A/N Hey guys! This is my first ever poem, and my first upload on Fictionpress, too. So sorry if it's not all that great. Just a little background story about this poem, I wrote it to a guy I like, and I didn't want him to know it was me, so I signed off as 'your secret admirer'. I also changed, the name, for privacy reasons, so the boy's name isn't actually Alexander. Well I hope you guys like it!

Dear Alexander,

The other day I heard a rumor about you

But I guess you wouldn't really have a clue

Maybe that's why I've been feeling so blue

Because I know that my love for you is true

I thought we would be like two lovers intertwined

A creation which only God designed

But they said another girl you did find

How could I have been so bloody blind

Love is patient, love is kind

And patiently waiting I have been

For the day you'd love me back I've foreseen

And ever so much kindness in me you've seen

But there are lots of things that happen off-screen

If finding the one whose heart you stole

If discovering me is your current goal

You can't find me in any way you control

You can only do so if you search deep in your soul


Your Secret Admirer

A/N Yup, that's it! A little short, I know, but I think it was not too bad, considering this is the first ever poem I wrote. Please review, and tell me how it was, I really want to improve, but I can only do it with your help! Thank you all for reading! Peace out.