 4/03

B:OmiBob, love it! The Sour Skittles War! Okay, a few small things: A) Is the title So Says I? I think it should be something that is a little awesomer, like, "Blue Markers, Best Friends, and Sour Skittles." It just fits the story line better. Don't use that title, but something that tells something about the story. B) I think you should put in journal format, instead of saying, "Skip to insert-name-of-date-or-time." The story would just flow smoother, like:
3:45 p.m. Just got home from school. Blah blah blah, insert events here, yada yada, okay, more later. 7:18 p.m. Dinner with Isaac was fun, okay, yeah, this is just an example. C) OmiBob, this sounds exactly like me and my friend Isaac. I can totally relate with Jamie! It's like, Wow, how did you know so much about me before we even met. D) Can I edit it a little? Not major changes to the story, just punctuation and formatting and what not. I promise I won't re-write anything. I might fix sentences, rearrange them to make a little more sense and flow better. And I'll put it into the diary/journal thing if you want me too. So, yeah. Please? E) Am I the random person who randomly popped into the story before Christmas? : P F) I think you should give each of the characters a little more backstory. I mean, we know a lot more about Todd's life than anyone else, but that's actually happening at the time of the story. Maybe tell us a little bit more about Isaac's mom and what not? IDK, maybe he's missing her one day and then Jamie gives back a little comfort to him like he's given to her. Just add a little tenderness in there, instead of just "WHOOM! RANDOMNESS AND MOVING ON!" G) Slow it down a little bit, perhaps! I love your style, but it seems like Jamie's just rushing through, not dwelling on anything and trying to get it over with. If you can't figure out a way to do that, add a little more detail to important scenes, like their first date thing and Christmas/Holidays. H) I can't decide what kind of person Isaac is. He seems calm, serious, and like, holding everyone together one moment, and then just as hyper and crazy as the rest the next. I) I love their songs! Did you make them up or are they real? And do you have them set to music? Cause if not, I might have too... just to see what I can make happen. J) All in all, great job! I love it! So, yeah. Wow, that was a lot. I'm not being overly-critical, am I? So, yeah, um okay, PM me back! I'm dying to hear from you, now! Wow, this was a long message... 4/03

MK: Please do edit it! Let's try the journel entry thing out, see what happens, I'll keep my original and you edit? I'm trying to do a backstory, see: Isaac's dad starts dating and Isaac gets mad at Jamie for no reason, to make up for it he takes her to his most special place, the cemetary where his mom is burried and they have a rememberance. Yes I did make all the songs up myself! I don't have them set to music yet... I might have someone do that for me sometime. Please edit, I'm dying to see what happens. I'm totally going to change the title, I'll have you edit it and save it under your title, then I'll send them both to Taylor and see what she thinks, blah blah blah, Can't wait! 4/04

B: Okay, I'm on it! That's a good idea. Yups, I'll send you my edits when I'm done with it. I really love the songs! 4/04

MK: Tanks! You are awesome! As I said to my friend hailey: Best Buds Forever And a Few Days After That. Yays! 4/04

B: WOP... but I'll try to finish it by the time you get back from Lads to Leaders. Kay? YAYS! 4/06

MK: I'm back! Okay, I'm at my Grandmas, but later today I'll be back, so you better write fast! That's okay, I'll wait, but within this week kay? Show it to Sky, possibly Isaac, remind them I'm not a stalker kay? Great! 4/08

B: KK! I'll show it to Sky, and maybe Isaac, I don't know if he'd be interested, he still hasn't read MY story! And I e-mailed it to him last summer (it was the original horrible draft)! 4/09

MK: Wow, some friend he is! Kidding. Sending you other story soon! 4/09

B: IKR? Yays! 4/09

MK: Yays and IKR to infinite! 4/09

B: IKR? Wait, I already said that... HUZZAH! 4/09

MK: You are so beccaey. 4/09

B: IKR? Heh. 4/09

MK: Which, is not a bad thing. If you weren't I'd never know about the Llama song! 4/09

B: True dat is. 4/10

MK: si tad eurt. OK KO lleps uoy yeh. 4/10

B: Um... okay... I'll pretend I understood that. 4/10

MK: True Dat is (backwards) and Hey you spell OK KO (backwards.) We should learn backwardish and have a special language! 4/10

B: Oh okay. Yeah, I say OK backwards. Mort and Mindy. Mort is an alien who comes from outerspace and finds Mindy. He lives with her and tries to get used to Earth. He keeps saying KO instead of OK. Robin Williams! 4/10

MK: I've heard of that... It's a tv show and book right? 4/10

B: I don't think it's a book... but the TV show is hilarious! 4/10

MK: Nope, I found a book. I don't know where it is... But I found it. 4/10

B: Oh, really? Huh, I might have to go read the book sometime... 4/10

MK: I never read it myself... But it is a book. I may have to watch the show... 4/11

B: The show is hilarious! Robin Williams is awesome in it. 4/11

MK: I'm sure it is. Is mork the guy who sits upside down? My mom told me about someone who sat upside down when I did it, I can't help it! IT'S FUN! 4/12

B: Yups! He sits upside down all the time... in cars... don't try it, that's hard! 4/12

MK: I'm sure I could do it! If the car wasn't moving... 4/13

B: Yeah... cars moving makes everything difficult... except for sleeping. I sleep quite well in moving vehicles... 4/13

MK: Really? I almost never do... I can read in moving cars, thank goodness. 4/14

B: I can READ and WRITE and SLEEP in moving cars. Yups! Special skills! 4/14

MK: Yay. Me too. And eat. 4/15

B: Well, yeah, I can eat. DUH! If I couldn't eat in a car, I'd find myself pretty pathetic. 4/15

MK: Some people (In my commentary, I'm poking fun at an awesome youtuber, he's really cool but because he wouldn't "EAT DA BANANA!" I hate him, I'd say you already are pathetic) Are already pathetic... DUH Or HUD? which is better? 4/16

B: HUD! I wouldn't EAT DA BANANA either. I'm allergic to bananas... and I still know how to spell it! 4/16

MK: Yeah cuz you read it in my PM! HUD! 4/17

B: Heh. Yeah, forgot about that...

B: KO, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT IS! Hey, pm me, k? U have not since like,Fridayor whenever and i am bored and want to talk to my buddy! ARE U DEAD? PLEASE DO NOT BE DEAD! Sorry 4thee bad spellin n grammer. I am on my Nook and it is really hard 2 ttype. 4/22

MK: I know what ya mean bout the nook... I is alive! 4/23

B: Yups... YAYS! YOU IS NOT DEAD! I LIKE IT WHEN YOU IS NOT DEAD! Heh... gotta love Tyson. 4/23

MK: I love him, and dat... 4/24

B: YUPS! ME TOO! 4/24

MK: bet I like it better when your not dead so there! But it's even better when Percy/Leo/Nico aren't dead. No offense, your just not them. JK. 4/25

B: Well, I mean, yeah. If Percy/Nico/Leo were dead, we wouldn't have the fantabulous world of CHB to dream about, now, would we? Well, we might still have it... but it wouldn't be the same without Percy being... well, Percy, Leo cracking jokes and Nico looking gloomy and trying to deny the rumors of Thalico... 4/27

MK: No, he's not trying, he's publically denying it. Imagine RR writes about the magical place call CHB, RUN BY GIRLS! 4/28

B: Good point. I'd actually love the magical place called CAMP HALF-BLOOD, RUN BY GIRLS! 4/29

MK: WAHOO! Lets do it. I mean seriously! 4/30

B: OKAY! You shall write the first chapter. I will write the second! So... k. 5/01

MK: OKAY! Later... 5/02

B: TTYL. 5/02

MK: Type to you later! I'm actually working on it... 5/03

B: Yups! YAYS! HUZZAH! 5/03

MK: It's knd of going no where... Oh we have to use the phrase type to you later in our fics! 5/04

B: Yups! We should totally do that... I've already used charmtyped to try and get people to review. 5/06

MK: Yay! 5/07

B: YAYS! HUZZAH! And all that good stuff! 5/09

MK: Yeah... 5/10

B: YUPS YUPS! 6/04

MK: Okay, getting freaky now... 6/04

B: Yeah... I'll stop... NAH! 6/04

MK: Uh oh, Becca's getting spazzy again! Run! 6/05

B: MWA HA HA HA! *Pulls out the pie-throwing catapult... this is gonna get interesting...* 6/05

MK: Definitly. 6/09


MK: WHO GAVE BECCA A POGO STICK? Oh, that was me? Awkward... 6/10

B: Heh heh, I would like pogo sticks if I could actually stay on them... maybe I just need to get really hyper... 6/12

MK: ... ... ... PIE! ... ... ... 6/12

B: I LOVE PIE! 6/13

MK: Um okay. 6/14

B: Well, you're the one who got me on the topic of pie. 6/15

MK: It was really awkward okay? Yeah I like chocolate Cheesecake. 6/19

B: Awkwardness... heh heh... I LIKE OREO CHEESECAKE! 6/20

MK: For my 11th birthday I had french chocolate cheesecake with white chocolate chips on it. 6/21

B: That sounds amazing... CURSE YOU FOR MAKING ME HUNGRY! I like fudge. 6/22

MK: Uh oh, I've reached my limit of curses I can get in one day... I can't handle 101! 6/22


MK: I can imagine Linc (Linc is Andrew...) cursing me that many times... 6/22

B: Program shuting down... MY BRAIN NO LONGER WORKS! 6/22

MK: Heh. My brain is dead until school starts again. 6/24

B: Yah... 6/29

B: Yups... brains brains brains what are we talking about? 6/30

MK: Zombies! 6/30

B: Oooooooh... THE APOCALYPSE! 6/30

MK: Yeah, I'm thinking of making a halloween version of tonight tonight because I thought it up yesterday. 7/01

B: Oo, fun! Send it to me when you finish it! 7/01

MK: I haven't started... Out on a whim here, first verse: I had a really really messed up week, My boyfriend is a vampire cause my best friend bit him And then he started chasing me, His fangs are kinda cute but it's time for me to quit him.
Lalala I feel deader Lalala Dracula's better... Lalala This is hell,
Tonight tonight, the apocolypse has started Lalala And team edward's leaving the ghouls broken hearted...
What's next? 7/03

B: Ha ha ha! That's awesome!
How about:
I don't know if I'll survive But I know that I'll try We're gonna die! Die! Tonight! Tonight! 7/04

MK: Totally! Oh we have to post this... 7/05

B: Heck yeah. 7/06

MK: I actually posted the first chapter of our pms. It's actually funnier than I thought. 7/06


MK: Um my fictionpress account... 7/07

B: Yeah, I found it. IT WAS HILARIOUS! 7/10

MK: know. And all that, except edits of course, came from us. 7/14

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Chapter three! So yes, this actually ended up being really recent. Like it? I can't wait to do more this is so fun to write I'm cracking up every five seconds!