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Chapter Two

I woke early Sunday morning to the sound of Lauren's hair dryer. Why the heck she was using a hair dryer at seven in the morning on a Sunday is beyond me. "What. Are. You. Doing," I growled, sitting up in bed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I'm about to leave for church. Want to come?" She asked, smiling brightly.

I shook my head and laid back down. Unfortunately, any attempts to go back to sleep were futile, as Lauren is the loudest person in the world. By the time she left at eight, I was wide awake. Having nothing else to do, I dressed quickly and Nike shorts and tank and headed towards the track, hoping I would see Jason.

I knew it was wrong to hope that he and his girlfriend broke up, and I felt bad about what I had said about her getting into a car accident. Surely I would never wish something like that to happen to anyone. I wasn't that mean. I mean, seriously, who wishes for someone to become brain dead? That's just awful.

When I got to the complex, no one was on the track. I was slightly disappointed that Jason wasn't there, but then also just a little relieved. With the track to myself, I felt free. Excited to run, I quickly stretched and took off. Towards the end of my fourth lap, I felt a presence behind me. Call me crazy, but I started to get uncomfortable, because when I looked behind me, no one was there. "Hey!"

I screamed and through my arm up in the punch. My "assailant" caught my arm and started laughing.

"Sam you idiot!" I yelled, a grin coming onto my face. "You scared me half to death!"

He grinned. "You tried to punch me."

"Ahh, yeah," I said, having a duhhh tone to my voice.

"Your form was off. When you go to hit someone, make a fist like this." He showed me the 'proper' way to make a fist. "It'll hurt less if you actually hit your target." The smirk on his face was kind of irritating.

I put my hand on my hip. "In my defense, it was an immediate reaction. I didn't have time to aim."

"You need time for that? And you call yourself an athlete." He shook his head in a disapproving fashion.

"Jerk!" I said, hitting his shoulder. He laughed and ran off ahead of me. Determined to pass him up, I took off after him, pushing myself harder and harder. Boy was fast. Boy was really fast. By the end of the first lap, we were neck and neck and then he pulled out ahead of me. He looked back and waved, and then ran even faster.

After a couple of laps he stopped, probably to catch his breath. I stopped beside him. "Holy crap you're fast."

He chuckled. "Or you're just slow."

"I'm not slow."

He shrugged. "Could've fooled me."

I punched his shoulder. "Jerk."

"Slow poke."



"Meanie pants."

"Meaning pants? Is that the best you've got?"

"Can't keep up with my level of genius, I understand."

"I can keep up."

"Doubt it." I smirked and walked the opposite direction, which so happened to bring me face to face with none other than Jason Anderson. "Hey."

"Running again? Did she run into you, too?" He asked as he and Sam did the whole man hug thing.

"Nah. Couldn't keep up with me."

"How slow are you?" Jason asked.

"Faster than you."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, really." I stood up taller, slightly puffing my chest out.

"You and me, tomorrow. 4:00. Be there, and we'll see about that."

"4:00. Done."

I put out my hand and he shook it, as if we just made the biggest deal in history. "Oh, and just so you know," Sam said as I began to walk away. "All of are going to be there, and whoever loses buys us a round." Jason fist bumped Sam at the mention of drinks.

I shook my head. "Nope. I'm not buying you beer."

"What? Why not?"

"For starters, because I'm going to win. But on the off chance that I lose, I don't drink, and I'm not going to be the cause for your inebriation. We wouldn't want anyone to get into a car accident or anything. Bad stuff happens in car accidents-"

"I know," Jason said quietly.

"People die, or worse, they damage their brain. That sucks so bad. I'm not going to be the cause for any of your deaths." I could feel my chest getting red, as it always does when I get passionate about something.

Neither Jason nor Sam said anything for a few moments. "Did someone die or something? You know, from drunk driving?" Sam asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah. My sister," I said, and immediately regretted. I didn't tell people about my family issues. About my drama. They didn't need to know. "Sorry, I umm, I didn't mean to get on my soap box or anything. Umm, I'm just gonna go now."

No one said anything as I left and I went straight to the locker rooms. I quickly stripped and jumped into a hot shower. My eyes began to water, and before I could stop it, I began to cry. Not like a full on sob fest; just a couple of tears. I missed Mia so much, especially now that I was at college. Not wanting to think about her, I turned the water up as hot as it would go until it was so scalding, all I could think about was the pain.

I dressed in the same, gross clothes I came in and went to the food bar that Lauren had been raving about. "A southwest chicken wrap, please, and a bottle of water," I asked the barista. She delivered my food promptly and took my money.

"Are you okay?"

I turned my head to look at Jason as he was sitting down, Sam on the other side of him.

I nodded. "Yeah," I said sighing. "Yeah, I'm okay." I smiled my fine-just-fine smile. I was a pro at it. No one saw through my façade. "So our race, are you prepared to lose?"

"Only if you are."

"Heck yeah I am." Taking a bite, I waited for Jason and Sam to order. "So everything still peachy keen with the girlfriend," I said suddenly, and wanted to punch myself for it. Sure I wanted there to be a thing with me and Jason, but I sounded condescending and mean. "Sorry, that came out wrong."

"Yeah. It did."

"I think that's really sweet, that you drive to see her every night. She must be some special girl."

Jason narrowed his eyes at me. "Yeah, she is," he said hesitantly.

"What's that look for?" I demanded to know.

He shook his head. "Who told you that I went there?"

I shrugged. "One of the guys last night. I don't remember who. How long have you guys been dating?"

"Since our senior year of high school," he said, seeming to be content with whatever it was he was internally struggling with before.

"Wow! That's so great that you guys are still so strong! She's lucky to have a guy like you."

"So classes start tomorrow. Leah, are you nervous?" Sam asked, looking uncomfortable. Jason shot him a look, although I couldn't decipher it.

"Nope. Just not sure where all of the buildings are."

Sam shrugged. "Not a big deal. Finish up and I'll give you a tour of the school. It's big, and that would seriously suck to get lost on your first day."

"Seriously," I said. "I don't think it'll be a big deal. You don't have to show me around, unless of course you want to."

He shrugged. "It's cool, man. Nothing to do on a Sunday anyway."

I nodded. "Great!"

Jason stared down at his food, never taking a bite. "I gotta go," he said suddenly, leaving his sandwich, still untouched, and ran out of the complex.

"Woah, is he okay?" I asked Sam.

He shrugged. "Jason's been through a lot. He puts up a good front, but he's hurt. Kind of like you."

"I'm not hurt."

"You don't have to lie to me. You'll tell me eventually." He stared straight ahead and sipped his drink. "Just remember that everyone has a past, and not everything is always hunky doory."

I stopped eating. "You don't think I know that?"

"That's not what I meant-"

"Because I understand that better than you might think," I said, getting irritated.

"Just let me talk," he snapped. "I didn't mean that you didn't know that, I was just reminding you because I don't want you to find something out and get weird."

I gave him a flat look. "Believe me, nothing in your past, or Jason's past or anyone else's past could really scare me away."

"Not even something like murder?"

I looked down and shook my head. "No," I murmured.

"Good, 'cause I'm a serial killer. And you're my next target."

I looked up at him and grinned. "You liar." I nudged his shoulder and chuckled. If he was trying to pull me out of whatever mood I had gotten myself into, gold star for Sam, because he totally accomplished it.

He chuckled. "Never can tell can you."

"Okay now you're starting to freak me out."

"Don't be scared little girl." He looked around and then leaned in. "I lost my dog the other day, would you mind getting into the back of my van to help me look for him? His name is Skip."

I laughed. "I don't think so, pal."

"Dang it. What about this one?" He cleared his throat and began again. "I've got candy in the back of my van. Don't you want some? A pretty girl like you must love candy."



I laughed. "You loser."

"Why are you always calling me mean names? First it's meany pants and now this?" He hit his heart. "Is this what I can expect from now on?"

"Until you kill me, yes."

He grinned. "You little comedian."

"I'm hilarious." I wrapped up the remainder of my wrap and stood up. "Walk me back to the dorms, and then we can go on our tour."

"I'm still eating. Just meet me back here when you're ready."

I nodded, slightly disappointed that he wouldn't walk me back, not that it was a big deal or anything, but still. I jogged back to the dorms, took a quick body shower and changed into some cuter clothes.

Sam was nice, but for some reason, I couldn't get Jason out of my head. There was something about him that was different from other people. Maybe it was the fine-just-fine smile that he put on; the one that matched mine. The one that, up until today, no one was able to see through. My guess was that because Sam knew Jason's issues, whatever they may be, he also knew his fine-just-fine smile, and because he knew that, he could pick mine out easily. Not to mention I sort of dropped the bomb about my sister, ran away and then stayed in the locker room for forty five minutes. Yeah, that had nothing to do with anything…

I walked back towards the complex, schedule in hand, lost in my thoughts. I concentrating so much that I didn't even realize I had reached the complex until I was already inside looking for Sam. When I couldn't find him, I walked outside and sat down on the bench. "Are you blind or just really unobservant?" Sam asked, standing in front of me.

"Excuse me?"

He smirked. "You walked right past me."

I shrugged. "A lot on my mind I guess." I stood up and smiled. "This is my schedule and I don't know where any of these places are."

"Come on. Our tour begins right over there." He pointed to a large building. In front of it was a sign that clearly said 'Foreman Hall.' "First floor of every building starts off with a one, second floor with a two, third floor with a three-"

"Fourth floor with a four?"

"Now let's not get cocky."

I grinned. "Mmhmm. What's next?"

He led me around the whole campus, pointing out all of my buildings, a couple of other buildings and the sorority and fraternity houses. "So what's the deal with your sister?" He asked suddenly on our way back.


"What's the story?"

"No story."

He gave me a flat look. "You'll feel better once you talk about it."

"No offense, seriously, but you're not my shrink. I'm not going to talk to you about it."

"Yeah, but I'm in school to be one."

"So you want to practice on me? No thanks," I snapped, walking ahead of him.

He caught up to in just two quick strides and put his hand on my arm. "That's not what I meant. I mean ever since I brought up buying rounds, you've been in a weird mood."

I shook my head. "I'm not in a weird mood."

He rolled his eyes. "Who are you trying to fool?"

"No one!" I insisted. He looked at me like he didn't believe me, so I continued. "She was drunk, her friends were drunk, they got into a car accident. She died. They didn't. End of story." I clenched my fists together and blinked back the threatened tears. I could feel my chest starting to get red and my heart beat faster.

He looked at me with a serious expression. "You mean she died and you didn't, right?" I was shocked that he gathered that much, but I suppose that I shouldn't have been, as he seemed to be able to deduce a lot more than the average person.

"Something like that."

"But there's more, isn't there?"

I didn't say anything for awhile and he led me towards the campus Starbucks and we sat at one of the tables outside. "Yeah, there's more."

"Did you get her drunk?"

I nodded and looked away, ashamed of myself.

"Tell me about it."

I wiped my eyes and looked at him. "It was our seventeenth birthday, she was my twin sister by the way. I was the wild child, not her. I wanted to go out and party with my best friend, which happened to also be my sister. Mia was her name. She wanted to stay home. I convinced her to go with me and she got drunk for the first time. I handle alcohol well, or at least I thought I did. She was so much more fun drunk than sober." I smiled a little. "We played beer pong and she totally rocked, beat everyone. I convinced her that we should go and skinny dip in the river just before our house. There's a bridge that we always had to cross over right before the road that leads up to our house. Anyway, I drove, and we were on the bridge. I parked and turned off the car in the middle of the road and got out. I started to undo my shirt when this massive semi came at us. She was still in the car. The truck driver didn't see the car because the lights were off and plowed through it, killing Mia immediately. When I woke up the next morning, I was in the hospital with just a few scrapes." I was sobbing now. "All of the times that I had gone out, gotten drunk and done stupid things, and I was never killed. But the first time Mia did anything, she was killed. I killed her." Everything was pouring out and I felt powerless to stop any of it.

"I killed my best friend, my sister, all because I wanted to have a little 'fun'." I sneered at the word. "It's my fault she's dead and it's my fault that my dad can't look at me anymore. It's my fault that she's gone." I dropped my head into my hands. "I'll never touch another drink again. It should be illegal."

"They tried that. It didn't work."

I mustered a laugh. "I know that. Prohibition. Passed in 1919 and with the help of the Volstead Act, it went into effect in 1920."

Sam looked at me, an impressed look on his face.

I wiped my eyes. "History major," I muttered.

He nodded and didn't say anything for awhile. He was probably disgusted with me. I know I was, still am.

"It's not your fault," Sam said eventually. "Bad things happen all the time. You haven't accepted her death, that's why this is all so hard for you."

"This is hard for me because I killed my best friend and sister all in one shot."

He looked straight at me, totally serious. "You said something about your dad not being able to look at you. Could it have anything to do with the fact that maybe you and your sister look alike?"

"We're fraternal twins. She was brunette, I'm blonde. She had green eyes, I have blue. My dad is ashamed of me and it's pretty clear. He calls me a whore all the time."

Sam never looked away from. Instead, he moved closer and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and let me lay on him. I stayed there for a few minutes before pulling away and wiping my eyes.

"Sorry for making you witness that. I didn't mean to get all emotional."

He looked at me like that was the dumbest thing I could have said. "It's not a big deal, seriously. You're upset because your sister died. Anytime you're with us, no beer, ever. And that's a promise. And I don't make promises I can't keep."

I smiled. "If you tell anyone what I just told you, I'll kill you. Got that?"

He smiled sadly. "I'm not going to tell anyone. You should talk to Jason, though. Tell him what you just told me."


"Because Jason went through something similar a few years back. Talk to him. He could probably help you."

I shook my head. "I'm not telling Jason any of that."

"You don't have to talk to him right now, but when you're more comfortable with him, talk to him about it. You'll be surprised about what he has to say." Sam smiled reassuringly.

I laughed, humorless. "I'm not telling anyone else about Mia's death. You can forget it. I didn't want to tell you. I didn't mean to tell you, and I'm certainly not going to tell anyone else." I wiped my eyes again.

Sam stood up and wrapped me in his arms, my face pressed up against his well defined chest, not that I was worried about that at all in that moment. "You're not a whore."

"I used to be."

"See that? It was past tense."


"You used to be one, but you're not anymore. You're in a new place with new people that know nothing about you. Use this as an opportunity to start over." He pulled back so that he could look at my face. "You're cute, and kind of pushy, and maybe even a little bit annoying, but you don't scream 'slut'. I promise."

I smiled and returned Sam's hug. "Thanks, Sam. You're the best."

"I know. Just as long as you know that, too."

I grinned and pulled away. "This is me being pushy: walk me to the dorms and go buy me something sweet. You can even get yourself something if you like."

He nodded. "Okay… I guess…. If you really want donuts, I guess I could go get a dozen."

"That's good for me. Are you getting any?"

"You're going to eat a dozen donuts? What about your race with Jason?"

"I want donuts."

He laughed. "I'll get you donuts."

Four dozen donuts and five guys found their way into my room about forty-five minutes after Sam dropped me off. Lauren squealed in delight and ran to let them in. "Took you long enough," I said, a smile on my face, as Sam walked in through the door. "And you brought your friends."

"Well yeah, he mentioned the word 'donut' and I was here," Greg said, opening one of the containers. One of the donuts was already missing. Not hard to figure out who ate that one…

"And then he said 'girls' and that was the icing on the cake," Cameron finished.

"Or, in this case, the wheat field," Chris said, looking pleased with himself." A chorus was 'what's and 'you're so stupid' rang out around the room. "You know, because the wheat was turned into dough to make the doughnuts… that's why they're called doughnuts."

"Yeah, but there are two correct ways to spell 'donut'. D-O-N-U-T or D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T," I pointed out. "So really, it's either dough nuts or do nuts, and the first sounds gross and the second sounds inappropriate," I said, contributing to the little argument.

"Anyway!" Lauren shrieked. "What kind of donuts did you boys get?"

"Chocolate and chocolate with sprinkles," Jason said, pointing to the box I was digging in. "Glazed." He pointed to the box Lauren was digging in. "And two boxes of filled."

I put the chocolate down in front of me and reached for a filled one.

"Woah missy, slow down there, girl. One at a time," Cameron told me.

"Says the guy with two donuts in his hand and half of one in his mouth."

"Exactly. Just trying to save you from the miserable decision as to which donut to try first."

"Oh, you hero."

"Your hero," he said winking.

"Sorry, I don't date pigs."

"Who said anything about being a pig? I'm Jewish."

I laughed. "No you're not."

"Am too. I was even circumcised on the eight day."

"That was more than I ever wanted to know about you."

Cameron smiled proudly. "I'm Jewish. Ask me what my last name is."

"What's your last name?" Lauren asked.

"Kopeloff." He seemed so proud of his Jewish heritage.

"Ooh… That means we can't be friends…" I said. "Both sides of my family are German."

Cameron made an 'X' with his fingers and hid behind Greg's shoulder. "Don't talk to me."

I laughed. I loved my new friends. Maybe Sam was right. New school, new people, new beginning. My past was behind me and it was time to start over. Right now. With this donut. And with forgetting about Jason. A guy with a girlfriend.

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