Later that night it was time for dinner in the first class dining room. My father brushed my hair and Nadine helped both of us with our bow ties. If my father didn't have a mustache we'd almost look alike. His hair was a very thick curly brown while my hair was just straight brown.
My mother was the most fancy looking out of all of us. She wore a beautiful blue dress with her brown silky hair up. She wore her heels, white gloves and a ton of make up. She always wore make up because she said that any women who didn't wear make up was ugly. She actually insulted Nadine like that once.
We left Nadine alone in the room and left for dinner. She never had dinner with us at home. She wasn't allowed at the table. She had to eat her meals alone. Whenever we were alone together, we secretly ate in the dining room instead of her room.
We just stopped in Cherberg, France so there were more first class passengers in the hallways.
I turned to see a girl about my age with pretty brown hair and she wore a sparkling dress. There was a smaller boy with her who must be her younger brother.

"I'm Lucile Carter and this is my brother Billy. What's your name?"

"Eric Arnolds. Hello."

"Are you on your way to New York City?" Lucile asked. "Yeah I'm moving there and staying with my Grandparents." I answered. "That's nice."

She strangely smiled at me.


My parents were also smiling strangely when I walked back to them. They always did that whenever I met a new girl.

"Who was that young lady?" asked my mother with a smile.

"Lucile Carter."

They began going on about how nice she looked. It got on my nerves when they talked of marriage. They wanted me to marry a perfect first class young lady. I'd rather marry someone like me. A girl who always wanted to have fun instead of just sit down and worry about money.

We came to most beautiful room of the whole ship.

The Grand Staircase.

It shined and gleamed. As we walked down the staircase I saw all the first class passengers but I didn't see any kids my age.

My parents suddenly pointed at someone at the top of the staircase. A man and his young wife were coming down the stairs. Who were they? I know I must have heard about them somewhere along the line.

"Mom who are they?"

"Are you serious Eric Arnolds?!" she snapped. "That is the millionaire John Jacob Astor and his new wife Madeleine."

We started talking with them. The talk was mostly about our businesses and how well they were doing. The Asters were just coming back from their honeymoon and Madeleine was in 'delicate condition' as Mr. Aster put it.

We walked into the dining room and sat down at the table. We sat with some very wealthy people like the Guggenheim's and the Ryerson family. The Scottish couple, Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon were also there. There was talk or Margaret Tobin Brown on board but the Aster told she couldn't make it to dinner.

A lot of talk went around the table as we ate our food. Talk was mostly about why we were on the ship and where we were going. Nobody wanted to ask me any questions so I just kept on eating as everyone nibbled slowly.

"I listened to an officers conversation while on deck today," said one person. "What I could make out was there was a possible stowaway on the ship."

"A stowaway? They probably thought a third class passenger was sneaking on to the ship with no ticket. Maybe you just misheard. I'm sure no officer would ever let a stowaway on board this ship." my father suggested.

I really wanted to know more if there was a stowaway on board the Titanic but that conversation died and a new topic arose. Everyone ate so slowly as I was done and just waiting to go back to the room. I slouched in my chair at one point but I was snapped at to sit up straighter.

When were we going back to our room? I was beginning to feel uncomfortable sitting.

I pulled my mom's sleeve making her turn angrily to me. She never liked being disrupted. "I'm going for a walk." I told her. "You don't need to tell me! Just go!"

I walked out from the dining room and outside into the fresh night air.