He was coming. Fast.

Aria crouched behind the wall clad thickly in army camouflage. She changed the bullets to her Triton 324 in anticipation for the man she was supposed to kill. He was on the opposing team; he was on the bad side. Her brown hair framed her face as the desert wind blew sand onto her long lashes. Patience was something she was born with, which was why she always stayed hidden, ready to capture the oblivious.

The man's footsteps grew louder as he crunched along the gravel, gun ready. Aria slowed her breathing for the confrontation. The man passed the wall, and instantly she was on her toes and knocked the back of his head with the barrel of her trusted Triton. Then she used her right hand as a knife to jab the man's thin throat. He fell to his knees with a thud and she quickly dragged his body behind the wall. He was still alive, she knew. But she decided she'd get something out of this.

There was another woman wearing dark clothes like the man beside Aria, walking cautiously with her Orion 722 at hand. Aria pulled out her Crimson 953, attached her Silencer 221 and shot the woman with no more than a click right through her brain.

Within five minutes the man sat up, stunned. He had a killer headache, but at the sight of the beautiful woman before him, calmed down if even a little. She was peering behind the wall, shooting steady bullets at his team. He knew she was the enemy, but he suddenly felt such a lust for her that he couldn't contain himself.

He stood so he was behind her, grabbed her frame, turned her, and pushed her against the wall beneath his figure. But he was careless as to not ensure her gun was away.

Aria knew this game all too well. She parted her lips ever so slightly and leaned her head back against the hot wall looking ever so vulnerable to the man before her. He roughly pushed his lips against hers and closed his eyes as he grinded into her sensually.

Aria's eyes, however, were wide open, ready for the right moment to strike. As she scanned her surroundings, she caught site of Daniel. Daniel, her lover, best friend and most trusted comrade, couldn't help the amused smile that crept onto his face upon seeing his girl's tactics, though his eyes raged in jealousy. Aria smirked at this, winked to him and cocked her gun before raising her right hand and shooting the opposing man in his head. He fell to the ground before her, now permanently stationed there.

She made her way over to her man with a smirk touching her lips.

"You like what you see?" she asked him.

"Not in the least." He said smirking as they joined in for a passionate kiss, only stopping to shoot the idiots who were stupid enough to try to interrupt their love.