The Limo Is Late

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

Sometimes, people need to wait. Prom is not one of those times.

The limo is an hour late.

And as I stand here with my parents,

who are missing my youngest sister's concert,

I mentally groan in agony because my feet hurt.

And as I am missing my one and only prom

looking gorgeous in a one shoulder sapphire gown

complete with four inch sparkly silver stillettos,

I feel my beauty being wasted.

Because no one has asked me to this dance.

I am going alone, stag, solo.

and someone needs to see my glamour

and wish they had taken me

instead of making me wait here,

with my friends, and thier dates,

waiting for the limo that is an hour late.

This is my 25th poem posted on this site! Wow, and with it being just a month a half under my one year anniversary with this site, I would just like to say how much I appreciate all of my reviewers... I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for continuously taking the time to read my poetry, it means so much!

-The Moon Howls At The Wolf