To those who have been reading so far; I've done a bit of merging and moving and editing things, so you might want to do a re-read now that I've replaced the chapters.


A young woman fidgeted at an isolated bus stop, the word "nervous" being insufficient at describing how she felt at the moment. She was fair, slight of frame and in her late teens. Her distinct features would surely turn heads, whether it was for the oddity or her beauty. She had soft amber-red hair that reached past her shoulders, which was normal enough. But the real peculiarity was her red feline eyes.

'Just act normal.'

The young woman flinched; her brother beside her had spoken, but his lips hadn't moved.

'Telepathy? Really?' She asked, though she also didn't give her thoughts a true voice.

'We're going to a place for people like us. If we spoke, anyone could hear us. This is a line that we can control.'

Out of the corner of her eye, Briar saw her brother smirk. 'Whatever, Ace. What were you saying about normal?'

'That it'll be hard to come by. Seriously, though. You've been gone for a while. She'll just be glad to see you.'

But it had been a few years since she'd seen any of her old friends, and this was the first time seeing her brother since leaving home. 'I can't know that for sure.' Briar told him.

'I know it.' Ace replied.