Be Always Bright In My Heart (Love Sky)

( This is my first story to post. Pls excuse me if there's any mistake in words usage cos I don't know English that much)

Chapter 1: Hate Stupid Girl

(It is a story from 6 years ago)

'' Mama, I'm going to school now ^^ See ya. ''

'' Be careful on your way. '' [ Mom tells me with her sweet and gentle voice when I'm heading to the door.]

[ This is Alice, Alice is the name given by my Mother (beautiful name, isn't it? ^^). I've lived in a small traditional town of a country. (This town, though it's small, it has a beautiful view, weather and fresh air...) My family has Mom and Dad. Mom is a sweet, sweet, very sweet person. And Dad,,,,,,, he's,,, how do I put it? He's scary -.- he's a type who likes wearing a scary expression but actually sweet inside..hehehe ^^... Still, I love Mom better. I know it is not a good thing to talk behind parents' back like this, yet I did it.. XD

Nowadays, I am studying at a high school in town, and this year I'm turning to 10th grade student ^^. How awesome! And right now I'm heading to scho... ]


Alice: '' XO ahhh,,,,,, '' *fell down*

[ Someone is crushing me..]

'' Walking like a Zombie! Be careful while you were walking, stupid! ''

Alice: '' What the... What is the matter with you? You were the one who crushed me! You don't have the right to yell at me! Idiot! ''

'' So what? So what if I yell at you? I have the right to yell at anyone I dislike. ''

Alice: '' Huh... *dislike, dislike, dislike/echo sound* You, you, you, you... *irritated* ''

'' Shut up! You waste my time. I'm gonna be late. You're gonna be late too, stupid! '' ==(going on his bike and about to ride off)

Alice: '' Stop calling me '' Stupid ''! So what if I am stupid? Who wana be born as stupid? Are you so proud of yourself that you're smart? Is being smart everything? Stop looking down on other people as you please! We have pride too! '' ==(talks out in one single breathe without noticing she's bleeding)

'' Are you done? '' ==*cold asking*

Alice: '' *stares* Humh! hmph! hmph! '' *hard breathe*

'' Your leg and arm are bleeding. Need a ride? It'll be faster to reach school this way? ''

Alice: '' Listen to other people talking, will you? And who's gonna take on your ride? ''

'' If you say so, all right then. Bye,,,, see ya at school. '' ==(rides off)

Alice: '' hmph! So frustrating! That guy,,,, so frustrating,,, ToT I missed such a nice chance riding with him, I'm so upset of myself T.T''

[ That hateful guy just now is my classmate. His name is Sora. He's the most intelligent student in my class. He has a pretty cute face, tall and handsome but is rude . He's also one of the most popular students in school and also a leader of a music band in our school. With his angel looks, makes him more stand out... And somehow I don't like that,,, I don't like seeing him getting more attention, not to mention his superb looks, I don't like it! I don't like it! Though he never cared about the others' feeling toward him, and he never laid his eyes on any girls so far, but one day,,,, one day if someone who can win his heart appear? I mean, his ideal woman. What if... Ahhh,,, how annoying! I don't wana think about it. I don't like it! Wonder why I said it like that, won't you? Because,,,,,, I like him T-T. I like him and I hate him.

I heard that he used to have a girlfriend whom he loved so much, but that girl cheated him and broke his heart into piece... How pitiful,,, Since then, he never ever looked at anyone seriously. T.T But I like him~~~~

The reason that I like him is not all because of his looks [ well, I take it only 5% of his looks ^^], I like him for who he is. Sometimes, I feel like he's a lonesome. I got the feeling that I can't leave him alone. He's may always surrounded by many friends who's always smiling at him, but I still feel as if he's always alone. His lonely and sad eyes catch my heart T-T. I like him since the moment he stepped in this classroom. But I never ever told him that. I will not tell him that I like him. Never!

And the thing I hate about him is,,,,,, he's too proud and over self-confident! He always said '' I hate this, I hate that... '' and the thing he hates is stupid people, for example, Me T-T. He hates me. Honestly speaking, since the first time he transferred here, I have never done anything to make him upset, but without knowing the reason why, he'd already come to hate me T-T. I would find him staring at me during class with such devil eyes, yet beautiful. He likes saying bad words to me and mocks me being stupid. He sure hates me to bone. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why does it have to be like this? He hates stupid people. And for some reason, I am that type. Right, maybe that's the reason. T-T sorry for being stupid.

And another hateful thing about him is that, the way he dresses makes me sick. His fancy dresses makes people go sick [ that '' people '' I'm implying is only Me. T-T ].

His white, I mean his long silver hair is always in the way of his face. Whenever he comes to school, won't he bother to comb it? (I wonder if there is no comb at all in his home.)

Silver hair, white shirt [ school uniform ] without button on the top, and a dark coat on the outside,,,, he dresses like a rock star and I dislike it. [ please imagine the picture, everyone]. Rock star, but it's more like Emo and Punk type.

I dislike it, but what can I do? As if I have a position to suggest him to change T-T. I know I can't 'cos he hates me. But,,,,, wouldn't it be nice to have him wear a proper uniform? *o* === *her imagination flies*

Wearing pair of classes, short black hair, also wearing white shirt with a blue collar and a long trousers *o*,,,, he must look good in that image too...*o* ===*she thinking of the Ideal Sora in her imagination*

( Alice keeps fantasizing until she reaches class.)

'' What's with that stupid look? ''

Alice: '' Sora! '' *shocks*

Sora: '' What? Were you dreaming of ghosts? ''

Alice: '' Nahh.. '' [ *turns and blushes* I was thinking of you -/- ]

Sora: '' How stupid you are, always have daydreaming during class. ''

[ Again! :-| He's picking on me. ]

Alice: '' Can't you stop calling me stupid? And about this morning, won't you apologize? ''

[ Know why we can talk to each other in class freely without getting caught? Because of, we are sitting next to each other in class. His seat is on my right side.]

Sora: '' No, I don't want to. And I like calling stupid people stupid, 'cos it is the truth, right? ''

[ He hates me, yet keeps talking to me. Maybe it's fun to pick on me, I think. ]

Alice: '' It's not right! You're so selfish! '' *yells and everyone in class looks at her, as well as the teacher*

[ Oh no,,,, T-T I'm in trouble now... ]

Teacher: '' Alice, go outside now! For your punishment. Stand outside until the first period ends! ''

[ I knew it! T-T ]

Alice: '' Sorry teacher. '' *head drops as she walks to the door. Everyone's pitifully looking at her.*

Alice: '' *turns and smiles to the whole class* ^^ I'm fine everyone. Please continue with your study. ^^/ ''

Sora: '' *sighs out of speechless* -_-! What a stupid girl! ''

*be continued*

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