We woke up the next morning and walked to the first class dining room for breakfast. The ship was going to stop in Queenstown, Ireland soon to pick up more passengers.
"Eric!" I turned to see Lucile Carter hurriedly walking up to me with a big smile. "Would you like to sit with Billy and I for breakfast?"
Why does she want to have breakfast with me? Was I special to her?
"Sure. I guess."
She took me by the hand and we raced passed my parents. I looked back to see them smiling at me. Lucile held my hand tightly as we walked down the grand staircase. She wouldn't let go of my hands as I tried to let go. She would not stop smiling at me and it was beginning to get weird.
We sat down at the table where Billy was already seated. The whole time we were eating Lucille kept trying to hold my hand. From under the table her foot kept touching mine constantly. Whenever I moved my chair away she'd end up bringing her chair closer to mine.
I knew it now that she was actually starting to like me. Lucile was nice and all, sure, but I just didn't like her the way she liked me.
After I was done I finally walked away from the table. I walked up to the deck to breath in the fresh morning breeze. The sea was calm as Titanic sailed and the sun was shining for a brand new day.
Queenstown, Ireland was appearing in the distance. The ship stopped and threw down her anchor and we stopped. We were a mile away from the docks. The docks looked small and if we did dock we could crush them. In the distance passengers boarded little tug boats and sailed out the ship.

I watched for over the railing as passengers boarded the ship along with officers sending mail out on the tugboats.
I was the only one watching what was going on as the other passengers strolled passed barely paying attention and going in to have lunch.
"Ah, Eric there you are."
Both my parents walked up to me wearing happy grins set on their faces. Whenever they made grins like that it meant that they were surprising me with a present or if it was my birthday or a holiday.
"We found the ship had a little gift shop and we brought you a little gift."
my father put a pocket watch into my hands. "We thought that you were responsible enough to carry one around now." answered my father with a warm smile which I returned back.
Once in a while my parents were nice to me. They rarely played with me when I was younger. Now a days and since they hired Nadine they usually left me in hands with her so they could go out. They rarely smiled and the only time they was if something good happened.
"Come along Eric, let's go on a stroll together before we go in for lunch." said my mother.
We walked around on the deck watching passengers board the ship. I walked in back of my parents since their stern looks made people feel uncomfortable. I didn't want people to think that I was just like them.
My parents stopped and were looking at something over the railing. I looked over the railing to see that they were a looking at a group of third class children playing with a ball. I smiled wanting to go down there and play the game with them but my parents would never let me do that.
they were looking at them in disgrace. They hated lower class people. They hated how they dressed, how they acted and their appearance. "Such disgusting little pigs." my mother spoke. "They should be doing school work while on this ship not running around being monsters."
The biggest mistake and fools. Who did God ever put them on earth?" my father said so cruelly as they laughed at them.
Why did they always have to be so cruel to someone they didn't even know? The first sight of a person they didn't like the looks of they'd instantly make fun of them. Sometimes I wondered myself why God ever put my parents on earth. They never think before they insult. They need to spend a day in that person's shoes and see what life is like being a third class person.
"Come on Eric let's go in for lunch now."
We walked to the dining room of the ship and as we disappeared I could hear the tune of 'Erin's Lamont' playing on the bagpipes.