"Alex, how come I seem to make better decisions than most politicians?"

"Well Chris, most politicians act the way they do because someone's paying them to. For example you know about the ethanol subsidies?"

"Sure, ethanol was created to leave a smaller environmental footprint for cars, but instead it created a larger footprint and messed up a lot of car engines."

"You're right Chris. The only reason we still have ethanol is because the producers pay the politicians to pass laws that give the producers 'federal aid'. Taxpayers pay to have companies produce ethanol, and they have to buy the ethanol to use it. In short we are paying for ethanol twice."

"I might as well run for president with all these incompetents running around, not to mention you."

"Hey, what do you mean me?

"Humph. Yeah, like they are going to let a guy who recently went to the hospital to have vitamin pills remove from his nostrils is going to be elected for office, priceless Alex, absolutely priceless."

"Let's watch a movie, Alex."

"Sure Chris, which one do you want to see?"

"The Poof Point"

"Dudette, that movie is practically ancient."

"Would like to watch Den Brother instead?"

"AAAUGH, don't torture me with that hideous thing that they call a movie nowdays."

"The Poof Point it is then."