Be Always Bright In My Heart (Love Sky)

Chapter 7

Alice went outside the room giving Sora some more time to rest before he could go back to class.

Back in the room, after Alice left, Sora tried to sleep, but when he reminded about his uncle, something started to worry him. The uncle that has been taking care of him since he was a kid, or since his mother left. An uncle of his father's younger brother, whom kindly enough to take Sora in, when his real father turned him down, is worried because of him. Sora loves and respect his uncle more than anyone else.

'' I wish he wasn't so shock about the news that the teacher sent him. He's still on his business trip anyway, hope he won't cancel the work and- ''


[ Wha- *sighs* Just as I thought. He called me even before letting me finish my hope wishing. ]

'' Hello—''

('' Sora! '')

[ Ah! He yelled as soon as I picked up the phone, and his voice is shaking. Mmmnn,,,,,,, ]

('' Sora! Are you all right? I was shocked when your teacher called... '')

'' *chuckles* ''

[ He really is shaking. ]

('' Hey! Why are you chuckling? Are you ok? '')

'' I'm all right, Uncle. Don't worry too much. I was just a bit tired. It isn't a big deal. ''

('' Why is that not a big deal?! '')

[ He's angry. ]

('' Where are you? Still at school, right? I'm coming to get you now! '')

'' Ah! Aren't you still on your business trip? ''

('' Idiot! How could I still be on my trip when I heard my precious little nephew collapsed like that?! '')

'' I'm not a kid anymore. You shouldn't spoil me too much, or else I'll become a spoiled kid. ''

('' Spoiled or not spoiled kid, it doesn't matter. I don't care. The only thing I care right now is your health. '')

'' But,,,, uncle, I'm really all right now. I just need to rest a bit more then I can-''

('' Shut up! Do you know how much you worried me when I heard you lost your conscious? At that time, I was really scared. I couldn't contact you thru the phone either... '')

[ huumm? Ah,,. My phone was off at that time. Sorry uncle. ]

('' I thought you wouldn't open your eyes again. At the same time, I thought you... like your mother... '')

[ Uncle stops talking. He thought I'd die like my mother...?

Sometimes, I have this weird feeling. I am nothing but my father's illegal son, as well as my uncle's illegal nephew, but he seems to love me so much. So much that I could never find the right reason for him to do that. But somehow, it makes me happy. I still have a family after all. ]

'' Uncle...? ''

[ I broke this silence by calling him. I think I know what kind of an expression dose he make right now. It should be the same expression he made during the day he found out about my mother's disease. An unbearable look, huh. ]

( '' Sora,, I beg of you. Let's go to the hospital. '' )

'' - - - - - ''

[ Hospital... The place I hate the most! ]

( '' Sora...? '' )

'' It's no use going to the hospital, uncle. Because I told you I am fine. I know myself better than anyone. See? I'm full of energy now. Haaa, I feel like I can kill an elephant with just one arm... Hahaha... ''

[ I foolishly made out a lame joke. I tried to laugh but honestly I can't make that laughing expression. ]

'' I'll go to the hospital as you wish if I can't endure this pain anymore. But right now, I want you to stop looking at me as a sick boy. I'm not sick! I want you to let me live the way I like, and stop worrying about me. Please have faith in me, uncle. I won't die just yet. ''

[ At least not now. ]

( '' Won't die just yet!? You're not dying yet, that's why I'm telling you to go to the hospital! I don't want the same thing to happen again! First your mother, she was as much stubborn as you and always said the same thing,,, that's why, that's why... '' )


'' Ah,,,, the school bell rang. I need to go now. Come and pick me up when my school ends, uncle. Bye! ''


( '' So... '' )

[ Tsk,,,, he hang up. Sora, why are you so stubborn like this?! I said I don't the same thing to happen again, why don't you listen to me?

Teresa, what should I do with this kid? He's so stubborn... just like you, and I can't take it. Teresa, please... watch over him. ]

'' Driver, can you please move faster? ''

'' Oh, I'm sorry sir. Looks like we are stuck in this long traffic jam now. ''

'' *sigh* and when the hell can we get out of here? ''

'' Wait patiently master. We are moving forward slowly by slowly now. ''

[ His calmly speech pissed me off. ]

'' All right. I'll wait... Tsk... Hope it's a little faster than this... ''

Back to Sora.

He lied his uncle about going back to class, in fact he's still resting in the room. Because he didn't want to remind about his mother, that's why he avoided the topic and hang up. But, rather than his mother matter, there is something else still floating in his mind.

''At least one last time, I wish to see you. How are you doing right now? Do you even still remember me? I have no clue at all if those people ever tell you about me, but for me, uncle told me everything about you. You've grown a lot like me. I'm amazed. And...also jealous of you, brother. ''

Losing in his own sadness memory, Sora starts to cry. He sobs quietly as he puts his head in the blanket. His chest starts to feel the pain more and more as he sob. Again and again, the pain from his chest is changing from the past memorable to the pain that he had since he was born. It's going straight from his chest to his head. And now, the pain's hurting his brain like thousand pins crushing him. Too painful to endure, Sora faints once again.

As for Alice, she is taking class as normal, but her mind isn't with her. She is only thinking of Sora, ever since she came back to the class alone.

'' Is he going to be all right sleeping there alone? Hmmm...-/- should I go and check on him once more time? I'll just make an excuse going to the bathroom. That should be all right.

Ehhh,,,, ( -o-) (-o- ) (-o- ) ( -o-) no, no, I can't. If I go, I'll only bother him... I can't... / ''

[ Sighsss, hopefully, it's nothing serious. I'll go see him as soon as class ends then. ]

'' -ra...? Sora..? ''

[ Mmm? where am I? ]

'' Sora...? ''

[ Someone's calling my name? ]

'' Sora, wake up. ''

[ Haa,,, it's so dark here. Where am I? I remember sleeping in infirmary at school not long along, but where is this place? I can't see anything. ]

'' Sora, open your eyes now. Stop sleeping here. I didn't know you're such a lazy person. C'om, open your eyes and wake up. ''

[ Urgh! Now that my eyes are opened,,,,, So bright... Maybe I closed my eyes too long, the darkness got me. ]

'' *smiles* you're finally open your eyes, huh? ^^ ''

[ What? In front of me, I see myself smiling in front of me. ]

'' Surprised? I am the same too, Sora, always thinking about you. I am always wondering whether you forget about me or not. I wish to see you again soon. ^^ Come and play with me like we always did in our past, ok? I'll be waiting for you. Come soon... ''

[ No way, don't tell me... he is... ]

'' Sora... ''

'' o_o huh? Teacher...? '' -*eyes wide open*

'' Ah, you're awake now. Were you sleeping just now? Are you okay? ''

[ It was a dream. It was a dream just now. And was I really sleeping? ]

'' School is already end. Can you go home by yourself? ''

'' Ah, really. My uncle said he'd come and pick me, so I'm going now.''

'' Ah, yes. Be careful. *smiles* ''

[ He's still looking a bit pale. But I hope he's all right. ]

Sora walks to the room door, and is about to open the door but stops.

'' Teacher... ''

'' Hmm, what's it? ''

He turns with a relief look on his face.

'' Thanks. ''

'' o_o oh... Ah, no problem. ''

*door opens then closes*

'' :) Mmm, my first time hearing him say Thanks. Soft side, humm. ''

Sora's fully recover now. He's walking back to class to take his thing thinking there should be something keep them for him. And on the way, he meets...

'' Sora! Where are you going? ''

'' Ah, you. to the class, of course. ''

'' But no one is in the class now. ''

'' I need to go and take my bag. ''

'' Ah,,, if it's about your bag, ^^ here, I bring it for you. ''

'' Why didn't you just say so earlier? ''

[ Geesss, I can't believe it. ]


[ Alice is staring me. What's up with her? ''

'' What? Is there something on my face? ''

'' *stares* you look fine now. ''

'' Huh, I'm fast recover. I'm cool, ain't I? ''

'' *stares* When you're become normal, you're being cold again. And it's really frustrating. ''

'' What?! ''

'' I prefer the sick Sora,,,,, -.- *mumble, mumbles* sick Sora looked so adorable, kind, and honest. *mumbles, mumbles, mumbles* ''

'' Neee! What are you mumbling about? Didn't I tell you? If you have anything to talk to me, raise your voice. Speak up! I can't hear you. ''

'' Never mind. You're really ok now having the strength to fight with me. ''

[ Heh, but I'm happy now that he's ok... Really happy. What a relief. Phewzzz... ]

'' All right. Let's go home. ''

'' No. ''

'' Huh? Aren't you going home? ''

'' Mmmm,,, remember about earlier this morning? ''

'' Earlier this morning? Huh, o_o ''

[ Earlier this morniiiiiiing! I saw Sora was ... kissing ... .:T_T:. Lizzie. ]

'' Wh—what's up with this morning? ''

[ I was reminded about it again. T_T I made myself really clear not to think about it, but thanks to Sora's word, I remember again. Oh my heart! ]

'' This morning I told you I had something to talk to you about. So wait for me in front of the school gate. I'll meet you up after I'm back from music room. See ya then. ''

'' O-O ... S.O.M.E.T.H.I.N.G to talk about? ''

[ Ahhhhhhh,,,,,, Don't tell me it's about the accident yesterday! A lot of thing had happened today, and so I completely forgot about it, about I said I like him... Don't tell me he actually heard it real well that time! ]

[ And so, here I am, standing waiting for him in front of school gate. The evening sunset looks so nice and warm... Even though it's already winter, the sun light is still warm... I guess. ]

'' Haaaaah, what's taking him so long? ''


'' Mmmm? What's that? Wow, nice car! ''

[ Someone drives a nice car here and stops on the other side of the road. I wonder who would that be? Since this is a traditional town, nice car like this, hardly to be seen here. Maybe some new comers folk? But why stops at our school? ]

'' Alice.. ''

'' Oh, Sora. You're finalllllly back... You're taking forever. My legs are hurt now. ''

'' What? Just a little waiting, and you're complaining now? Stupid. ''

'' Geeeee, YOU! ''

[ He's really come back to normal. To irritating Sora, who's good at finding stuff to fight with me! Tsk... ]

'' About the thing I... ''

'' huh? Wait! wait! ''

[ He's gonna say it! He's gonna say it! I have to refuse before he say anymore embarrassing word or before I embarrassed myself... ]

'' Are you talking about the accident yesterday? I didn't mean it, really! It was nothing. Nothing at all. Don't take it to heart. It was nothing. ''

[ Accident yesterday? was nothing? Ah, I see. I get it now. So I heard it wrong after all. ]

'' What are you talking about? What happened yesterday? I don't remember now. ''

'' o_o huh? You don't? ''

'' Yes. And what I am going to talk isn't something relate to yesterday or anything. ''

[ Maybe I have to play dumb. ]

'' So what's it then? ''

'' Err,,,, the thing is... I... errr,,,,, ''

[ o_o oh my! What's this? Sora's acting weird. He's lightly scratching his ear then his nose when he talks. I should say, it's more like he's acting shy...

SHY? No way in hell! Why would he shy anyways? But, but,,, ]

'' Err,,, you see... there is something I need you to help... Are you free this weekend? Would you mind going out with me? ''

'' o_o what? '' *doki, doki*

[ my heart's racing so fast... What are you saying, Sora? ]

*be continue*

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