I caught myself counting your vials of blood again. They line every shelf; are hidden in every box, and behind each door lies another room stocked with yet more vials. And though I know I'll never understand, I can't help but be captivated by the dark red liquid that you worship.

I remember the day you kissed my wrists and told me I was more beautiful than any other you had seen. Your hand rested lightly on my dress and I gasped at your cold fingers as they wrapped quietly around my throat. The black spots grew, consuming my vision, but I knew that you were hiding in every black corner, and that I needn't worry about monsters that dwell in darkness.

"I'll be your light"

You whispered, your lips just barely grazing my ear as I drifted softly away, your arm securely holding me to your chest. I smiled, and wondered what number I'd be. I imagined how your long fingers would look as you added me to your collection, and the beautiful smile that would grace your lips knowing that I would always rest there.