mY BLoG PosT

heLLo. yoU mAy kNoW mE FROm "Something Awful" HeH HEh. i HaVE coMe InTO ACsEss To SOmE bloggERS CompUTER.

LeT me TELL yoU AbOUT MySELF. YoU mAy CALL mE a... Slender Man? I BeLieVE THAT's wHAT yoU CALL mE now. i WeaR a SUiT. OH, AnD I DriVE pEoPlE tO INsanity. Or KiLL THEm. AlL oF THEM. a PIEcE oF ADVICE. DoN't lOOK beHinD yoU.

ThE authorites SeEm tO BY HeRE now. SeE yoU lATER.

heh, heh, heh...