ghosting around this
empty town,
i flit from cracked concrete
to vacant stairwells
and i make love to my own
reflection in the dirty bathroom mirror.
thirteen years old and summer skin
is fading-skeleton hearts tattooed
on the walls, but i am alone.

and the veins of this
boring town
run from here to the center of the earth,
sucked off and sucked dry. quiet feet
leave quiet footprints
but ghost girls leave no footprints
at all. i'm losing, i've lost,
and this body of a building won't
let me be.

town looms over me,
scary town,
can't stand still. this little world is
bleeding, the lines blurring before my
eyes. in these moments, i
realize-nobody loves a ghost girl.
maniacal laughter follows, but does it
matter? i wander and i wait
for something. anything. everything.
town blood whispers, ghost girl will
fade. ghost girl will fade. ghost
girl is