She is there, always. Whether you see her, or I see her, or no one sees her, she's there. She is utterly inevitable, invisible and invincible. When you wish that She's nowhere to be found, there she is, right beside you, whispering charms of death into your ear, making you as pale as She is.

She has no blood, so you can't kill her. She has no voice, so you can't shut her up. She speaks to you with her mind, and gets to you with her lost soul. In other words, She HAUNTSyou.

The weird and totally strange thing is that she doesn't haunt me. She doesn't freak me out like she would to you. When all my other 'friends' left me because of the hatred and disgust they felt around me, that was her, She stayed with me. So she's my friend.

Yes, she caused all my other friends to flee from me and my supposed 'dark aura', but that just shows how little faith they had in me; She showed me that. If they were my real friends, they would have stayed by me, and asked me what was wrong.

At first, I thought She was evil too, because of what She was doing to my friends, but then She told me about them; how they despised and hated me from before and that She was just pushing them a little to show me the truth. So now, She is more of a friend to me than 'They' ever were.

I've tried to tell people about her, but they thought I was crazy, and in turn, hated and despised me even more. They shunned me, and left me alone, or at least, they thought I was alone. In truth, I was with Her. We were talking and laughing, and whenever I felt down because I had no human friends, She comforted me and reassured me that they were all foolish. And they were foolish. They were all afraid of something, or someone, that couldn't even actually hurt them.

They could have been scared because they didn't know Her, but I think they were because what my friend was telling them was true. That they'd die of their honesty and they'd fall into a fatal depression because of their utter selflessness. Those 'friends' are gone now and I know what true friendship is.

I was scared of Her at first but now that I know her she's really nice and she protects me. 'They' left me with the supposed darkness, instead of trying to 'rescue' me. But now I know that 'They' were the ones that She rescued me from.