Chapter 12: Strange Occurances

Lyra glared at the massive Hillsdale Gym sign above her. The rock music was blasting through the doors, the words audible despite the distance. The stink pit of deodorant reeked through to the outside despite the very small amount of windows. Hillsdale Gym seemed to be the congregation point for most of the people who hated her to meet up in an effort to turn themselves into more triangular douche bags than they were a before. She rolled her eyes, thinking to herself, "I can't believe I'm doing this," but she wrenched the door open, bypassing the receptionist in a tube top and a high ponytail, and into the large workout room. There were three kinds of people in here, people who you could see their ribs who had not worked out or eaten a day in their lives, people who were about eight times as wide as they should be and guys who clearly had spent far too much time in here whose muscles had muscles. And Lyra didn't like any of them.

Unfortunately as she scanned the room, she couldn't see Toby, not that this room wasn't huge and filled with people, but at the same time, she just couldn't be bothered to go through the room looking for him. As she looked around she realised a large amount of guys were staring at her, including a couple of boys who judging by the lack of meat on their bones, hadn't spent too much time in here at all, so she called out to them;

'What?! Never seen a girl in this stink pit of deodorant you think turns us on?!'

The boys instantly turned away going bright red in the face, and Lyra could hear a couple of other people laughing at her comment, but her rather loud observation brought more people to look at her including a guy who upon spotting her dropped a weight on his foot, and started hopping around cursing under his breath. He was probably only their age, and looked at the very least like he knew what he was doing here, he admittedly was somewhat attractive and as he noticed her looking at him, he flushed slightly. He looked vaguely familiar, not that she could entirely place where from, but she just couldn't be bothered to go looking for Toby, so she figured she might as well ask this guy where he was, it wasn't like getting information out of him would be that hard.

'My goodness, I'm sorry if I startled you,' she said coming over to him.

He grinned at her sheepishly, 'It's nothing, don't worry about it.'

He sat down and Lyra put her hand on his shoulder, 'I really am sorry,' she repeated, 'I'm a little lost in here you see.'

'Really, it's no problem at all, I'm Falcon,' he said smiling at her softly.

'Lyra,' she laughed.

'I know, I go to your school, you make it rather hard for people not to know who you are,' he laughed.

She giggled, still keeping up the pretence of innocence, not letting his probable reminder that she was known for her hostile and violent nature deter her, and very delicately began tracing the line of his bicep with her finger tip, 'Well I'm surprised I haven't noticed you before,' she smiled.

He was going pinker and pinker in the cheeks, and he asked her, 'So, ah, what are you doing here?'

'Oh me? I'm looking for Toby. Have you seen him?' she asked.

'Oh, Toby… Yeah he's up the back of the gym with a couple of guys from the football team, near the chin up poles,' Falcon said pointing, but there was a clear note of disappointment in his voice.

'Thanks so much Falcon,' she said, surprising herself with how long she'd kept up this polite sweetheart routine.

'I'll see you around I guess?' he asked hopefully.

'You sure will,' Lyra laughed, even though she really doubted it, 'Thanks again.'

As she walked off she could feel him watching her, not that she really cared, and as she followed the direction Falcon had indicated, she very quickly found a selection of guys from her school, including two of her favourite people ever, Seir and Lucas. She had to look up to see Toby, who was dangling above the ground, doing chin ups with apparent ease. And almost as if to make him look even more like a douche, his shirt was off. As the other boys noticed her, from where they were doing push ups on the floor, they instantly glared at her. Toby didn't seem to notice her at all, far too in the zone to even look down until she called out to him.

'Have you tried doing that one-handed or is that too douchey even for you?'

Toby looked down at her and then asked the clearest question necessary to the situation, 'What the hell are you doing here?'

'Looking for the world's biggest idiot and you fit that title,' Lyra called, 'Get down here Toby.'

'Seriously Lyra, why are you here?'

'Yeah Franklin, why are you here?' Lucas snapped at her.

'Look Mimic, it's none of your business,' she said boredly.

'Don't you dare talk to me like that you-'

'Call me a mama's girl, I dare you,' Lyra said, quickly finding herself not in the mood for Lucas's crap today.

Her cool clear dismissal of Lucas seemed to put him off guard, and once again Toby called down to her, 'Why were you looking for me?'

'Get down here!' she snapped, she hated having to look up to him, admittedly he was four inches taller than her, but still, it annoyed her.

Toby sighed before leaping down from the bar, dusting off his hands boredly, but one of the other boys instantly sneezed, 'Whipped.'

Toby turned around to look at the guy who had spoken and said in a rather bored tone, but there was a flare of annoyance in his eyes, 'Wasn't it this morning Conner that you said something about wanting to see her in a leather cat suit with a whip?'

The boys eyes widened in shock and all he could manage to get out was, 'Um...'

Toby continued to talk, barely having paused for a second, 'And didn't we also agree at the same time that for me not beating the crap out of you for such a sexist and demeaning comment that you'd never cross me or say anything that could remind me of… What was that phrase I used again? Oh yeah, your constant perverted fantasies that will never, ever happen.'

'Well… um… I… ah…'

'And wasn't there a previous agreement that I wouldn't tell anyone about your lack of experience in said area?' Toby asked dryly.

Conner choked slightly as the rest of the boys smirked and turned to look at him calling out various slanders that Lyra really couldn't be bothered to pay attention to, before turning to Toby and pulling on his ear, forcing him to walk away with her, even though he kept saying, 'Not the ear, not the ear, ow, ow.'

Once they'd got out of ear shot out of everyone, she let him go and he hissed angrily, 'What do you want?'

'Look, you know what you were talking about the other morning? I've been thinking and-'

'Freakin' hell Lyra, you interrupt me here of all places to talk about that,' he interrupted, 'For god's sake, you could have just dropped by my house rather than coming here, you know Mina and I are neighbours'

'Of course I'm aware of that,' Lyra hissed cutting straight across him, 'Don't you dare take that tone with me, you honestly think I'd come here if I had much of a choice? I'm also aware of the fact that your phone is either off or you don't have it with you because if not you would have seen Mina's texts. The others are all waiting at your house, should I call it a house? I mean that cinderblock probably costs more than half a Manhattan city street-'

'Wait, wait, back up a step!' Toby interjected, 'They're at my house?'

'Yeah, we were quite surprised when you weren't at your house though, your butler was very helpful fortunately. Do you know how much of a clear statement on you and a total cliché it is that you have a butler? I'm just curious.'

'Why the hell are you at my house, when I didn't even know this was going on? Who said you could?' he demanded.

'Well after logical deductions Mina and I concluded that your house would be the only one where we could actually get anything done,' Lyra said taking on a calm tone, that she knew would only annoy him further.

'So this was your idea!?'

'No, it was Mina's, I told her that we should meet up at a park, but she insisted.'

'I am serious Lyra!' he hissed getting far too loud.

'Nudnik, I think you have clearly moved over the more important point of I am half admitting that I may have been wrong before, your priorities are seriously skewed, you know that right?' Lyra said talking straight over the top of him before he could say anything else.

Toby instantly froze, before he asked carefully, 'Lyra, are you admitting that you're wrong?'

'I'm admitting it as a possibility,' Lyra clarified, 'Now can we get out of here before your idiot gorilla pack over hears us or I pass out from the fumes in this place?'

Toby's hesitation was only momentary, but he sighed and said, 'Fine. But I am not happy about this.'

'Your feelings shall be acknowledged but dismissed as irrelevant,' Lyra told him boredly.

'Of course they will be,' she heard Toby mutter vaguely under his breath.

Toby grabbed his bag his shirt and drink bottle from the floor, telling the other guys, 'Sorry, I gotta go.'

'Are we not allowed to tell Rose about this?' One of the other guys asked, looking vaguely pervertedly at Lyra, who noticing the look flipped him off boredly.

'Tell her what you want,' Toby stated rolling her eyes, 'She won't believe you anyway, she trusts me.'

Toby turned and began walking out, with Lyra close behind him, they walked in silence neither of them wanting to say anything, both knowing it would start an argument, but even as she walked out she noticed Falcon looking at her, so she waved at him, and he grinned at her in response, but she couldn't help but notice the weird look she got off Toby, 'What?' she demanded.

'Nothing, I didn't realise you and Falcon had talked to each other, ever.'

'Well I couldn't be bothered to look for you, so I just asked him,' Lyra shrugged, not seeing what the big deal was.

'You asked him? I thought you hated all jocks on instinct,' he questioned.

'He's a jock?'

'Yeah, he's on the football team with me,' Toby reminded.

'He is?' Lyra asked, still having no idea what he was talking about.

'Lyra, he was there this morning when you were threatening me with a meat cleaver!'

'…Oh yeah he was, so that's where I'd seen him before!' Lyra realised.

'I've never seen you act so nice to a person who doesn't act like a toddler,' he pointed out, not being able to help the fact that Falcon didn't seem worried about Lyra at all.

'Every girl knows how to flirt to get what she wants,' Lyra sighed impatiently, 'We just have varying levels of success.'

'You flirted with him-' Toby began sounding surprised.

'And why is that so hard to believe?' Lyra asked uninterested, as they walked into the main office area, 'Can you just get your stuff so we can go?'

'Fine, fine,' he sighed boredly and walked off towards the change room, 'I'll be back.'

Lyra waited impatiently for him, but when he came out again, he was still shirtless and she glared at him judgementally even as he was half stooped over tying up his shoe, and she could smell a fresh wave of the deodorant he was wearing, 'Would it kill you to put a freakin' shirt on?'

Rolling his eyes he pulled it on, but she couldn't help but here him mutter, 'Still wish you hadn't interrupted me in the middle of a set.'

'Oh for god's sake, missing one day isn't going to leave you with man boobs, you're loaded for crying out loud, don't you have a gym at home?!' she snapped.

Toby just quirked an eyebrow at her, before he turned on his heel and swaggered out the door. Lyra was forced to walk fast to catch up to him, and as they strolled both trying not to yell each other, although the temptation was so clear and eventually Toby asked, in a strange attempt to be civil:

'So what convinced you that I might be right?'

'Look, I still don't entirely buy the superpower thing that you were rattling off, but… somethings going on. I guess it was a lot of different things, but the last straw was Ally, her hair has turned bright white,' Lyra sighed.

'Told you it was getting paler,' Toby reminded.

'Yes, very metrosexual of you for noticing Toby,' Lyra said rolling her eyes, deliberately not evoking the conversation further than that.

'Was I right about the star on your forehead?' he asked.

Lyra hesitated momentarily before eventually saying, 'Yes.'

'You might need to get Mina to give you a few makeup tips, you clearly do not know what you're doing with it-'

'Toby, can you just shut up? Can we just go to your place and get this over and done with so we can go back to our normal lives? Talking to you is just awkward if we're not arguing!'

'...Yeah, you kind of have a point.'

Those were the last words uttered on the rest of their walk.


'...I see you've made yourselves comfortable,' Toby drawled as he walked into his house staring around at them.

Mina was curled up like a cat on the love seat, half hidden under her hair, clearly having a nap of some sorts. Orion was sitting, upside down, on a large brown leather arm-chair, his face vaguely pink from all the blood rushing to his head, not that it made any difference to him. Ally and Seb were mysteriously missing, and the moment Lyra walked in, she dumped herself in the space chair; with the clear air of, "you can not make me move."

'This is a comfortable chair, it's my spot from now on, I'm stealing it,' Orion said in a complete tone of seriousness.

'...Of course you are, where's small-fry and the munchkin?' Toby sighed impatiently.

'If you mean Ally and Seb,' Orion corrected, 'They went that way.'

Orion was pointing vaguely upstairs, but seeing as he was upside down, his sense of direction probably wasn't the most reliable thing on the planet. Mina rose her head slightly and pointed in the opposite direction. Toby looked around hopelessly for a moment, before moaning loudly and flopping himself down on the unoccupied arm-chair looking like he was never going to find the strength to get up.

'Oh, just so you know, I went and took care of your deodorant for you, it was getting on my nerves,' Orion said calmly.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Toby complained.

'Oh I went and blew it up, your butler was very helpful,' Orion said boredly, like this was a more than usual thing for him.

'...You're already in my house, you're having my food judging by this pile of stuff on the table, do you have to mess with my stuff as well?'

'Yes, yes I do.'

'...Oh I give up!'

Ally all of a sudden bolted into the room looking excited, trilling out 'Guess what, guess what?! Everything in here is so shiny! And fancy! It's like a castle! I love castles! I feel like a princess!'

Toby didn't even look up, he had his eyes closed looking despondent he groaned loudly, 'I'm not awake, I'm not even freakin' awake, this is a nightmare, I just have to wait it out and maybe everything will go away.'

'Oh hi Toby! You're here now! Maybe now someone will explain to me what's going on because I have no idea I mean really-'

'Where's small-fry?' Toby snapped, cutting across her, far from in a mood to deal with her.

'SEB!' Ally yelled into the intercom on the wall, making them all flinch, covering their ears, 'Oh so that's how it works!'

Seb skidded into the room from upstairs looking freaked out, 'Okay, what happened? What did I miss?!'

Toby still had his eyes closed before he groaned loudly again, 'You and you, sit down, let's just get this over with.'

Ally jumped onto the large three seater lounge and Seb awkwardly sat next to her, sinking into the gap between the cushions instantly, 'So...' Seb said trying to avoid showing how nervous he was, 'Why are we here?'

'Because apparently Nudnik isn't on drugs, either that or he slipped something into my apple juice,' Lyra sighed, 'Ally, take off the hat, Orion sunglasses, off now, Mina, can I have a makeup wipe?'

Mina clearly having no idea what was going on, rummaged through her bag and pulled one out, but Orion and Ally didn't move, 'Hun,' Lyra said irritably, 'I know what colour your hair turned, Mina sent me a picture, hat off now. Orion, sunglasses, off.'

Ally did what she was told and both Toby and Seb, the only ones yet to see this transformation, gaped at her, completely and utterly stunned by what they were seeing. But the entire room had a small heart attack when they looked around as Lyra threw the makeup wipe onto the coffee table, and they realised what had happened. In the middle of her forehead, a bright white, six pointed star had been fused into her skin, Lyra looked awkward, and almost self-conscious, as she poked it vaguely with her index finger.

'Yeah, I don't get it either,' she sighed before glancing up and snapping, finally losing her patience, 'Orion Andrew Ehra! Take those ridiculous sunglasses off now!'

'Okay, okay,' Orion said quickly, before taking off the sunglasses, but when he did, his eyes were flinched closed, not seeming to realise it deleted the entire purpose of him taking them off.

'ORION!' Lyra yelled, her fingers digging into the cushion of the space chair.

Orion opened his eyes slowly, and the bright blue light seeped out and all of them but Ally and Lyra freaked out. Mina leapt up, standing on top of the love seat for mere seconds before she toppled backwards onto the floor. Seb hid inside his jumper, then proceeded to disappear into the couch. And Toby whose own arm chair was right next to Orion's, pushed it backwards away from him.

'...It's bad, isn't it?' Orion asked.

'Leave the sunglasses off for a while Orion,' Lyra said calmly, 'they probably don't like being stuck behind the lenses for so long.'

'...I think it's better for everyone else's mental health if I put them back on...' Orion said weakly.

Mina crawled under the couch, still lying on her stomach before she said, 'Look guys, if we're going to figure out what's going on, here, there can't be any judgement.'

'I don't think that's going to work with him in the room.'

'I don't think that's going to work with her in the room.'

Lyra and Toby had spoken in perfect sync, before they glared at each other furiously, turning away from one another, Mina instantly snapped, 'Oh for god's sake you two, can you cut the crap for now at least? Something freaky is going on! And it hasn't happened to me yet and that's really unfair! So stop whining about your stupid dispute and stop death staring each other!'

'No,' both said calmly.

'Hey Lyra, where's your duct tape?' Orion asked casually.

'Oh no, I am not falling for that one again,' Lyra hissed.

'Who said it was for you?' he asked.

That was when both of them looked over at Toby, slowly smiling, who instantly looked a bit off-putt, and before anyone knew what was happening, Toby was duct taped to the arm-chair, with a firm wad over his mouth. Toby was glaring furiously at them, struggling impatiently against the bonds, but it was no good, he wasn't as used to getting out of these situations as Lyra was.

'Your time starts, now,' Orion said calmly hitting the button on the stop-watch he for some reason carried.

'Is this really the only way we can get along?' Mina asked, sounding a little disappointed.

'Yes,' Orion and Lyra said perfectly calmly before going back to their spots with no apparent guilt or worry about what they had done to Toby.

But as Orion went to sit down, he landed straight onto the ground, and he looked around wildly. He could have sworn he was going to land on the chair, but everyone in the room was gaping at him, mouths wide open, well except for Toby who looked smug in response. Orion didn't entirely seem to get what they were staring at, it wasn't unusual for him to do things like this.

'What? I'm clumsy!' he exclaimed.

'Orion,' Ally said gently, 'Look at where your feet are.'

Orion looked up, raising himself into a more accurate sitting position with his elbow, but then he saw it, his feet were sticking straight through the bottom of the couch, '...That can't be right... Do you have holographic chairs by chance Toby? Or should I be concerned about the water?'

There came a series of mumblings from under the duct tape, only becoming clear when Mina, still in a vaguely trance-like state of shock, walked over and ripped it off, '...I'm not going to need to shave for a while...' Toby said sounding slightly pained, 'Orion, I've seen you do that about eight times, the problem is with you. Not my furniture, not my water.'

'...Well don't get snippy with me- Wait a second! This can't be right! Holy crap!'

Orion wormed away from the couch on his elbows, pulling his legs from out of the couch, before shaking his head wildly like he expected it all to go away if he did, 'Can someone please hit me?' he asked.

Lyra who had remained silent up to this point, leaned out of the space chair, and went to thwack him round the head, only for her hand to go straight through his head, and with a tremendous squeal, she flipped her chair over hiding under it, 'That did not just happen!'

'Why can't anything cool like that happen to me?' Mina sighed disappointed.

'This is not cool! This isn't even real! This isn't happening! It can't have happened, it's not logical!' Orion panicked.

'Screw logic! That's awesome!' Ally chirped loudly.

'It's not awesome, this is not right this is not... no... no... it can't be-'

'I swear I said something to you about ghost powers before,' Lyra said, a smile slowly coming across her face, 'Hey, maybe me being right about everything is going to be my superpower, as in when I suggest something it has to come true!'

'Well that would suck, because you've told me I'm going to die of a drug overdose or liver failure by the time I'm thirty, since freshman year,' Toby snapped, still struggling in his cocoon of duct tape.

'Hey, I'm definitely right about that, and don't you forget it,' Lyra said pointedly.

'I'm going to send you that engraved on a plaque one day,' Toby said stubbornly.

'Earth to Toby and Lyra! What the hell is going on!?' Orion demanded.

'Ooh we've got him freaked out, this is a state I've never seen Orion in! Mina quick, record!' Lyra said, like this was a wilderness documentary.

'Lyra!' Orion almost yelled, 'This is not funny!'

'Actually it kind of is,' Toby offered, 'This is what you get for duct taping me.'

'Do you want me to hit you?' Orion hissed.

'You wouldn't for two reasons, one your moral's are too high, and two; even if they weren't, your fist would go straight through my head,' Toby said smirking at him.

'Yeah, because there's nothing in it,' Orion said bluntly.

'Don't sell yourself short Orion, there's some sort of meat on your bones,' Toby said taking far too much amusement out of this situation.

Orion opened his mouth to retort, but Lyra deciding she probably should step in, and take Orion's role in the situation which usually broke up her and Toby's arguments, and grabbed him by his temples, forcing him to look at her she said, 'Orion, be Orion.'

Orion hesitated for a split second before he took a huge breath, closing his eyes, before sighing deeply, before saying almost like a scared child, 'Am I still intangible?'

'No, not quite, but I'm not going to say it's not going to happen again,' Lyra said in a mothering tone.

'...What's happening?'

'I'm afraid, for once, I don't have an answer.'

'This is a miracle,' Toby retorted from the corner.

'Do not make me take a bunch of selfies with you in them and send them to your friends,' Lyra purred, getting this weird look on her face.

'Careful Toby, that's her murder face,' Orion smirked, enjoying the opportunity to get him back for his cracks at him earlier.

'Oh so it has a name does it?' Toby asked, looking amused.

'Can you all stop arguing?!' Ally and Mina said loudly, cutting across the three of them.

'Not possible,' Lyra said boredly.

'Definitely not. At least, not with tweedledumb and tweedledumber in the room,' Toby shook his head, 'Well, maybe I'll consider it, if they let me out of here.'

Both Orion and Lyra exchanged an evil glance, 'no.'

'Why the hell would we do that Nudnik?' Lyra added, 'Now you were saying something about somehow ending back here when you were at the school before?'

'You know it would be easier to just say I teleported,' Toby commented easily.

'To call it teleportation would mean I accepted something supernatural, all I'm willing to give into is weird occurrences for now,' Lyra said stubbornly, 'How'd you do it?'

'Look, all I know is I was wishing I wasn't there and then I wasn't, but honestly, that can't be the key, because if I was wishing any harder than I am now, I'd be in Hawaii getting a tan by now,' Toby sighed.

'Perhaps it requires concentration as well as wishing?' Seb muttered, so quietly it was hard to hear him.

'You think I haven't tried that?' Toby snapped snarkily, causing Seb to curl even more and flush in embarrassment.

But that was when there was a very sudden, very loud bang, which caused everyone in the room to jump and slam their hands over their ears in shock.

'Hey…where's Toby?' Orion asked, blinking as he looked around.

'Maybe he's been taken by Jack the Ripper?' Lyra said hopefully, which then caused Mina to glare at her, 'What? Don't give me that look, I happen to be a direct descendant.'

'Oh this is not going to end well,' they heard Toby's voice echo through the room.

They all whipped around to see that the arm-chair Toby had been strapped to balanced on the top of the staircase that lead up to the floor above. Mina gave a yelp of surprise, because just over the top of the arm-chair, Toby's head was visible, and that's when the chair started rolling down the stairs, sending the entire house shuttering as it clumped down the stairs, flipping over and over until it hit the bottom of the stairs.

All the people in the living room flinched slightly, before Lyra suddenly asked, 'are you okay?'

Everyone looked at her and Orion looked a little weirded out, 'Lyra? Are you okay?'

Toby's head appeared and he frowned at her, '…I think I died…you're being nice.'

'No, I just don't want anything else to kill you, because that is my privilege only,' Lyra sneered slightly and Orion sighed deeply, concern out the window.

'Thank god, for a second, I thought you'd gone insane,' he sighed.

Lyra just glared at him and rapped him on the head with her knuckles, and while he rubbed his head, completely calmly, Mina stood up and hastened over to the chair, where she began unwinding the cocoon of duct tape binding Toby to it.

'You're gonna be fine Toby, remember that time you landed it when you jumped off a five-story ledge?' Mina laughed.

'I broke both of my ankles,' Toby reminded.

'Which you only realised after you bowed,' Mina laughed, removing the last piece of duct tape strapping Toby to the chair.

'Eh, I do what I can,' Toby shrugged, before cracking his neck loudly making Mina give him a "that's disgusting," look, 'I'm surprised no one in here is freaking out given their previous reactions.'

'Why would we freak out?' Ally asked clearly having no idea what was going on.

'Because half-wits and ignorants, I just teleported, take that logic.'

'What logic? There is no logic behind teleporting,' Orion said coolly and Toby just glared at him.

'Then how do you explain it?'

'…I'll get back to you on that,' Orion started stroking his chin as he thought, a frown creasing his brows.

'Does your tummy do the weird "swishy swashy floppy fish" when you teleport?' Ally suddenly asked, 'You know, like when you descend in an aeroplane.'

Toby gave her a look that suggested that he was definitely not going to answer her question because he believed himself above it, but then he paused and then shook his head and said, 'No, it was kind of like the rush you get when you're falling and haven't realised your going to hit the ground yet.'

A weird smile came across his face, and everyone else looked at the childlike grin on his face, slightly weirded out until Orion complained from the floor, 'I can't even sit on a chair and he get's that feeling? How is that fair?'

'The universe just likes me better,' Toby said with a clear touch of, "don't ruin my moment."

'Don't worry Orion, life's rewarding him because it knows he's not going to be around for much longer to experience anything else,' Lyra said patting him on the head.

Mina, being Mina, suddenly asked, 'Does this mean you can teleport out of maths when it gets boring? You have to remember to pick me up as well.'

'Mina, I don't know how I'm even doing it. I can't control it, it just happens,' Toby said exasperatedly.

'Still,' Mina said stubbornly.

Lyra laughed as Toby, for once, was speechless as Mina smiled smugly at him. Toby rolled his eyes and plonked himself down on the lounge and began, for some reason, absent-mindedly massaging his knee.

'Anyone else exhibiting unexplainable supernatural signs? Because I'm not and it is so not fair,' Mina said irritably.

Lyra shook her head, and Ally shrugged saying, 'My weirdness is a superpower according to Alec... wait, he said it was a sign of alien descent, my bad.'

There came a slightly unsure noise and they all turned to Seb, half sunk into the couch who clearly wasn't sure what to say, 'Well... sort of...'

'Sort of? Half an inch to the right and you could have dented my skull,' Toby scoffed from the ground.

'I'm not the only one who instantly loves whatever Seb can do right?' Lyra asked immediately.

'What can you do?' Orion asked.

'Ah…well…um….' Seb stuttered, obviously trying to hide in the couch, not liking being the centre of attention.

'Come on, come on, spit it out small-fry, we've all demonstrated our freaky abilities,' Toby said snidely, 'And don't say you don't know how to do it, because you threw a freaking paperweight at me.'

'I didn't throw it,' Seb protested.

'Exactly,' Toby smiled smugly.

'Seriously Seb, cut the crap and throw something at him!' Lyra said enthusiastically.

'Look, I don't even know how I did that, I didn't mean to do it-'

'Oh stop being such a whiney, spineless dork,' Toby spat out, getting to his feet, glowering at him as he walked closer to Seb, 'You honestly are pathetic, can't control your mouth, can't control your life, you couldn't lift the lightest weight in existence, forget about moving something with your mind.'

'Leave him alone Toby,' Lyra began but Toby flat-out ignored her and continued making Seb curl up inside his jumper, shuddering back further and further from him.

'And you really wonder why everyone picks on you, you're so small and pitiful that it's just so tempting because we all know that you won't even try to resist,' Toby sneered and Seb flinched back.

But it was then, that there was a painful sounding 'thwack' as a pen quite literally shot up and smacked against Toby's forehead, then simply remained floating, rather menacingly in front of his face.

'Knew it,' Toby smirked smugly, whilst rubbing his head.

Everyone stared at Seb gaping, while Toby just stood their smugly when Seb asked in a quavering voice, 'Wait... that was all to get me to-'

'Use your powers, yup,' Toby said smiling patronisingly at him, before flicking him in the forehead and saying, 'Figured it was a stress response.'

'But... that was... that was...' Seb began as Toby half turned away.

'Do you have something to say to me?' Toby hissed, whipping around barely three inches from Seb's face.

Almost automatically Seb flew up into the air, so fast he had to shove his hands up above him to avoid crashing into the high ceiling, and instead of being horrified by what he'd done, Toby just grabbed a jube from the table, and threw it up, catching it in his mouth, 'Yup, definitely a stress response.'

'Ah…' Seb wavered from where he was now floating up against the ceiling.

'You can't get down can you?' Toby asked, amusement flickering across his face.

Seb shook his head quickly, his hair flopping around in front of his face, 'No…I just kind of float around until I crash…'

'Sounds like a plan to me. Aim for the couch though, I don't think that Manual really wants to be cleaning blood off the carpet,' Toby said boredly, grabbing another jube and popping it in his mouth.

It was then that the two of them seemed to realise that the rest of the people in the room were just staring at them, mouths open, eyes so wide they appeared ready to pop out. Ally had grabbed hold of Orion's arm, looking like a shell-shocked puppy, while he blinked so rapidly it looked kind of like a strobe-light, Mina had actually fallen over and Lyra looked like she had been paralysed.

Seb, clearly not very good with such an awkward situation decided to attempt to break the tension by saying, 'Look guys, no hands.'

But almost on perfect cue he fell straight out of the sky again, and although hitting the couch, it was only along the top and he landed on the floor with a loud thump and a slightly pitchy, 'ow.'

'Yeah you might want to work on the landing,' Toby said uncaringly, but then still pulled him to his feet, admittedly it was one handed and by his head, but it looked almost like an attempt at bonding, 'Oh and Mina, you mentioned before that nothing weird had happened to you, that's not entirely true.'

'I can not take any more fairy magic today,' Lyra groaned.

'Speak for yourself,' Mina said eagerly, 'What is it? Please tell me that it's something cool.'

At this, Toby nudged Seb lightly and pointed at Mina's hair, although Seb just looked confused. Lyra, curiosity obviously getting the better of her, moved round to see and she pulled a face.

'When did you get streaks?' she asked.

'What?' Mina asked, confused.

Ally trotted round the front, 'What are we looking at?' she asked cheerfully.

'The rather confusing situation when a hair-obsessed person such as Mina, hasn't even noticed things such as her hair changing colours or her nails growing and turning into points when Scarlett's getting on her nerves,' Toby said boredly.

'My hair has not been changing colours, that's Ally's thing-'

'Really because this streak right here,' Lyra said pulling part of Mina's hair in front of her eyes, 'You see that Mina, that is purple, I think it's weird musky tone represents confusion.'

Mina looked like she just someone flatline when she ripped the piece of hair out of Lyra's hands screaming, 'What!?

Mina looked like she just saw someone flat line when she ripped the piece of hair out of Lyra's hands screaming, 'What!? I didn't dye this! Why is it purple?'

It was then, that the most peculiar thing happened. Starting from the roots of Mina's hair, hints of red began to leak into the purple streak in her fringe, slowly but surely creeping through the rest of her hair, gradually turning that streak from purple to red. Mina's eyes just got steadily bigger and bigger as this change happened, and everyone else in the room was holding their breath, not even daring to blink in case they missed something.

'Oh…my…god…' Mina whispered.

'Did-did her hair just change colour?' Lyra whispered.

'I think so…' Orion moved round to look.

'Hello Mystique,' Toby drawled.

'No! This isn't right! No! I'm a blonde! I'm a blonde!' Mina hyperventilated.

'Well look at it this way,' Lyra said at a vague attempt to be sympathetic, 'It's not all red, it's just a little streak of it- okay it was.'

'NO NO NO!' Mina screeched loudly, feet stomping on the floor.

'Here comes the fire truck,' Toby smirked unhelpfully.

Mina's screeching had reached an almost supersonic point just constantly, 'NO! NO! NO! NO!'

Lyra was desperately trying to calm her down, even though the others were mostly covering their ears. But suddenly Mina's eyes flickered, and her face paled and with absolutely no warning, she collapsed right in front of them.

Lyra nudged her with her toe absent-mindedly before saying to a rather stunned room, 'Well that could have gone better.'